Experience Points (XP) Coin Review – Next Big Cryptocurrency?!

welcome back to another xp cryptocurrency
review an altcoin review today we’re going to be talking about experience
points here in crypto land welcome back from new to the channel consider
subscribing we do cryptocurrency videos every single day like I said today I
want to talk about XP experience point coin market cap of over 1 billion
dollars it really went up last week 803 percent in the past week I think last
week or two weeks ago it was in the dark deep pages of the coin market gap it’s
it’s gone up tremendously in the past weeks and really experience point had a
really bad reputation before they did some rebranding and now things are
looking better for experience points and you must know that I’ve seen worse coins
that you can still make a lot of money on but you know I personally like to
invest in coins that have long-term potential and today we’re finding out if
XP coin or experience points is one of them experience points is a gaming
cryptocurrency has a total supply of 2 to 245 billion XP it doesn’t say to Mac
supply which kind of bothers me with ripple for example you see a Mac supply
of 100 billion x RP and a total supply of ninety nine point nine nine billion x
RP so they burn a bunch of X or P for every transaction that they do extra
ripple is down 17% by the way today at the at the time of the recording let’s
get back to XP so total supply is high that is true so don’t expect it this
coin to go into hundreds especially knowing that the gaming industry I think
is a hundred a hundred plus a little bit over a hundred billion dollars so market
cap is at 1% that’s looking all good circulating supplies to 208 you can get
XP and coin exchange that’s where I get it
crypto bridge trade Satoshi all of those exchanges they’re actually looking to be
listed on Finance which would be huge for them they’re competing against these
seventeen coins there’s a folding every month
– tries to do this type of thing which i think is pretty cool basically every buy
Nance user gets the phots and each votes but each voter base point one finance
token which is hella smart in my opinion from finance kudos did that so you get
to vote you can click here you can see the voting so far it looks like ray
blocks is up but experience points is on a solid second place so maybe they can
turn the tide and still win so that’s pretty cool and if they get listed on
bayonets obviously the volume will go up because by nuts to say huge exchange
with a lot of volume they actually had to close their doors for a little bit
because they’ve been seeing too many new people come in to the exchange I’ve seen
the same thing happen with the affiliate length of half in the description you I
don’t think you can still sign up because the clothes are docked there
doors for new users like most um exchanges are doing right now
but anyway it’s experience points let’s let’s see so this her website like I
said after having a bad reputation they did some rebranding and now it’s looking
better XP as a reward incentive and digital currency combined to a single
blockchain designed to reward gamer students and people positively
contributing to society and providing a universal high street currency welcome
to the world of XP coin like I said these are exchanges they are working to
enable xp for video game schooling education sports and activities and
peace and conversation you can get involved and follow their social media
outlets here you can see our Twitter is pretty big 9,000 followers 9,000 plus
you can check them up for updates they have an fu FAQ which answers a lot of
the questions they are proof of stake which mean which means you can mine them
by holding on the coin you can stake them and then get rewarded for them how
often there is no predicting exactly how many states you will get however if you
stake with more coins you will get more blocks and you and and more likely you
will find a reward staking is like a kind of lottery some days you get more
than usual some days less it’s just an estimate there a couple ways to get XP
you can obviously buy mix and exchanges you can a web mining and staking or you
can go over to their faucets and get some free XP coin with you know right
now the value is 0.005 six dollars but as that value grows you know you still
have the same amount of XP here from the faucet every eight hours you can get
between five and twenty five random XP coins pretty cool stuff yeah every
question you have you can pretty much find the answer to here so I’m not gonna
go into that route a lot crypto bridge decentralized exchange has added XP and
volume has shot up you can use the XP coins to buy a bunch of stuff it’s
pretty cool you can buy Amazon cards a PlayStation Store Steam iTunes
battlefield you can buy a lot of stuff with XP points so those are those things
are looking pretty positive and you know if you if you would have bought XP last
week and then wait a little bit you would have this game for really cheap
positive stuff here one thing that I have to point out that is negative in my
opinion is this if you go to a team you will see this they have avatars they
don’t have pictures suit our names and they don’t have their full names even so
that’s something that’s negative in my opinion every coin that has faces to it
is more trustworthy to me for the long term because if people are willing to
risk their reputation and their face and their name to it obviously it’s more
credible but then again Bitcoin also doesn’t nobody knows who’s that though
she is unless you’re Satoshi anyways yeah the
roadmap is here white paper you can check that out basically all the
information on us on the site they definitely have a plan that’s good I
would say this I don’t think XP is gonna take over the world and Wow everybody
with their project and their cause but you can make a solid solid amount of
money from investing in points like this especially if you’re buying a dip
because you can get a large amount of coins for cheap and if the price goes up
to $1.00 you have all of those coins you can reap the rewards so basically what
you’re doing with this kind of coin you’re seeing a vision for yourself this
coin is a long-term coin I’m gonna try to stack up on the lower points on a
chart buying the dips and basically planting those seeds and at some point
those seeds begin to flourish and to grow and then at some point you can
harvest and you can reap the benefits of all the hard work and hard money you’ve
put in to X be like subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video and until then
stop selling and start living the corn life peace follow your heart it will
lead to success finally I wake up every day feeling blah
if you want to know how it was easy I just beat what I loved and I ended up
Richie I’m not talking about money I’m soaking my friends I’m talking about
success I’m talking about doing but I love living life every day chasing
dreams and feeling boy used to care about my shoes if I can care about my
chest but everything I need that way psychology my quest gotta tell you it’s
a bad cantilever confess cuz I wrote I’m bout to travel and what
should expect money to work and prepare to believe me the best I don’t care
about what’s happening of the death of this care about living here now blessed
I got nothing to lose because I never really had it in the first place

43 thoughts on “Experience Points (XP) Coin Review – Next Big Cryptocurrency?!”

  1. Experience Points Experience Points (XP) coin is Voted 2nd place on Binanace
    Low Under value coin $0.003423
    when it will listed Binance it will give 20X to our investment in 30days

  2. I appreciate that you show some new & upcoming coins. But what really would up the quality of your videos would be if you read their page and summarize the most important points and tell us why this could be good to invest in. That would save us plebs a lot of work 😉 Have a nice day!

  3. Oh dude, why change the intro maaan. You know how much i said i always look forward to your vids especially cause of that.
    Keep CryptoLand intro..👍🏾👌🏾

    Live the coin life.


  4. I stumbled on this ICO about a week ago. Apparently the guy running it has a shady past, but I do like the project so I took a position in it. We’ll see what happens…

  5. This is a token that you shouldnt buy at these all time highs. Too expensive right now. Most alt coins are over bought right now. We need a long cool down period.

    Market is too hot and overheating

  6. dude you uploaded a video with a chart of 34 satoshis it has tanked back down to 21 satoshis it was pumped hard core look at the massive loss of volume in the coin i don't think it's head back up until it gets back down to around 10-15 satoshis

  7. hey cryptoland a friend recommended me your youtube channel, i was wondering im new to this whole crypto thing… i have $30 NZD to invest in, my question is can i buy 30 dollars in xp coins and make a profit in the coming months, btw could you do a video on Digitex tokens… thanks man happy new years

  8. SCAM coin. Check their Twitter. 12.6k followers seems to be a very consistent number of followers amongst shit coins.

    If you check their followers absolutely tons of fake accounts with no pictures!

    Clearly they have bought tons of followers.

    Plus no pictures of them!

    Fuck this!

  9. Omg vibehub and monster audio partnering up seen on ces and i herd there going to be in the super bowl commercial don’t believe me Google it

  10. ganhe ate120% de rendimento com a pool /wallet da experience points coin
    é preciso apenas se cadastrar, e guardar. pronto ja começara a render
    e aq um faucet para começar

  11. If you dont have a huge amount of coins, you can join some online mining pool like https://stakeunited.com/Lowryda23 . You can stake up to 500% more then solo. Your PC dont even have to be online to stake !!!

    Ich empfehle jedem der mit kleineren Mengen staken möchte, sich einem Online Pool anzuschließen wie zb https://stakeunited.com/Lowryda23 . Bis zu 500% mehr staken als solo. Dein PC muss nicht mal Online seit um zu staken
    Weniger anzeigen

  12. If you are staking this coin you should do it through a pool. Receiving stakes by staking through your wallet takes way to long, with the pool you get multiple a day. Because of this the total amount you will receive in a year is around 5 times as much. You also don't have to leave your computer running continuously. You can find more information about the POS staking pool here: https://stakeunited.com/pos

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  14. How fast can you buy XP and how fast can you sell them, if the investment is $10000? In minutes or in hours?

  15. We need a long cool down period.This is a token that you shouldnt buy at these all time highs.Too expensive right now.

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