10 thoughts on “Expanding on What Digital Asset Said- Flying W/ Fiat OR XRP”

  1. You can send you portfolio without having to carry it on you why not send it to a couple different people you trust…

  2. Honestly people that are walking into crypto, investing in btc/xrp/? and keep their youthful assets. In 10 years or < a lot of people are going to wake up and realize their rich really rich and I want this. I’m 20

  3. @crypto bug not all crypto is volatile. Stable coins exist.
    Anyway, David interesting topic. Its not a question of if but when all securities aka asset value will become tokenized. Why? Because of ease of liquidity, and most important is possession. Possession is 9/10ths the law. Crypto goes with you anywhere bud. Grab your phone and cold wallet and boogie. Truely a Swiss bank account in your pocket.

  4. I would transfer it from my bank to the other countries bank. Crypto is way to volatile. As far as crypto I would leave them on the nano ledger

  5. Hi David- love your videos. Sorry for putting a link of another you-tuber below but I think your input on this lady's opinion would be helpful.

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