Exodus wallet setup+Tutorial-Step By Step Guide in (2018)|How to download exodus wallet+Using Wallet

in this tutorial you will learn how to
set up your Exodus wallet to create your own cryptocurrency portfolio and have
your own cryptocurrency wallet using Exodus so today’s tutorial I’m your host
bittruth to this video I’m going to show you how to set up the Exodus wallet
Cave tutorial you can create your portfolio exchange a wallet for your
digital assets of course the only issue with this wallet is the exchange so
please don’t use the exchange because it has a real high fee that’s the first
thing I want to disclose and I’ll teach you how to download it step-by-step
it has beautiful live charts personalized for you and control your
own keys your own private keys ok and also it’s a friendly one-click exchange
you have what your blockchain assets and you have contact us for help of course
they have tons of tokens and coins which is really really like you know
convenient for storing and diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio so to
download Exodus wallet all you have to do is go to the download button you will
be redirected to this page now here is the Exodus latest release 1.5 6.0 of
course here is the Windows version Mac version and you have won the linux
version for this video purposes I will download the windows 64-bit version
after you click the button you will have Exodus Windows Exe ok saying which will
download and you all you have to do is wait nearly 10 minutes depending on your
internet speed once you finish installing you will get
a shortcut like version off exodus wallet on your desktop if you click on
once downloaded okay as shown in the speed video and right now you all you
have to do is click the Exodus I’ve put it in a folder by itself called Exodus I
might put it down here okay in the desktop I know I have to do is just
click and I think I missed it as you can see welcome to Exodus gets started by
sending assets to your wallet restore from backup so as you can see you really
have a lot of features with the next edition of the portfolio the wallet
exchange of course there’s a lot of fees ok I don’t know how much is the fee but
you can ask a lot of people there are a lot of piece ok you have backup waiting
for your first deposit that step-by-step backup wizard will show once you make a
deposit you have also the settings which also you know for the IRC 20 tokens I
think it has to do something with them not sure to be honest but this is the
first time I use Exodus to be honest and this is the etherium acids which are
they are C 20 tokens if you lo can also be added to your Exodus wallet you can
send and receive assets however they are not supported by in the exchange okay
and Exodus exchange so there’s a lot of coins and tokens you can actually look
into and store on Exodus but there’s also a lot of like problems with Exodus
another problem is some people they just got hacked or you know I’m not sure but
to be honest with Exodus I like the features but it’s not important how the
features work it’s important what are the productivity you know is it really
functional and you can change which is great I mean to be honest I like the
these black things to be honest I mean this one just looks like a dope or this
one I mean I’ll take just the blue one anyways it’s just funny anyways as you
can see you can look at the cryptocurrency prices all from one app
all from your wallet all from your portfolio and you have the wallet right
here look how much like coins you have also you can add more okay as you can
see if you go back to the settings you can add more so how do you use this
wallet all you have to do if you want to send you click send and it’s really just
simple ok the network fee is not exodus feet it’s minor fees so miners get their
stake off the game okay they get 6 cents and you have the balance of course
you’re right for example right here one Bitcoin and that’s like 8,000 of course
I don’t have one Bitcoin but anyways here you put the address for example I
don’t have an address at the moment okay for like for example but any address
will do ok if you want to send to a friend or recipient of course you have
their receive address which you can also copy you can email this address you can
print this address copy this address or even view on blockchain so this is
interesting ok you can store being beyond this one
which is interesting you have other options like – did you buy – here iam
classic if hiriam itself and look at the colors how they change but importantly
you guys don’t look only on the design look at the productivity ok I mean the
app and that out itself I really like it of course thank you guys for watching
this video this is how you download Exodus this is how you use Exodus wallet
this is a wallet tutorial on exodus and 2018 ok on how to use exodus set-off
tutorial ok and you can send the syrian bitcoin exchange them ok which is not
recommended exchange at at like an exchange you can add other coins or
tokens ok which are ERC 20 tokens or other things ok from other blockchains
and it shows everything to be honest it’s really great
so thank you guys watching this video from be true to your host month Luther
and see you guys on the next video

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  1. Great idea! It's been on my to do list now I don't need too. Switched to hiveos today. Warning exodus only works on 64 bit windows. In Linux you just unzip it to your home and double click on the file Exodus in the new directory

  2. Hey there.!
    Nice video, liked and subbed.!
    Also, a nice content in your channel.!
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