Exchange Anti-Spam, Antivirus & Security Software Solution for Microsoft Exchange Email Server

Need to block email-borne viruses and malware?
Need a powerful and effective business spam filtering solution?
Need granular, user-based email content policy enforcement?
You need GFI MailEssentials, a solution that helps businesses keep their mailboxes clean, all day, every day. The multi award winning GFI MailEssentials uses 14 advanced email
filtering technologies and up to five virus scanning engines to protect your mailboxes
from email-borne malware and spam. With GFI MailEssentials you can: Block email-borne
viruses and other malware It’s antivirus engines are powered by leading
AV brands like BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avira, MacAfee and VIPRE. GFI’s VBSpam +
certified solution evidences that 99.8% of the emails coming into your network are clean
of spam before they reach your employees’ email client. So you can be confident that
the bad stuff is dealt with before it gets past your gateway. You get a powerful and
effective business spam filter More than 75% of all email received is spam.
That’s a lot of rubbish email to deal with. GFI’s solution uses 14 email hygiene engines
including GFI’s SpamRazer technology, anti-phishing, Bayesian, DNSBL, Greylisting, SPF and more
to ensure a spam and phishing email catch rate of over 99%. Your can use up to 5 antivirus
engines to keep those nasty viruses at bay Multiple antivirus engines drastically reduce
the time required to obtain the latest virus definitions, helping you respond faster to
the latest threats. Since each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods,
you gain maximum protection for your email environment. No other solution offers up to 5 anti virus
engines. You can enforce email policies at different
levels giving you total flexibility and control GFI MailEssentials’ user-based email content
policy feature makes life easier for you when applying policies across the company. The
granularity you get enables you to control all content that enters and leaves your network
via email. Allow only content you want in your mailboxes. Simple. GFI MailEssentials
fits in your existing environment… not the other way round The beauty of this solution is that it is
compatible with different mail servers, not just Exchange, and it fits seamlessly into
whatever your current setup is – be it physical, virtual, on-premise or hosted in private clouds.
As the IT admin you are in full control. And you don’t need to invest in more hardware
or software. Are you ready to join a diverse community
of satisfied users? GFI MailEssentials keeps over 2 million mailboxes
free of spam and malware, to the relief of thousands of businesses around the world.
Here is what our customers say about it: MailEssentials is for companies that are using
their own mail servers and are trying to combat things like spam, viruses, malware, that sort
of thing coming through their email. It’s a huge job for most companies and very expensive.
GFI has made it very simple to do with GFI MailEssentials MailEssentials help us filter 99% of incoming
Spam email and all malicious code in emails. The economic benefit of MailEssentials is
simple, it’s the best price performance ratio in the market as far as I’m concerned. Start protecting your company’s email infrastructure,
apply world-class email security and block over 99% of spam. Try your FREE, no obligation
30 day trial today.

One thought on “Exchange Anti-Spam, Antivirus & Security Software Solution for Microsoft Exchange Email Server”

  1. We have MailEssentials installed on our Exchange server and every so often it crashes. Email are stuck in a "failed mail" folder. Problems are cause after updates of AV modules. I've contacted the support but we've got zero response. It's a shame considering the price we are paying for the licenses. I personally don't recommend it.

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