12 thoughts on “Example Of What All Crypto Investors Need To Know”

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  2. Awesome, we all talking about the future is crypto. It is been claim less than 1% World population has been involved in crypto.

    Framework will provide anyone with low degree technical knowledge (layman)to get involved in Crypto. Of course, general process will becoming easier in the future with innovation. Some say , current Longevity process had been hinderness for mass adoption.

    Ideas to include in the framework; When to sell, include how to sell and pay any taxes due depending on your country Taxation regulations.

    Ideas for the name; if you are target the common person. Dummies guide to Crypto. Believe this is already books for this already but you can manipulate the name for the title.

  3. Hi Chris, we need a trending algo, to let us know when prices start moving, like ABBC coin just did 1500% , but it's gotta identify volume changes & everything else that should come with it for us to move quickly, watch James Simon's video on Investors archive channel, guys worth $20billion by adopting trending algo.

  4. How to make your first wallet transfer to and from your wallet. Safe ways not to make a major error. This mistake will cost people to walk a way from crypto. A baby can not feed them selves. Careful demonstration is essential for adoption.

  5. Would it be a good idea to add a "Why"?
    Why am I investing? support a project/technology or short/long term profit…

  6. You added when to buy and when to sell, cool. Then of course we have to worry about taxes.
    In my case I want to keep what I cash out under 38k annually. If I do that (as a US citizen) I'll fall below the minimum amount for paying income tax, according to their own rules on long term capital gains. With my frugal lifestyle that will be easy as long as I can solve the medical insurance problem. Here in the states medical is 1000 to 1500 usd every month unless you can get subsidized medical such as obamacare. I think I'm going to solve that problem by moving out of the states, possibly to mexico, for a year or two, then return (if I want) once my "income" has become established as low enough to get reasonably priced medical insurance.

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