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good morning papa Ron we're doing this kind of early well early for me anyway I don't get up to 10 we are robbed and I had a valid reason to get in here and visit with you know you got all your kids their kids grandkids and all they want you to do is cook and clean after them and all that stuff and they'd be an interesting thing and I was gonna bring one in to show you rod you've seen him no you know folks I'm not trying to take time up here but my way that's way 8 years enough for her gravesite we just went and found a big ol rock for her headstone and took it to a headstone guy and had them engrave it but the kids and grandkids and some athena's dearest fence friends started collecting heart-shaped rocks from everywhere I'm talking everywhere and they've been putting these heart-shaped rocks around her gravesite and a lot of them they've painted and then put messages in there they paint messages of love and this and that but it's it's been a few years now and some of them have started to fade and come off and then they put Mod Podge over those paintings to preserve them with the weather well the kids were up there and there's a lot of my guess is starting to wear off so they went and gathered a bunch of them and they're repainting all those rocks this morning rod yeah it's such a unique thing because you go to all the heads and we're in an old pioneer graveyard you know it ain't all lined with streets it's it's an old pioneer thing and but nobody has these heart-shaped rocks it's really a unique thing when you see it you've seen a rod yeah it's just so colorful and cool and different anywhere like so that's what they're all doing I thought well I'm gonna slip in you're with rod and do a video real quick have you been watching prices or not hey hey course I have man it's really getting up there brother I can't believe it goes up so freakin bad 25 bucks under 10,000 again I know I don't believe one of the articles we have today rod said and and this guy of course he's speculating like everybody else but he says he thinks that may will be the last time we'll ever see Bitcoin below 10,000 again I would get it when I wouldn't get that at all so same thing anybody talks about growing up I always agree with them yes that's right yeah you're right and look at somebody look look with light coins up to already again 80 bucks I know that's great it's good we're excited about it but folks you know and I don't know history or charting and we don't know any of that stuff but yeah I would suspect once this cross is over ten Bitcoin will probably see another pull back we'll probably see people taking profits and cashing out some and so it could be expected I don't think we're gonna have a and I might be totally wrong but anyway I would think there'll be another pull back somewhere after ten yeah it let's hope to pull back for after a hundred grand I might pull backs if they range about 20 or 25 bucks drop three four hundred a grand if I know Mora anyway well you know Bitcoin was up well almost twenty grand here you know back in December January and then all of a sudden went down to about 8 if it was more than it was more than just a grand pull back and you know and I think there's been valid reasons along the way and I think there's valid reasons why we're increasing now and that's kind of what this video deals with a little bit is that there's things happening in the market folks and we hate to keep repeating the same record over and over but man liquidate stuff you don't need an invest in your future yeah Tyler is now now oh right oh you got to comb ahead I had one of my daughters call me and she's got a new friend and he had watched a video or two her – she told badan of ours and anyway they're interested but I just don't think they really catch the vision I think we do rod because we're looking at this stuff almost every day not just not just the prices we're trying to figure out what's going on and and it is growing like crazy America maybe we got to get into it in educate into it we're just gonna use a couple of headlines and some articles maybe to preface this bitcoin is on the rise and can no longer be ignored lower right well who this Brian Kelly is you probably read a lot but founder knee CEO of BK cm LLC whoever that is but he says the days of regulating Bitcoin to the background interesting regulating Bitcoin to the background of the financial market is over the number one cryptocurrency has been on a research and kono can no longer be ignored and that number one crypto rod he's talking about his Bitcoin yeah and we have been kind of on the Bitcoin path too because we believe since it's got so much infrastructure so much name recognition I mean when you talk about crypto everybody uses cryptocurrency and Bitcoin interchangeably bitcoin is Krypton crypto so yeah it just means that is so true yeah it just makes sense that that's gonna continue to go up or something you've always said and it's so true that bit it is a tide you know for the the tide rises everything else could rise the boat rises in a boat set in water and I bought it from both hi actually and he he said that high tide raises all boats that was yeah he had said back in November December maybe even earlier than that I'm gonna be even sleeping yeah I got into it and it's been kind of interesting because and you see that if you look at the market cap he kind of follows suit doesn't it it does he really does it is a tad mover in fact on this article he talks about this executive with goldman sachs rana yard declared the bitcoin is not a fraud total opposite of what they've been preaching preaching all along yeah yeah this is this is the same article it talks about may might be the month you'll never see bitcoin below ten thousand again Wow interesting yeah the second article headline bit quite big reader force we run blah block chain moves into the top spot of the hottest job skills flood chain developed is now the hottest skill in the freelance job market growing more than 6,000 percent holy Anna since this time last year and putting it on the pace of a new cloud the 21st century according to the new report man that is something else I can't believe it well we've mad with him percent but six of them well he explains a little more his blockchain appears to be the next uncharted highly talked about technology similar to what the cloud was back in the mid-2000s its growth exceeded two thousand percent for three quarters talking about blockchain 2,000 percent for three quarters in a row and in quarter one of this year it's expect its experience more than six thousand percent year-over-year growth and this article had a lot of information and rod about and we've used other articles by were some of these big banks are recent right yep they're trying to fire all these blockchain coders and and test your blockchain technologists are advertising their services for as much as two hundred and fifty dollars per hour oh man I wish I was a young man again and getting into this that's the kind of guy like it and back then rod you were a big computer guru in your early days when you're really oh my we had we had computers as big as this house meant and and and it didn't have any memory at tapes we had room to see tapes to just run that was I'm a fish and I had to do everything I had to learn programming by punch cards he does impart did you put in the sheet and can it punches holes in it yeah and I read the like this it went through passes he sang man it was a bear to to if you made a mistake find out which card you made a mistake on could you'd have thousands of these things all lined up in a trailer I remember that too oh yeah says here the median income for full-time blockchain developers in the US is a hundred and forty grand a year it's not something you know if you've got that kind of skill or technologies worth looking into because it's only gonna get bigger yep many of today's fortune 500 companies are already doing this meaning they're looking for coders and all that the adoption of flexible workers with increasing as hiring gets harder yeah and it's s you're the top twenty fastest growing skills in 2018 number one is blockchain look at that isn't that amazing stuff stated banks are moving toward blockchain in droves and we know that ripples out there so proactive with their program and all well ripple and iOS but says here that uh MasterCard is launching its own blockchain based network JPMorgan Chase last October rolled up blockchain pilot program and just goes on and on this stuff really is moving and then I don't know rod you know Jim Sinclair is I don't know if many folks do I think rod does I don't know yet Jim Sinclair is a big gold precious metals guy I mean for years and years he doesn't live in the US anymore I can't remember the country he lives in it's like wait he didn't want to pay taxes on adult very well could be just tired of the way our system runs here who knows and we were talking about that earlier is just so frustrating but Jim Sinclair has been writing articles about precious metals and stuff for years and that's where his focus is being he's in in the gold market his name is known been in it for a long time and a lot of prediction he writes a he writes an article he wrote one today and his company is on goldman sachs on his he calls it the work force article and he starts right off rod banks need to be prepared for the reset now folks if you if any of you guys scanned the current events on the internet there's so much about the reset coming that there's gonna be a financial reset they're not all saying it's going into crypto but they're just saying we're due because of our debt our debt to income that didn't sound right we're just carrying so much debt even as people and as governments and that there's gonna be a reset to get the valuation not so much of the dollar anymore but there's just gotta be a change well okay you know you know it's just like it's just like the stock market now has been the highest it's ever been and when Bitcoin went up high there's always a reset and they and they know this it's just part of the cycle yes but they've been trying to keep it under control we're talking about a major reset that'll have a global probably economic collapse involved yeah and it's gonna reset all the values of everything they got it they got to nip this debt in the but I mean the debt takes what over fifty percent now of all money that the government gets goes to interest on the national debt I mean it's just absolutely ridiculous and it grows all the time because they just can't stop spending okay quit quit counting and just go through it blindly even know what they're doing now look at all the money they can't even find anymore we're talking trillions of dollars in the military they don't even know where it went all these projects and stuff and and there's no accountability anywhere anyway says it makes perfect sense for banks to hire computer programmers so he's talking about goldman sachs 25 percent now of their workforce is computer programmers yeah that's amazing and it is it is and they're talking to this article that hey they are gearing up for the transition into a cashless digital society and global financial system yeah and whether it be crypto which Jim Sinclair you know he's a gold guy he says writing or cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is gonna be one of the things that's gonna take force so goldman sachs and these banks he says to gear up for that they hire way in advance they're not wait events but they hire programmers to gear up for it and he says they had one thing here that it was called there are market makers and that's an interesting term he says Goldman Sachs has shrunk their market makers from a workforce of 500 down to 3 3 it but what's a market maker doesn't that sound a little fishy to you to markets I said or my manipulator my control them I don't know but anyway and he says what they're geared up to know they have I think he didn't somewhere in the article rod says they were looking to hire like 9,000 oh yeah it's right there programmers or something I mean hey ed you had it right there she oh I'm pointing to it why would 9,000 programmers and state-of-the-art technology be needed when the financial institution is shrinking in Iraq the shrinking an area of business focus so he says if everything is transitioned why would they need 9,000 more programmers because they know what's coming and they're gearing up for it and then the last thing that kind of is the title of this whole article it's about coinbase top crypto exchange coinbase prepares for a monster increase in trading yeah this is on KMBC yeah says coinbase has increased its transaction capacity by a thousand percent year-over-year so every year coin base has been in business every year they've increased the transaction size and capabilities by a thousand percent well you don't think these people know what where this thing is headed and that's why they tried to kill much well yeah and it says here again that they're getting a get away hearing up for institutional institutional investors that come in with the big money we've been reporting that all along yeah anyway folks and was probably overstayed our welcome but I just can't stress enough just like with my kids dangit you know if you're gonna if you're looking at this get your ducks in a row and get into it while the prices are good because there'll be a time where you'll just be buying fractions of coins instead of whole ones cuz I've been doing that all along that's based on our income our ducks are never in a row mainly because we got in it so late I would love to be a young man now oh boy gotten into this okay I can't cry over spilt milk I'm glad I lived a lot we good I enjoyed I enjoyed my life but this is just an opportunity for people to be able to make themselves financially better and more whole in the future they'll be able to pay off debt and I'm not saying buy toys again but you know it's a time you can plan for your children something beneficial for them and everything won't be good we're still looking at war and financial collapse and everything else but it's a good time didn't do it if why you can all right you know back to you Ron yeah just sitting there thinking about my life but you got me all because of nostalgia you know it was good you know I got I got a quote I found this quote the other day I got it I gotta say this and you know you people don't like guns and stuff I'm sorry but this says that Bruce Kenner can keep his way wait a war if Bruce Kenner can keep his winter and be considered a a woman I can keep my firearm and be considered disarmed I like that people get a thumbs up and preciate you there's always humor in this life if you look for it god bless

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  1. Market Makers are the ones who control the Market moves..and yes, they do Manipulate the Market as well..I took a course on playing there game..and how to look for there patterns..and once they start the Crypto line..Forget it!!!..Market Makers (Fianancial Bank Institutions)..They run the Markets..I trade the Forex Market Daily..Mainly (Nasdque) Crude Oil as well…Although with Regulations if it happens, it could benifit to us..It would control the Major dips we been having with Crypto's..when it's not controled in someway..All the retail traders who don't know how to trade and control the markets,,we will crash..

  2. Hooah brother – Love your Army flair! Currently serving 36th ID as a CW2 in Division HQ. I am [Crypto]Soldier – singing crypto praises to my troops and helping them get started. Thanks for the info guys.

  3. Bitcoin is a speculation, alt crypto coins are for the most part scams that won't be around in the near distant future
    The ICO's make 💰 money, the pumpers like these two guys in this video get paid in coins to pump the various alt's, however who lose money are the snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets that put money into these scams!
    It iis best to.listen to a person like Tone Vay to better learn how the crypto market really works!

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  5. Best return over the next month is Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Why? It never popped, after coming out after bitcoin cash, it missed its 1st pump. Remember bitcoin cash first pumped to almost 2k, compare the charts and see for yourself. BTG just got hit by the market downturn, and has never yet popped even once. It was beaten down to$39 and has the same number of coins as BCH, so it will rocket. Just wait till it PUMPS!!! Its a legit Bitcoin and is likely the best value in the short run.

  6. Thank you so much Gentlemen.
    ““With `ĠŖÄȚÏȚŮĐË` each breath is a new beginning as we become who we really are to self-express our best `ŮŅĊȞÄÏŅËĐ` and without prejudice…“
    ““Of infinite `BËÄŮȚŸ` in all the realms of the realm is the hearts joyful opening awake from sleepfulness to experience the musical opulence and rainbow light of a paradise home ABLAZE with new found love, desire and capacity for helping others as ourselves thrive – and thrive GRACEFULLY in a world gone wild with LOVING nonviolence and prospering the harmony of all that is.`
    Thank you!

  7. I sure hope you guys were able to depart from all the nonsense about who/what is or isn't Bitcoin and bought your partial BCH! I have never been so excited!I with my less-than-half a coin investment!


  9. They call it a 50% Pullback..Fibinachi..it's done, up it goes to retest the 20K LINE…4 HR and Daily Charts, hit the 61.8 downside..Hang on Guys

  10. My approach to all your videos.
    Play, Like, skip advert, watch, laugh, make mental note, research, sell kids, buy Crypto.
    God bless guys. Loving the positive approach. 👍

  11. Enjoy you guys. I'm turning 69 in a few months and love your info & humor. I'm a native New Yorker who retired to Utah in 2006 for less taxes & traffic and more church… lol. Bought my 1st Bitcoin in 2014 for $700 & forgot about it till last summer when thing hit the news. Today I spread my winnings into 50 Alt coins plus one each of the big coins on coinbase. Keep up the good work of blowing 💨 the fud away with facts….📈🔥🚀🌙😇

  12. Mark my words! In a couple of years the TELEGRAM -token will be on the 1-st place in the rating of cryptocurrencies! Coins on their ICO were sorted for a couple of days on www.cryptovilla.org/cryptogram

  13. A market maker is somebody who puts offers on the market (buys or sells). Usually they have a lot of cash so yes, they can essentially manipulate the price. They do this by posting offers at below-market prices so others will buy at this price. Then they offer some more 'cheese' at a slightly lower price, which people will again buy. If they keep doing this a 'trend' will form and other traders will follow the trend, 'donating' more money to the trend. The market maker will wait until the price is low enough then they'll buy big – essentially buying back everything they sold, but at a lower price. This is market making.

  14. Market makers are individuals who are obligated to step in at any time to buy and sell a security to make sure there's always liquidity

  15. Binance will now convert small fractional amounts of coins into BNB coins. https://www.binance.com/?ref=10258813

  16. Yes! Sound on both men are back! And your title explains it all – the early holders, even those like me that just have a few dollars in cryptos, are waiting for the Big Boys to take my pennies and turn them into dollars.

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