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remember remember the 5th of November and if there's anyone in our audience who knows the meaning of this feel free to comment below and enlighten us all anyways welcome back everybody to altcoin daily here at old coin daily you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space let's start the week off strong start the week off right I want to cover the latest and greatest in cryptocurrency news of today including news on iota when we say go – Goldman Sachs just the overall cryptocurrency market so let's take a look start things off taking a look at coin market capcom just to get a snapshot of where we are today in history and the overall market cap is still just above 200 billion dollars seems like we've been at this spot for past two months at least and of course we remember time at all-time highs back in December in January where the overall market cap was at 800 billion dollars well now we are still at 200 billion dollars and it's the same story for Bitcoin seems like the past two months we've been hovering around 6400 is 6500 dollars and even though we're seeing Green on every single coin in token at least the second on coin market Capcom you know it's 1% 2% it's not a lot of change and we can see that Illustrated clearly on this chart this is a three month chart for Bitcoin and yes it's been exactly two months since September 5th that we've been in this stagnant stagnant place which is weird right I mean it it does not seem like a lot is happening but I want to remind you of something I want to remind you that adoption is happening all around us and these news stories that I bring you every single day the week this is adoption my friends and sometimes when you're focused on day to day news it's hard to see the bigger picture I get that but for those who subscribe to our Channel and tune in every day we show you every single day things are happening whether it's partnerships being created use cases being realized user interfaces becoming easier businesses getting involved the merchants getting involved government's getting involved big names in the industry admitting crypto has value we show you this kind of stuff every single day and I understand it's easy for all this daily news that get turned into white noise but just know one day you are going to wake up and you will realize just how different things are from a year ago one day you're gonna wake up and you're gonna realize just how different things are from five years ago cryptocurrency the week's go by slow but the months go by fast and the years they go by even faster and I mean the year is almost over my friends we are already in November and yes the prices are pretty stagnant but think about this even the biggest bears out there even the people saying bitcoins gonna touch 4,000 bitcoins gonna touch 5,000 even the biggest bears out there have to admit that eventually we will see another bull run eventually bitcoins going to surpass its 2017 all-time highs and eventually the whole cryptocurrency market will get a whole lot bigger even the biggest bears out there there's still long term bullish that says something we are on a slow-moving train that is chug chug chug it along picking up speed and we won't really be able to recognize just how far we've come until we till we can look back and see everything that's happened revolutionising finance revolutionising technology revolutionising entire industries changing the way people think and do things all of this takes time my friends and think about this I mean even just changing the monetary system as we know it that takes time as well right in the 16th century it took 400 years for people to go from gold to paying for things with pieces of paper 400 years for people to get used to paying with cash in the 1950s it took 30 to 50 years for people to get used to paying with credit cards going from cash to credit hey you know those pieces of paper that have the government seal on him well now you're gonna use pieces of plastic with a company logo hey you'll get paid eventually don't worry my point is all this takes time so don't be discouraged am i using this time to accumulate you're goddamn right I am and when the bull run happens I'm gonna take profits and then it's gonna correct and I'm gonna reinvest into coins that I think have value the coins I share with you all the time here at Alta Quine Daly anyways the future is bright let's get into some news first piece of news investment banking giant goldman sachs has quietly begun signing up a limited number of customers for its yet to launch bitcoin trading product citing a source familiar with the matter the block reports that the hundred forty nine year old bulge bracket bank has on-boarded a small number of clients to actively trade its derivatives a cash settled product that is comparable to a futures contract but does not trade on exchanges additionally the bank continues to consider launching custody services for crypto assets then at the end of this article it references how they're basically there in the shadow of backed we know back to crypto startup launched by the owners of the New York Stock Exchange preparing to launch its first Bitcoin futures product which is scheduled to begin trading on December 12th pretty much a month from later this week backs Bitcoin product will be physically settled meaning that actual bitcoins will change hands when the contracts expire all of this exciting stuff next up I thought this was really interesting are there any – fans out there – launches text-based crypto payment service in Venezuela so crypto product – has announced the launch of – text an SMS based crypto transaction service for Venezuelan users as it builds on its already strong presence in the crypto dependent country in an announcement released this week the company said that – text eliminates the need for Venezuelans to use or possess smartphones or internet so you don't even need a smartphone anymore all you need is a cell phone that is capable of texting and so Venezuelan users don't even need to possess smart phones or Internet to carry out crypto transactions which has historically been a significant barrier to adoption in the impoverished country suffering from hyperinflation driven by several months of hyperinflation which has rendered the Bolivar practically worthless their dollar Venezuelans have increasingly turned to crypto currencies as a solution as has been illustrated by a series of well-publicized incidents so this is very cool right according to the announcement to get registered on – text users should send an SMS with the word – – – – six – five followed by another SMS with a word courier which will create their – wallet once this is done users will be able to send and receive – seamlessly via SMS which could potentially be huge for the sizable population of Venezuelans for you we use feature phones or lack a lot reliability reliable internet access so I mean while the u.s. is still struggling to get its regulatory definitions in order for crypto currency while we're still waiting for regulatory clarity in the US countries who need it like Venezuela are doing big things next up o me say go the first o me say go Daffy aims to disrupt traditional video games so on me say go its first DAP is currently live the plasma test net a major step forward for all Mesa go numerous cryptocurrency ecosystems are competing for traction aetherium Tron neo yose all have their own distributed application or daffs that list can now be expanded upon with the addition of a Mesa go its first block chain based decentralized application goes by the name of plasma dog this approach serves two significant very specific purposes first of all it brings positive attention to a me say goes approach the game will undoubtedly get some attention from enthusiasts gamification is an important step towards taking DAPs into the mainstream and we know that often times technology the the way gets paved through games so anyways secondly plasma dog showcases a critical scaling layer on Mesa goes plasma MVP is being developed on the etherium network although this game will not get the word although this game will not get the world excited about it Mesa go and marks an important milestone under the hood it allows for true ownership of in-game assets this would in theory allow users to buy and sell in-game items through decentralized marketplaces a new gaming economy will be born this reminds me of wax or decentraland any wax fans out there I'm looking at use smooth operator and finally iota Foundation announces integration with ledger hardware wallet for secure storage so you know what I use is a ledger nan OS cold storage and there are many good cold storage options out there this is just one that I have and iota now has a partnership so you can store your iota on the ledger cold storage unit and that's it I hope you found value in today's video I'm gonna leave links to all these articles in the description and feel free to subscribe to our channel for daily crypto content something else I'm going to leave in the description is it's called a bullish case for Bitcoin and it's a 41 minute read and this is just taking Bitcoin every facet you could think and explaining why it could be a good investment so if you really if you want really sit down and do some real research this is a really good article to read it's uh from every from the finance industry from how monetary systems are created all this stuff it basically tells why bitcoin is a good investment so I like this leave it in the description anyways see you all tomorrow

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  1. Thanks, I’m a fan of the laid back smooth approach to the videos. Great research Today. Thanks keep them coming

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  6. Yep! BItcoin market looking increasingly strong! Litecoin on Facebook Messenger through lite.IM should help raise whole crypto profile!

  7. Well XRP rose a few cents and apart from Korean money flowing in it's still the best time to buy regardless of the current prices.

  8. I think blockchain and crypto are fantastic if we had a clean economy, but, maybe the governments and all the people getting black money in their sleeve, may not like it, and they have a loto of power…
    How would crypto change or adapt to the dark mentality of mafias and black money that actually exist in the world, will they suddenly become clean accounts?
    thank you for your videos, I learn a lot

  9. Something I dont understand. any price of any market is based on supply and demand. It seems that there many promising stories about the future of crypto. increasing adoption all around the world, and everything that has been said on this video. Im also a believer and investor of crypto myself. The question is, why the market is stuck? who is selling? there is so much potential that its weird to me..

  10. Diggin' your enthisiasm about accumulating. Agreeing with the slowly but surely option. Prior ginourmous bull runs were followed by steep drops. I am willing to wait for my gains to be more long-term and continue upward. I appreciate each and every one of your videos. Thanks!

  11. Remember, remember the 5th November 1605, Guy Fawkes was captured for plotting to blow up the 'Houses of Parliament' in the UK.

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