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Hello friends, back on channel I indra genjieh… Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe My channel Today I want to give information about Latest market European Cryptocurrency Exchange EUCX.. EUCX is an upcoming central exchange With a focus on speed transparency and security.. this project began with Erik and Erwin who is fed up with How about most exchanges, Like now.. Avoiding rules does not include, Fees and hosting of coin There is no affordable option semi professional trade.. or those who run the bot. maybe this Eucx creates an exchange with speed function maybe they meant that transaction, and transparency indeed one of the principles that must be carried out, In a company principle is one of the principles that exists, in the”Good corporate Governance” or another, CGC little I see I searched Google for transparency.. Eucx’s security is stabilize crypto and protect those who take part in it. the problem is in my opinion This Eucx reduces costs and pay monthly subscription for remove all trading cost.. so all trade fees are deleted.. By eucx This eucx is a very potential market different from other market market don’t forget to want to know about this eucx eucx is also being run ico public sales sale from 1 April 2019 until the 31st may, 2019.. 25% discount minimum contribution 2000 EUCX token. don’t forget to buy your EUCX tokens we see the white paper.. EUCX,whitepaper V2.3 yes here the disclaimer is written this is not an offer, or request for securities or shares and for this token information EUCX is considered as routine tools built into technology, blockhain regarded as blockhain technology we see first.. here, executive summary European Cryptocurrency exchange,or called you see ex is an exchange new cryptocurrency is focused globally based,in netherlands fill, Safe and orderly European gap.. centralized market exchange still has a long way to go in terms of comparison, ease and use of speed.. and constraints, and we see here … for a moment.. user preferences in the type of exchange number of registration.. central exchange 39% central exchange 35% hybrid exchange 18% and no idea.. that is to say, just immediately, there is no target.. 8% so all belong to a few % for this project there is written, okex and binance means that the target is in the target there maybe.. Indeks eucx eucx has its own index, blockchain technology such as security, storage, exchange and payment.. what do you think about this eucx project? you can give input about this eucx project, this with, comment below.. yes we can see here eucx is erc20 based token basic eucx has no intention run blockhain apart in time near and far basic token.. tokens for € 0.03 ETH or EURO peg: TBD total supply EUCX supply for sales 625.000.000 EUCX Soft cap €3.250.000 Hard cap: €18.750.000 uhh a lot hopefully, during the sale of this token it went smoothly.. well for bounty too 2.5% Founding team 7,5 % Advisors 7,5% and calamity found 10% company reverse 10% tokens for sale 62,5% for this sale very limited well like, countries that are not allowed to participate to buy is a country USA Botswana korea,ghana,iran,pakistan sri langka Tobago,tunisia,and yemen there are some countries that are limited to purchasing these tokens this ico EUCX also holds a private sale, public sale public pre-sale,refferal program Bounty and further information eucx also has a roadmap because then they project long-term,classified Q3-2018 making and starting development ideas so.. 2018 they planned it and start having ideas for making project this eucx friend.. then proceed to Q1-2019 run ico private sale.. then Q2-2019 Ico-pre sale and public sale and other updates until 2020 Q1-2020 DNB permit long term project a lot of the latest news who hasn’t come out yet from eucx’s friend we see the core team Eric H. den Boer as Co-founder & CEO Erwin R.B. Kuipers as Co-founder & CIO then Ojas Raipure as Social media marketing Business development and last,John R.Birdsell as Community management there are still many team teams.. there are a few more people so the conclusion of this eucx project my expectations all need exchange like this because of security transparency reliability of this project very potential and still long sale.. trip I mean: D passed by the market this eucx bro That is all from me, Indra genjieh Thank u..

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