ETrade adding Cryptocurrency | Mass Media FOMO

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it’s always early or anywhere
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and on a lead your joining on non
midday of really appreciate that on and so last night on actually
there there’s been a ton of
things that and been going on
over the past couple days on and
that up primarily of what I want a
focus in on a two day is really
on mass of media a frenzy of
over the over digital assets and
real what the potential impact up 10
be an OB on when it comes to
mass media on meal what’s the impact
whether it’s of blood or foam oh
on and so I think we can use
some good examples of what the mass media is doing in this kind of toes
back to a couple conversations
tents on that we’ve had here all
when it comes to big large
financi of working with of mass media up in and really yell pushing and spreading us some flood or
pushing foam all I really
dependent on what their desired outcome is on
and so I think that it’s it’s an
interesting topic , specially if we yell for those
of us that have said Anand idea
Nuys chats of when he talks
about really looking for the hidden meanings or not
really the meaning of the hit in
a intense a from these
organizations on and that’s what I wanted to
really of go through so on in in examples of that we’re
going to really use ought to
talk about this of we can focus
on some of that they knew of
Revela a cloying theory on of what have
you sell a before get there in a
way of a small group on this
morning I like an idiot this up
o it a committee group ought to
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from SBI Japan of being added to
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on a taillight since I’m originally from Ireland of all part of Ireland allow some so on tight so view what of the
Lycos annual we discussed up in
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odyssey it’s great being in the
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then the other displaying it was
abso and I was just those really cool and all terry a that’s that’s
awesome and landed of New
Zealand and ego that sought I’m
glad to see people from likeness
at all and exactly would close really
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an easy drive on the dun that
staying in Dublin and driven
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Atlanta lice so let’s see here on a neon who
go through here got Minnesota on
trial what’s up for Minnesota a
glad to see one and it’s so of tide so it’s it’s
gonna get back to this on and and really going into again
a significant set and as we
break down all of these
different to elements that are
happening and the focused and Ahmanson you
know this is all function in a
vacuum just look at the digital
asset space for just wrap:
market ca of what’s happening happening a
around the world of its
happening from a a economic
perspective of NL one thing that we should
always consider is that a large
financial institutions will
always gravitate onto where
other goi and they’ve identified that the digital asset space is
now right on to begin making
money on then that really says
something on now up until this point on let’s
also identify what the large
financial institutions have been
doing so and love discussed in previous
videos a way that the blood and
bone mold of the mass media is
utilized to really manipulate
othe on his really been occurring if
we if we look at it from that
perspective and the digital
asset space and the fun and foam
all t and from up to a higher levels
we look to the media they don’t
really understand of the dynamics of the digital
asset space on many of them
don’t understand the window of a
digital asset space on many of
them tell when they’re working in
tandem now he gets its difficult
likely if there’s a if there’s a
sum some of , say coercion isn’t the right
word but all its a working
together a between on media
outlets and these large
financial institut as what as it pertains to stocks
of it does seem to be a run-up
up in kiss again whether it’s
far foam oh taste on what the
larg if it’s an IPO that’s launch
another to push bush bush all
amazing this IPO is an their
stake in a net and say $70.00 on
in the are all buying up relaunch on so
at their bind to the launch and
getting in at a significant
lower level in of many times and
IP are buying in on at some point
there so and oh so if they’re buying in
at that local level are the
local number of local at that
lower number on then alone were going to see is that
when the IPO opens up to the
retail one investor and many
times on IPO doesn’t necessarily
alway the financial institutions are
beginning to dump their bags of
love of lower tar just a stock’s
high into the retail investor an seems to be a little bit unique
and in how the will of pumper or
not Pompeii but up but at the
odyssey that the tendency is to
p as you have backers any of
backers of one to get their
investment dollars out of it up
if they can up front of me yet
there was and we had nice talk you’re
about to about the Ireland a
little bit before you popped on
Mr. Be what’s up the legacy one
of us w , talking a little bit about
and, going back and rehashing of
my thoughts on on how a IPOs are
are manipulated onto up help
fina on and then you’ll see if it
start dropping off considerably
we saw that again face book on happen with face book it
happen with twitter on an itsy
it happen with lift and so it
dates deftly something of that
happens and set their ago to a array so and pop open the chat
again a nickel to oh to what what I wanted it really
emphasize I guess now is as we
think about that the
manipulation within the media
all with a lar a Okasan and an end and pretend that you one
space is a vacuum up because it
isn’t sand and there’s a lot of teams are happening on a global
stage there’s a lot of things
are happening a politically as
well as economically on and so we have government
actors as well as nongovernment
actors like the IMF of that are
really focused on all of that impact of four
digital asset on and so it’s interesting that
as I was of driving EST is
having a conversation and Enos trying to explain all of the significance of the
digital asset space up the
significance of what rebel net
means for cross border payments
were ta and the significance of of the
fact that if we went back a
couple years ago and governments and and the
large financial institutions and
the taking it seriously in terms
of its placing mainstream traditional financial
institutions on my think we will
may have seen a different
outcome and we may have seen another
Munson financial institutions
attempting really a crush of the
digital asset space at that time
and of you know when it was just
just coming up on and they would
try to crush it and done away
with it I don’t know if they hadn’t you know at that
point in time of the anticipated to the full extent on how it
would really reach out you all
over and really at that point ~ Anthony Jackson won some and it’s awesome and bombs up thank
you and the thumbs up if you can
that be great on if you knew the
channel young subscribe yet
subscribe and wrote upon sweater
be a and oh so I guess you at us as
we dig into this on so let’s
look and this is interesting
because if we look at the intent now so
that was before government’s
financial institutions and
they’re did they not really
anticipate a up it’s hard to say specifically
although we saw a large
institutions and large banks of
that were filing for black chain
titans you know five years ago 2014
maybe even 2013 as some of the lot we saw some
of the larger institutions on
libra patents and R.A. and action to go back
all the way through my videos on
I’d made a video on pads at 1. And talked about of Wal-Mart spa
the propensity to the healthcare
space when it came to block
chain so banks large institutions
started at 1. to identify the
significance of the technology
wanted to make sure they secure
their s of regardless what the outcome
was a lease they knew they are
staking claim on and so other staking claim to
block chain and and technology
up or they really focused on
what the it what the expansion of the
digital asset space would really
mean economically and
financially onto a point where it could
potentially displaced offi a
currency on potentially nine a
silly a guy I don’t think that’s
gonna h see the media frenzy start to
pick up of that’s all we know
things are beginning a change in
that direction tall amid a sea
of of AGA Anthony jackson’s son
talked you’re ready to oven see if thanks a chip on
Shawn jay woods up on and off because solely on your
before we already on an AL and a
dud say hi everyone that’s
that’s popped in an odd glad you’re on a thanks
for joining in so you know so what were what we’re
seeing right now is the
beginnings of of of mass media a frenzy of four foam oh on
tours of a frenzy of foam will
let say so think about that the
past year the about all the fall
of t of nonstop domo of the big guy
that big media outlets are also
in seeing the digital asset
space ramping up exponentially
and a now we’ve seen basically a year
of flood of coming out of
mainstream media we’ve seen a year of fun coming
out of a larger financial institutions
odyssey there some out there
than we’ve seen some some
positives is well on but but
that seems t up a tent make sure that it
doesn’t get away from them and the speculative of nature of
the market down on and make sure that the DNC a significant ramp
up in the value after of the day
really if there was up at you
reel up as they are as it was as a
decrease of the market, say it
was their initiative to decrease
the market I think that might
not nec of Easley those that are buying
of the media that intuit on so it was then yes spinach in a
sane so much manipulation as
manipulation on the town side
touching it and pushing and
pushing it w and Airlie consistent lee in
that unit, downward up trend in
and with the mass media and
everybody, pushing on in the
financial on and so now and this goes back
to intense so what was the true
intent of these large financial
institutions will was the true other banks they’re the begun to
work with on in regards to walk Ross
porter payments will talk about that in a minute
so now we so are we start seeing
timing of everything up we start
seeing the IMF of 10 are ramping
up their discussion of digital a we start seeing large a larger
banking institutions and a lay-up identifying of the
importance of the space of
financial institutions I have
been again relatively on the
lawn on th up at the same time a now we see on news
announcements timing out on TD
ameritrade on and now want the
trade that they’re adopting or
going to begin it all just flip a switch and it
happens overnight it is no
possible way that a a antitrade award
ameritrade which is all the
sudden up a week ago ceo I think
it’s time for us to flip the
switch to this means that they would’ve
had orchestrate their software
development and not a software developer but
I have to anticipate that it had even if you’re
adding up of the API component
on to allow for the training we
are putting it your platform you
are t the dual acids over cheery trade
account on and then move your
digital assets out of the
retrain account any other wall
of a onl regardless it doesn’t happen
overnight so that means they
been orchestrating this whole
time within intent of being
ready all when that when the market
when they thought the market was
ready of that they would then get into it on and it’s not that
it is definite element on day one and once they launch
that platform of that means that
they’re in the trading of bit
cloying eye and a theory and
potenti I let CI digital clout of tone on towel up its the likable
run coming from months of
analysts on we get the suppress
as so there’s that up and down
and sa on in the new ceo run upon a
stock you know when everything,
falls in the line you everything
aligns itself on and then also on the other
stock to go up and with the stock, stock
perspective you can see the
alignment happening on and you
have a lot of other financial
factors of th a as a as a manipulation as well
however on the studio flee the
bull run doesn’t time to soon
more accumulation time it has so
y and a stop to investment up from
stock investment perspective if you have two sudden of a ramp
up in price on been the other
side of the cliff is pretty far
down on and so it big deal we saw that and you
know a knife that there’s
anybody in technical analysis up
on right now on the one who
watch I’m on which is to run serving all
when you see that those of it when you see those those a
steady rain steady ramp OPS
yelling and it starts climbing
and climbing a climbing maybe a
little and so you you have people that
are accumulating in taking
profits and so as you take
profits and the market sentiment
you as yo is those those that technical
analysis indicators and all that
I’ll be a flipped on and so
that’s those are of the of
taking pro sudden spikes as you’ll see like
with a penny stocks are others
of you get a bunch of a foam lower misinformation
whenever been spread because as
people manipulating the penny stock and all blastoff and that hits that top and then
boom and starts falling and you
better get out of that stock if
that something you invest in and on my but I think that’s really
relevant onto where we’re at now
because we’ve still we’ve gone
from the investment stage and really getting the word out
stage and now we are seeing you
know we have the accumulation
stage and as we get into a
utility Maffei offer which to invest in
all of the stocks and should be
talked about that the other day of you know that it deftly need
and he’s been easier a four of
the mainstream person to buy a
digital asset so most people in the mainstream
want the security of that is
giving a IE trade a ITT
ameritrade up by their stockbrokers at
their comfortable working with on they’re not comfortable having to you a
figure out of digital asset
wallet of the raw data move your
digital assets from your online
wallet there really needs to be on an
easier way off for the
mainstreamers on and so that’s
now where we’re at so if TD
ameritrade and a new song about six years ago and always taught you set
managing to as wide a net hell
amazing what the all when
excerpt he is going to be
available on to be and here we go in U.S. use and
he fired up it’s been like a net
suite of that we’re starting to
see that all reality of take pla tap warm Bobbitt who knows anno
but Ord Buffett is miss the boat and a lot of things right and
bought the bad mouth pool or
doubt bopping that now Amazon
and sure warren Buffett bad
mounts of t on and so it’s because a guy’s a
multibillionaire couple times
over to as it mean that he has
all the answers and he’s always
write that j and was able to then multiply
them with other good investments
in other areas so to have the iffy understands the
real estate market town trump
understood the real estate
market and expanded a real
estate empi the doubt that that initial kick
start understood what it would
take a load up warren Buffett made
his money in stocks understand
certain sectors within the stock
market and a ton of money and
then and a alternate gold you know
there’s always going to be a
negative in there someplace
can’t always up win every single
investme a oz about com so it is made
billions and other assets so
this you really need the digital
asset space obviously you can take on $1,000,000
tomorrow and have zero significant stand
any kid he could care less if he
loses that $1,000,000 are not
the guy taken $1,000,000 and put it into excerpt he put
it into a bit cloying but in the
whenever on and a few years and
now that $1,000,000 would you know multiply you know you
look at the up all with aid the
on and get together their names
of the Gemini guys on up to 1/2
l and lied on China give me the
answer to all of any help so those guys
invested you know the money they
got out of a pen to face book,
the faced growing up I think an alive over here are all on so
I’ll get legal boss twins right
so have to think that the money
they got out of their face book
se on the the copy of the took the
risk and then the IRS and down
significantly for the car also
took eight as to protect me from up in
knows what toe on setting up a unmaking be
fresh the morning of glad you
joined in and crypto it’s up to a gym made
on and on and ages offer a beeper
trading up was the day and talk about the trade and of
the ameritrade to oh so I think that is really
the significance and now it’s
tiny and I think some of the
other points here on some of the
othe a night of the tse Lu bin of digital the dual would disrupt all our
life of its it with my life in
the last 16 months and my wife
always remember me OK to eyes soon you’re saying that
the digital assets are going to
disrupt everybody’s lives on and
there’s a lot of good things it to the hot and that’s what I
like to know, I don’t know that
for a packed yet, but it was so what we will need to
look answers on his chest cold
mix seemed I can’t seem to get
rid of it and like two weeks on
but it also if we look at if we look at of robin hood is
an example of robin hood is a perfect example I guess of
love and out paper trading so
all you’re doing and robin hood and you buy up on robin woodie
by digest and robin hood you’re
basically just up being a
knowledge that you have a
digital asset so of it was so was I think that’s
important to understand the differences and now you
finished in a difference of hand
and I’m sure we’ll do all of the
mainstream on investors this
next an idiot opportunity to really
control our own investment
portfolio control you know what we do or
don’t do all with our digital
assets or of a node was for the first
initiating a portion of the
morning what’s going on to oh up another that seem to be
one of the first to really
initiate up eight in that space
and as far is a paper tray on
odysse the U.S. began adopting of
digital asset rating on another
good as a paper trader again
meaning that you basically buyer
digital toll for shoving and thanks for
the up of the the morning for 99
appreciated a game the crypto 08 of them we
have to trust a actually there
you go with the trust that they
actually have the digital assets up and of up the topic to toe down of it and it
has a lot to do with our trust
in financial institutions in
general on but if we look at
let’s sa when they were supposed to be
holding up one U.S. dollar for
every one tether of then the
change the rules and they actually inmate if they
didn’t have one U.S. dollar be
potentially at other assets with
the equivalent thereof so I think that is super
problematic a now if you have a
robin hood we have to trust that tear going out and buying that
big points stock just as though
if I went to robin water and the
true are betrayed or ITT ameritr my share of face book or a
betrayed two TD ameritrade or
two up any other a exchange that
I use to trade stocks I should
be able and maintain ownership by the
portfolio but in the meantime and are holding my a share of
face book I guess in custody so
to speak up until I decide to
move it elsewhere now the same
tank on we should be able to take our
digital asset and move it we
should be forced to sell and now
I had views and test it out of
ro of I did buy an unsold some
digital asset of robin hood I still hold some digital assets
of robin hood as a separate portfolio
completely outside what I normally do an a
and I thought I was in an
interesting way to do it, see
what the outcome is not really
sure on b on my team gets my workout yet
this morning but I’m looking for
to do in that year a soon to
know and so let’s get let’s get down
into this a little bit more
because as is where on again the mass
media and making their
announcements right now on and making their announcements
right now on in regards to whether again
it’s TD ameritrade or of whether
it’s the trade and ready to get
into the game and other two spec all one was on yahoo finance and
someone to look at again
mainstream of media of reporting
not necessarily on the digital
asset but this is interesting because we have the trade is looking to
unleash crypto onto its five million retail clientele and a second to do
something to real and I so let me just bring us this
year list it’s up and about 15
minutes to the to the hour of so and hear design beyond finance
on yahoo a while ago added of
it’ll assets to their screening
is well seek a login and you get
a to if we look through this yell
and this is interesting to be
alive 1,000,000 retail of
customers of the trade works
with that t up have access of big calling
and a theory into so as you as
you draw you know drill down
into their article they do bring up in the wake of
TD ameritrade a quietly opening
bid point rating for some of its
customers on the ice just all t actually hold that points to oh
they need to have those points
in custody somewhere on and
there’s some great the custodian
acco on and that we talked about on a
number of of months ago I believe , I brought that up all
regarding of the on it that the
of Tom up again and try to figure the
name of the company at all I can
think of it by AL and just got a focused in on
this all there holding and that
this the main point of the
company is to hold digital
assets in cus to Emma knight is actually one
of those and I know a point base
on has got into what is well to
point bass pro to be a custodian so this is important of that
there’d their working towards an
odyssey of the traits gonna get
into what they’re going to do
ever the right way and they need to
have a mechanism to hold the
point so from that perspective
it seems like they’re going to
be old tell its jump over to I think
this is this so this is bloomer
also from yesterday so now we have two mainstream
media outlets that are are broadcasting and
really promoting of the digital
asset space same day I was it
one of both get into it on the
one a again the question is though it
where it is on that, and that
that the working together
yellows and the collusion off of
sort of toll obviously tell us releases
update me of that there’s leaks
that come out purposely to the media to make sure they
start you pumping up the
information so tear we have now blown were you
talking about the tray so close
to launching and in this is
significant because now we have
the both talking about the trade one
of the largest exchanges of
getting into and getting ready
to offer their customers and
their e access to both bit cloying and a
theory and now went up and we
started to talk about the fact that the
don’t truly understand the
digital asset space although of a specially from the media
perspective I’m sure these guys
within the trade and and
elsewhere they do on but when we
get into of the general public of I think
this is as is interesting here because
of the tse are all the sauce and
the popup site, and are shot
would summon thank you very much
fo Italy nice thank you Tom so it is is sun OK so it now where
where I’m going with this and
media will be educating the
mainstream but will they be
educating and this perspective I think
it’s interesting to because
tiered says of the brokerage
China will offer big one theory
and servic on base and robin hood but they
made a mistake in this article on intranet taken out exactly
but I just think it’s
interesting year low this the
trade would be one of the
largest security bro and Libya this point base
closing held reached a valuation
eight billion in 2018 and
projected sales of 1.3 billion and then we have robin Woodfin
tech startup that has been
valued at 5.6 is actually talks
of robin hood of launching an
IPO at s and what they do on let’s see
how a big trade a little bit of
a fun in the article below that
some a lot of foam although they
h a one a prominent crypto
exchanges on in a loss of about
850,000,000 wood shop take the
big one for eyes and there also
talk abo than it was a distorted 2019 so
that’s as an amazing article you
show up on bloomer that’s so
positive on her something in here that I
found on , and we say that’s not even on
study are not all of the changes
article or walk there was a
specific statement in the
article o there and they were Italian out
of line up any help it’s not a
point when I read the article
originally is that they actually
ha robin hood were the same of me at the warrant any of the
raid that’s not as a matter and I so ago back here and get back to tear, good to read thing again
so an incision back over here and I
thought that I thought that was
uninteresting and was only a
popup to chat window we got here alone took a bit room looks
pretty good and draw some young
missed up the old haven’t dug
deep enough fund a true of all
polled a easy to use up so and seek
gaming crypto I’m just going
back to some of the chats on
pull something up here for the
for the ha and I think so too and I believe
that of a mainstream have of wood
deftly I think we’re going to
see more and more development at
space to look alike the excerpt
the showing of the potential utility
of digital asset to move money
seamlessly up between people and
a platform that you would never the kid easily send money
through which is twitter that is
all telling that of you don’t even need to worry about wall to wall it
on me by you can go and just
send money of threw up your
through their baht, and then on
view thr that is pretty amazing and also
the fact that it to those guys
been able to prove that use case
and that just a beginning state of of the potential of an
excerpt heated by Wendy can be
used for all out of you love are choosing power on and also
could think about if you go into
a restaurant on anyone to give
somebody a tip and set of
leaving of with excerpt ether your phone
use and that we toted
interesting idea that you can do
that and you know you’re sending
two and that can be developed from that
I think the discretion surfaced
so an oven would it come out the
real early up in on quick with
crypto on the big a lead a great
job and they do offer doge going
u and made money and Dutch going
with up to that so they seek a , Sears sign and IG a morning of
traders of the ring up and moves the price now days
of an obit the price movement is is
and talked about that and
beginning, up to steady down a
little bit bite and on all were
deftly trendy on and here’s a here’s a
final note on to really leave a
leave with and this is already
have it opens in a bind a shooter to amazing things that
happened on that events
discussed here want is a sap up
a bank and it said a subsidiary
I belie on HSBC on and they launch new
rebel base a cross border on
instant payments are recently on
in the creating a real between a
Sa as of time going on at the same
time up and when we talk about
monetary control on China is
really seem that the obit: a
digital potentially a threat to their
control over their their fiat economy on
and so when when you and your
government works within monetary
control of the populace on that could
then be a threat on to that
exact control of its into
interesting to me though that
India as partake in and this insanity
of driving away of digital asset
companies to very country that today on a and in the past year on a 10 to
be get rid of 75% of their be a
currency and moving people into
a digital a format on and so tha the easiest tools or the least
expensive tools which would come
through digital assets to help
bank that on banked on their
stal on and before student digitized
and so when they’d done and get
rid of 75% of their paper
currency in favor of digital you would think that that was
paving the way onto wards of an
easier assimilation of digital
asset all but that doesn’t
really s of not just India a financially
up over the next couple years
but is going to be detrimental to
the world so the U.S. we deftly seen in a
dragging a fee on when it comes
to regulatory clarity to help push the digital asset
space on yet we talked about at
the article on unless stream of
a black chain jobs increase in
de to whom are still many that are
eyeing a flight from the U.S. with out
their regulatory clarity of yet
within the U.S. we see states
battling it out so and and we
see, so there’s a lot of positives in
the U.S. every day and
government wise and U.S. moves
super super slow on so we can to
lee expe tall with hopefully positive
outcome TD on the other hand is seems to
be in chaos and pandemonium all when it
comes to digital asset and the
destroyed their largest
exchanges of it in ramped up and
so it’s supe button from a technology growth
perspective India is is the perfect a space
to help really drive up the
demand for the on banking to the
bank it’s the perfect space where we have a huge amount of
educated people in technology
that can create a amazing of
things within its up with a
digital as a potential because of a
government in a EU influence in
interference to oh , we see here on alleys think
thank you very much for that of
always try to bring something a
tough thing interesting stop and
l sandy and see said only thing I made it a pitcher’s the volume
on the site ATM I can ever it’s
the state for Exor beat I’m not
100% familiar with pictures of taken a financial institutions
getting a curb assets but the
original exchanges on a business on I
think that’s interesting so of the we’ve talked of this before
that I believe that the bigger
of exchanges and already
solidified themselves in the
space of ba they’ve established themselves up in this space as custodians
of the treaty trade is not going
to hold a digital asset
themselves the trait can’t open
until th of two actually up up the
custody digital assets for them
so are knocking to leave what they
know but they’re going to
partner in utilizing third party
and that their party is as
interestin up in so that’s interesting and
also they need to join and they
have to participate and this is where the bill that
the infrastructure to begin
trading up because they can’t be
left behind so of any trade
would b as others and and we talked
about a bit if we see the token
as a nation of stocks of what
does that mean 40 trade or a fit
or a if stocks become token eyes and
they can then they’re not ready
to trade of these tokens of the stocks in
a bin and token eyes and are not
involved in that part so there’s
so much they can still happen a different ways they can be
token eyes these big financial
institutions won a peaceable
that on and they’re going to be
left be the fact that they’re jumping
and now to me seems to be all telling that now they’re
they’re realizing that now’s the
time they got again and it’s now
or never on and so the guy get
in insane now’s the time on my Gotta believe that that
they’ve a given it some thought you have to believe any wasn’t
so it’s also there is survival
instinct so like my QB said it’s
the old guard alighting they have to survive and the if they see that trend
moving so no right to what’s up
a legacy one of your kind of up
to me to a a a wrap up here in a is Tapie Morgan of jp employing a loss border payment to oh I think it’s significant and it’s complementary up to
what rebel is been doing with
rebel net it doesn’t just justify the
technology of it and knowledge
is that the technology is real
of that the technology is needed
on and t of the way bank wire transfers
have been handled up to this 0.3 swift and eight
knowledge is that banks have not
been happy with working with outdated messaging
technology of that their scene
there’s a future on in the future could be faster
cheaper of less expensive for
the consumer a less expensive
for the bank of two to work
within so to me of jay PM and galloping in the black chain
again a it’s significant of are
they going to be able to up to
serve as a significant competitor onto a rebel net of
war or other all I think they
can be a competitor on the stage
on but I don’t know that they’re
g on a design point telegraph you
know this information team out
of two days ago on but it says
the Jp Morgan continues to explore block chaining or
cross border payments to having signed 220 banks
worldwide along the way and that’s something I think
that needs to be explored a
little bit and Cousins are probably a bank
of billy its it were already working with Jp
Morgan tow it wasn’t as though you know
the one now and then recruited a
bank’s outside of their other their little law clinic,
so to speak on and that’s what
I’m trying to really identify
and a mature on in this article
you toe exactly because here it says
and a few look at the banks that
have been added joined enough we
look back as 20 PM PT of wise or inner trade up between
branches that are already
working with Tapie Morgan so on so for that to happen that
means that all of these eight
banks would then potential of
already handled at a civic
channels or in a setup with some sort of
partnership all with Jp Morgan
to be able to utilize this JPN
Point on but here it says that
the ve of the eye eye and on me go back
up and get what the eye and was
on definition wise tier heirs of the ride on a line
and which is Tarzan and I am not seeing here to
skate right over it alone home to it years of there’s a lot going on
and in that area but many of to all of the cited as members
of the eye and including taking
power all such is a Sumitomo
Mitsui banking for an edit and
recal or than 60 banks joined on a just within the past few
months of giving are given that
II and consists of 157 member
banks so competition is is a good
thing to have, and competition coming from a bank like Jp
Morgan and is a good thing with Jp
Morgan work with rebel net of
probably not at this point on
and so they end and we talk
about this b as always been room for
McDonald’s and burger king to others deftly give the room
when we’ve done it on a global
stage of when it comes to rebel met up
and whatever else is gonna be
offered in the space of now that
the big question is again it’s in it’s really like
you know I’m not the
legitimizing but were justifying
war and it gives readings two of
the fact t that it’s an amazing solution to 8:00 PM at Jp Morgan
attempting to a catch up to that space and get
a little piece of the action on
that that’s all I see it in also
can be of a really interesting of and rebel net and the rebel
solution on so try to pull I wanna get
more details on fedwire all before rolling
out so on that’s really a guise
of a whisk you know I as as
usual a great feedback great
conversat on to Seidman and talk about it alas it with me a so chip
intrigue eyes checked down
excerpt the minute on he’s got
some great videos on their tight
ship is Tuesdays and Thursday at
evenings at 10:00 PM up reshape that excerpt E minute
of it is so and then Monday
evening Monday Wednesday all be
on a 10:00 and she guy’s a checkout Doi of
before that he is a brings up a
light gray points on a light
good conversation pieces on a on
Mo of Mr. Dee thanks for joining in
dove rishi it your feedback your
comments on make sure you subscribe to
the channel please see back on
again offer all those of you that are
new to the channel a subscribed
offer those of you that have
been on before a share with your
fr on a specially a really stain in
on tune with a lot of those that
are streaming in all of that
awesome to be a great space and
u all with everybody I chipping in
a little bit with some
information in and suppose sand
and all of that so I know that
Dutch ove as chap with, reporting to us
see guys next time the Bonn
hotaling or crypto

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