eToro's tutorial: How do I transfer my crypto?

hello everyone and welcome to eToro many of our clients have been asking us if they can transfer cryptocurrencies they've bought on eToro to a digital wallet today I will discuss ownership of cryptocurrencies on eToro if you go to your portfolio you will see all of the positions you currently have open for cryptocurrencies if you have more than one position open for a certain cryptocurrency click on it and you will see a list detailing all of your open positions while Ito does offer real cryptocurrency trading we will only be offering the option to transfer cryptocurrencies to a digital wallet later in 2018 whenever you open a buy position for cryptocurrencies eToro will purchase that amount for you this means that while you still can't transfer the cryptocurrencies outside the platform you are still the owner if you wish to learn how to buy Kryptos on eToro please refer to our opening a position tutorial in the near future we will be launching the eToro digital wallet which will enable you to transfer your crypto is out of the platform currently we only enable buying cryptocurrencies as part of your online trading portfolio that's it for now thank you for taking the time to watch this video be sure to follow the eToro blog and email updates so you'll know as soon as we launch our digital wallet happy trading

16 thoughts on “eToro's tutorial: How do I transfer my crypto?”

  1. What a bullshit, its 2019 and the page says "you are buying the underlying asset" but how the hell can i know if i still cant transfer it out. I can as well be a excel sheet number we are getting.

  2. I am worried to see negative comments about Taylor and her company Mycrypto in other social media sites. I also read that yesterday she was co-founder of MEW. Today she moved all her twitter followers around 8k to new company called Mycrypto, and she is a CEO & Founder. What other plans she have for tomorrow?? how can we trust ??

  3. wait… So I can buy the crypto but not withdraw it… Yeeeaaahh that doesnt at all sound like a bunch of rehypothicated bullshit

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