Etoro Copy Trading Profits – Additional Info (I missed something)

Hey everyone, so this video is really just
an add-on to my previous video which was about your profits when you’re copy trading… What happens to those profits – how do you withdraw them, and what happens if you leave them in the system. So, if you haven’t watched that video, I’d
recommend kind of going back, just watching that video, because this one will make a lot
more sense. So someone had watched it – actually one of
my subscribers – thank you very much man… And he’d pointed out that I’d missed something
which is really useful, and it’s something that I’d missed actually because it’s not
a feature I’ve used, but it makes a lot of sense. So I thought I’d make this one… So what I was talking about in the last video
was obviously – if you leave your profits in Etoro, the system’s really clever at using
that money – any profits… It uses it in new trades – uses it in active trades so you can make bigger trades and make more profit. That’s what happens… Watch the video – it’ll explain it… It’s what happens if you leave your money
in there – it’s designed to use your money quite wisely. Now if you want to withdraw the money, I said,
you can either stop the copy – and I talked about how you do that… If you stop the copy, you know, that money
will then be moved into your available funds which are down here, and it’s only money that’s
in your available funds that you can do something with. It has to be in your available funds to either
use it in new trades or to copy someone else or to withdraw it from Etoro completely. So, money which is tied up in active trades
doesn’t appear in ‘Avaialable’. The money in active trades appears in ‘Total
Allocated’ – it’s actually being used in trades, you can’t just withdraw it, you have to close
that trade first and it moves into the available – from there you can do what you want. So… watch the video. So that’s if you stop the copy. The other way to take your profits out of
a copy position, I was saying – if you go to this button here, there’s the remove funds
option. Now, if I click that ‘Remove Funds’ option,
you can see that I’m actually copying Jay with $575, but I can only remove 20 – why
is that? It’s because the other money is being used
in active trades, and I showed how you can see that – you can go here to your copy with
the person in your portfolio… If you go down to the bottom, here I can see
the “Total Open’. So… up at the top I can see the amount here
… There’s the amount that I’ve invested in him with. Copy Stop Loss pops up there, if I go over
it… So that’s the amount I’ve invested with him,
and down at the bottom, this is the amount he’s actually using in open trades at the
moment, alright, so the rest I can withdraw. Now, I was saying if you want to move more
money out of the open trades, you have to close those trades somehow so that you can
withdraw it from the copy and it’ll go into your available balance. Then you can do what you want with it… So I was saying one of the ways you could
do that is you could go here and you can – these little red buttons on the side here – these
would let you manually close those trades. So Jay’s opened them and I’m just saying basically
– by clicking this “No no no, I’m not going to listen, I need that money now, I need to
close these trades so I can remove some money from the copy fund.” Obviously, that’s not a great thing to do… I don’t really like doing that because we
copied these people because they’re smart and because they have skill and they have
experience and they know when to close a trade… So if it’s still open, there’s most likely
a very good reason it’s still open. Maybe they think it’s going to make more money,
or maybe it’s losing but they think it’s going to turn around, you know… And I trust their experience – that’s obviously
why we copy people. So closing them manually – not a good idea. And I did say you could do that if you were
in dire need of the money, because closing those trades would obviously remove – those
trades would be closed, and when I go back to here, and I went to remove funds, that
amount would now be bigger because it would reflect the money from those trades that I
closed – would be in there. So that would be bigger, I could press ‘Update’
and remove it, and it would appear in my available balance. So what was pointed out to me, and it’s not
a feature I use but it’s really smart… To get round that, what I can also do here
– if I go in Portfolio, here I can see ‘Pause Copy’. Alright, so ‘Pause Copy’ – what that does… So this is if you want to leave the copy open
– you don’t want to close the copy position and be completely out of it – you just want
to remove some funds from it, but you want to keep copying them. So, instead of closing all those little trades
manually, I could press ‘Pause Copy’. Now, if I pause copy, it means I’m still copying
Jay, alright – I’d still be copying the trader that I’m copying… All the trades that he’s made so far stay
open – he’ll close those trades when he thinks it’s most profitable to close those trades. But, I won’t open new trades with him… So, the new trades that he opens – I won’t
open them. It will just stay with the ones he’s done
so far, until I resume the copy. So, why is that clever? So, with traders, basically, with trading
your money, obviously, is what makes you more money. You want to be using as much of it as you
can at any given time in active trades… Now, generally, traders – they may keep a
small part of their overall money that they’ve got in the system to the side, for a rainy
day – in case they need to do something – they spot a good opportunity, or they need to extend
a stop loss, or whatever… They may keep a bit aside, but generally they’ll
be using most of their money in open trades. Which means generally, they’ll be closing
trades before they open a new trade, O.K… Now, if you go to their statistics – here,
I’ll go to Jay’s… You go to his statistics – it’s a useful thing
… If I go all the way down, I can see that – ‘Additional Stats’ at the bottom here – he
makes 34.70 trades a week, which is a lot, alright… He trades very frequently. So, generally, you can see by that that he’ll
be closing trades and opening trades quite frequently. So… let’s say I press ‘Pause Copy’ – he’ll
close a trade, generally, before he opens a new one. Or he’ll open one but he’ll close another
one, you know, because he’s only got a certain amount of money, and he wants to be using
that most efficiently. So if I ‘Pause Copy’ what will happen is that
slowly, as he’s opening new trades and old ones are closing, I won’t be copying the opening
trades – I won’t be copying the new trades he’s making, but all those ones that close,
they’ll be closing because they’re ones I’ve already copied. So, over time – apparently, according to that
statistic – 34.7 times a week, a little bit – some of those trades which he’s got
open will be closing and a little bit more money will be adding to that amount that I
can withdraw from him. So that when I go here … and I go to remove
funds, this will slowly start to get bigger, do you see what I mean … As he closes trades. And it means that I haven’t forced those trades
closed – I haven’t sort of manually just gone “Close that! Shut it down! shut it down!” and possibly got the worst
price for it… It means I’ve waited – it’ll take a little
longer, it won’t be instant. I’ll have to wait for him to close them, but
generally, as he does, slowly, this number will start to creep up and it’s a safer way
to … So I’m going to go here and I’m just going to do it, I’m going to ‘Pause Copy’
– “Once you pause copy, new trades will not be opened”. Pause Copy. Alright, so I’ve now paused the copy with
Jay – look there’s a big ‘Pause’ button here – see the big ‘pause’ symbol? That’s how you know you’ve done it… Then, when I want to, I can go back to him
and I can ‘Resume Copy’ … So, resume copy, booom, that’s it – he’s back on – Pause button’s
gone, and it means that his new trades, I’ll be copying them again. So, if you want to – you want to remove funds,
and all the funds are actually tied up in open trades… Go there, press ‘Pause Copy’, wait a while,
and that money … Then check and the money that you can remove will start to stack up. Remove it, and then go back here and resume
the copy… Safer and smarter way to get your money out
than doing it manually. It’ll make sure you’ve got the wisdom of the
person you’re copying and their experience and skill to get you the best price for that
money and then you can remove it… Thank you very much Jay.

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  1. Members are complaining in scam reviews etoro is charging 25$ fee for even smaller amount of withdrawal as well some hidden fees is it true ?

  2. Hi, thanks for the info you share on the page… I am new to etoro and have a few questions:

    If I buy some oil for 40usd and set the take profit at 20usd, what happens when it gets there?

    Do I get my 20usd profit and the original 40usd oil deposit back, or do they keep the 40usd oil payment open and I get the profit? So the oil can keep on going.

    I hope that makes sense
    Show less

  3. Thanks for the info! Just to confirm… The profits found in 'Total closed' will eventually be reinvested automatically into the 'Total open' amount?

  4. Hi man !! I'm learning a lot with your videos !! I have a doubt I'm just testing in the virtual portfolio and I notice that for example if I invest usd12000 copying someone, they use a part and not all of the money invested , also after they close the trade that I was able to copy and they open new ones they invest even less money than before…. Is something that happened to you or it's just because I'm in the virtual portfolio? There is a maximum to invest ?

  5. Great video man…
    What happen if I stop copytrading someone, I take what I gained, and then I start copytrading again?
    I mean I start gaining as before?
    Too easy?!
    I'm a little confused.

  6. I have been copying when the market is closed. I de-select trades that are green and high in percentage and only copy low profit and red trades. Is this a good strategy? It seems logical to not copy high percentage green as they are less likely to grow. The trader himself has a lot of breathing space to sell the trade at a lower price if it falls, but I wont. If it falls to 80€ from 100€ for him, that means that it falls to -20€ for me.

    Heres an article on it as well:


  7. Just subscribed to you man !
    But i'm missing something…when the trader we copy adds funds to his portfolio.. what are these money used for ?
    Is it the same thing as when we add funds to the copy, so that they stay there and wait to be used for new trades only ?

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