$ETN $BTC Electroneum & Bitcoin: Will Elections Affect the Price of Crypto

Flynn says Clinton says I’m glad I’m
here watching digit spin crypto because he says mister digits been you always
give intelligent feedback about electro neum I want to thank you one for
recognizing the skills that God gave me and lent me to use each and every time
that I am live on the show or I make a video for you guys I consider myself
very lucky double X is saying Dino do you think
that November elections will play a major role in the future crypto adoption
my only concern is the cryptocurrency showing up as donations to candidates
because that money can easily be coming from outside the country it’s illegal
for it for people outside the country to be sending money in to influence our
elections and quite frankly our legislative branch of the government is
completely broken it’s insane it’s obnoxious
and it’s some momentum and it’s bought and paid for so our legislative branch
is broken and I’m not sure how that gets fixed having said that do I think it’s
gonna play a major role no I most of them rephrase that a portion of our
legislators that have been elected are incompetent in imbeciles and the fact
that they even comprehend what a cryptocurrency is isn’t gonna happen
they’re not they don’t have the brain cells to figure it out
now there’s 50% of them that do and have some basic common sense and will
probably research and what I mean by research they’ll be spoon-fed
information from particular parties that will want or not want crypto currencies
but the fact of the matter is I don’t think there’s gonna be much change I’m
sure there’ll be a couple of folks that well spearhead something but for the
most most part the good majority of the legislators are incompetent boobs and
don’t have the brainpower to even understand what cryptocurrency is yeah
this is a good question what are your thoughts on the CFTC saying Kryptos are
commodities I’m hoping this doesn’t end up in the Supreme Court and I’m hoping
that one of the regulators actually gets control over cryptocurrency because
right now every every government official that full of bluster wants to
be the guy regulating and controlling cryptocurrency no it’s you know CFTC now
it’s the SEC now it’s a homeland security now you know Secret Service
yeah everybody thinks that they they should be controlling it so hopefully
they will be each other to death until one survives now supposedly they’re
claiming oh you win at the CFTC by saying that you are secure they are
commodities not commodities like oil rice beans that type of thing
something that can be traded for the value of the of the commodity itself I
think that crypto as a commodity makes a lot of sense I think that the problem
lies is that crypto is so different it can actually span it could actually span
different types of solutions because we all know or at least I’m hoping you
should know and since you listen to the digits been crypto you’re gonna find out
now that there are going to be new coins that come out that are gonna be
securities and they’re gonna they’re gonna actually
allow you to purchase stocks will go away and they will turn into
cryptocurrency so it’s easier to track them
you know if the stocks are valid or not they’re everything right from the
beginning to the history you’d be able to do voting every person will be able
to put in a vote you can’t stocks to being honest to you
I have no idea if the amount of stocks that are being sold out there actually
what we’re issued I don’t think anybody knows on some of these bigger companies it’s a shell game there’s no way to
track that piece of paper or that quote stock back to the origination of the of
the stock release okay I don’t think it could be done
thanks damn sure don’t know who who’s them
that’s why they have to pay services they’re trying to get out there and find
the people who own the stock so they can send them voting information
cryptocurrency solves all that a security KO’ing will solve all that so
you’re gonna see the ability to invest into new startup companies buy real
estate you know hotel wants to open up and you’ll be able to own $100 worth of
that hotel and if it makes profit it’ll send you a dividend and then if the
company gets bigger you’re the Koala the value of that coin will go up just like
a stock and it’ll be worth more and people will offer you more for it so
there will be securities but for coins such as these coin of the projects where
you have store values I think a commodity kind of makes sense at the
moment today we’ll see what happens you know five ten years from now all right

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