23 thoughts on “Ethos (ETHOS) | Possibly the first KILLER cryptocurrency app? Detailed Review with SWOT Analysis”

  1. Hey guys ??, hope you enjoyed the video. If you want to see the written version of the review, here is the link ➡️ http://cryptocurrencyaus.com/Ethos

  2. is it true ethos and amazon partnership some one was telling me i didnt believe it any one tell me please cose i wanna bye if its true news

  3. Coinbase is not a threat to Ethos or any other player that makes buying crypto easier. There are probably millions of people that can’t wait to stop using Coinbase.

  4. Hey Beau. Great review. thx man.

    I ask myself some questions about the Wallet App:
    How does the login on a smartphone work? In the Demo Ethos showed how to create a new wallet but not how you have to log in again after you closed the app.

    Do i set a password or fingerprint or do you have always to give away three of your seed words? Just wondering, thats the weakspot right? Once a foreign person can login he is in full control. And holding mutiple assets under one key is risky. Nevertheless its a hotwallet.
    You have to assume everything that is displayed on your smartphone can be captured by spyware… so…. unless you have a fingerprintreader…. kind of unsecure.

    Am i completely wrong, plz correct me.
    Just a Thought… cheers mate!

  5. Good video, fair analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of Ethos.
    I personally think that in 6 months time Ethos will be the go-to application for the masses to get into crypto!

  6. Hey man great review!!
    There’s another project in the works that I reckon will be huge!
    It’s called EtherLink
    Definetly worth checking out man ?

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