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and we are live so quick Network this thing is this one pointed day this one good evening crypto warriors and welcome back to the jimin and crypto episode 379 today is Friday April 12th and I'm King and I'm bitcoins day and we're here to bridge the gap between crypto currency in the community Monday through Friday at 3 ish that's 3 ition today we have a lot of interesting stories we'll be talking about of course top story today theorems vitalic butyrin is becoming rapper overnight goldman sachs CEO refutes bank ever had plans to open a crypt of trading desks coinbase lose another senior executive as dam romero quistis position Tim Draper to meet with Facebook executives in regards to her vesting and rumored Facebook coin of course the donations the Bitcoin donations was a poured in from WikiLeaks after Julian Assange has been arrested and last but not least by Nance Labs has granted $45,000 to some open source blockchain stars but before we begin let's go ahead and shout out that cryptic coin winner from yesterday oh yeah so our crisp cryptic coin winner from yesterday is peter lll hey when your comment and response to our question about d life and whether a PewDiePie which is the biggest subscriber has the most subscriptions on YouTube moving to D live was a good move they agree with this that it will bring good you know you know people to the platform to be able to use it and make it more trustworthy so shout-out to you Peter Hill will be sending that free cryptic line to you thanks Peter and I definitely want to continue to keep track of that I've heard he actually made that move before and kind of went back so hopefully he'll stay this time but again it does depend on the platform if it's ready for something like that but his bet is definitely about the Tesla's ability to scale I mean if you got somebody that big on here so thanks Peter for that and of course let's go ahead and jump to today's top story I was going on to see some people floating who's gonna Cornelius broad necks not o Muhammad dent Dain Avery by telex bars are going to unleash the Bulls hello we're about to talk about and find out as dangeous alluded to the top story of the day is this photo Harry theorems vitalic butyrin becomes parody of himself in bizarre crypto rat that is right I'd even see this story of bitcoins they asked me to see vitalic beuter and rap it didn't believe in wheat Oh clearly didn't believe them I was in tears right I was like what are you talking about and he was like serious if I tell it butor and is rapping how do you think this is gonna affect a crypto market and I again didn't believe him he showed me the video so here it is crazy the store even says it's hard to believe the market has reached bottom when developers are still rapping on stage at crypto conferences that is true this looks like the top of the bull run but what's going on here you tell us what this video is about for our play here boy well apparently at their conference they wanted to spice it up and you know do something a little different cool team-building activity yeah so they got some you know I guess about 30 minutes of practicing for the backup dancers and they got by talent some raps written by somebody trash I don't know who but apparently they got on stage and wanted to I mean a getting the attention they want from it I mean we're talking about it however it was terrible and that is what you will see in this video so judge for yourself right let me go ahead and pull this up so here's the YouTube one as you see it's four minutes total mmm but there's also someone Twitter we can take a peek at but I will do the tweet Twitter one first quick one just they can get an idea what's going on here mmm let's put his microphone next to it for our podcast folks what is going like I don't know what's going on here this is madness vitalic come on man you better hire in Bellino get you that swag sauce here's to you to that zoomed out a little bit as you can see he has a lot of people I'm not sure they're doing like this is like the Michael Jackson oz what's that Michael checks it's like a Thriller dance yeah well those shark I don't know the shark thing is there we go oh but yes for those again who does not do not know who this is right the shark things crazy what drugs are they on is my first question yeah this seriously and crypto conference yeah and don't bring that around me at all what in the world well again the main part of the story is that for those who don't know I'm sure everyone does who's watching us with your new theorem founder bite Alec bittern created a theorem he's like 17 years older guys like 23 right now course he has Russia behind him as well as the United States everybody wants to challenge eNOS but he is hitting one of the largest projects in the industry of theorem of course and he's going on stage rapping with his development team as someone I guess the people at the conference behind them dancing so of course as bitcoins a mentioned earlier do these things affect not only price but you know will they affect future investors because I mean again we always talk about we don't want all the regulations though and the reason why people who try to get regulations in to mitigate risk and I get it if I'm like whatever person I don't care what your age is but if I'm bringing money from another market and to this market I'm want to invest in things like a theorem and this is the first thing I see then yes the hesitation will be real I mean you learn to have people in the background as this guy the pink do it I just know he's having a ball I mean this lady in the white pants and I just getting it yeah you're right she's bish so we have always no reason to believe she's not on drugs no Hillary but yeah this whole this whole video is kind of hard to watch simply for that reason because anybody I mean people watching a TED talk and somebody start doing the moon out great halfway through just just because it was like yeah I got a rap song about my new product and they started just wildly dancing you okay this dude's idiot or you know like we said what types of drugs you take but it is interested in the crypto community how you do have that weird element a part of it where you have a bunch of people who are very very smart they good at development they sit inside all the time and you know they sit in computers they you know code a lot but then when it gets to the outside world and you have to do partnerships with other companies and they want to actually shake hands and give money one of the things they look for you don't necessarily have to wear a suit and be just like them but they do want some sort of seriousness about it and this just seems like a bunch of kids having fun all right this is like crypto kitties and body basically so we'll see how if it'll affect in the future but hopefully this video goes away soon because it's right terrible well I mean even in the you know in the video we talked about the proof with kitties and stuff how that was I mean you saw the unicorns in the background and of course they had the you know the rainbow they want to be inclusive of all sexualities and all that good stuff again good messaging but let's not be confused as a multi-billion dollar industry will one day become a multi trillion dollar industry and anything huge friend if I tell Evita is mine of course but if anything he's actually putting himself at risk for doing things like this because all he's doing is literally making more enemies yeah JP Morgan's was named Donald I'm a dinosaur diamond some of these other banks some buddies are like companies who wants you steal that technology has or that information he has or the things he knows they look at him as food when they see him on stage dancing and bouncing around they're like oh we're about the we are about to come in and take everything this kid homes he has no clue how series exist any but I will say though you might be doing this because he don't care because he got rushed apart like hey I can get on stage and dance weird and do whatever you're not gonna do anything to me more not gonna lay a finger on mark zimmelman Berg had the uh you know the a few business cards and hoodies when he came out and it worked so yeah that might be it as well for him to kind of snap his nose like yeah you gotta we'll go to work every day I'm at this conference dancing on stage so oh oh but here you can see some of these lyrics that started off his rap baby who started off quote s he said proof mistake is hard the one thing I do know is when we can't tell you sis and shark will change the whole thing though ëthere IAM 2.0 yo Ethier to 2000 and that rap is requiring to the upcoming skelling of grace ate three more to go including his move to proof of steak and sharding and as you see here latitude blockchain services tweeted that vitalic is sticking to the tradition of doing something embarrassing at a calm you know what I will say that you know last not least like one of the main positive things though if this is his team on stage will whatever it's cool this is you guys his way to do your team-building make sure everybody's clothes get work done that's what's up but again when we talk about mass adoption slowing down this is what we're talking about yes this person says his video features a cringe-worthy unicorn dance as you all saw so Jesse Mack say yes embarrassing even watch what's going on Allison I said not an ounce of soul on stage what's going on Tommy brown yeah yes what's going on crypto went yeah that was pretty funny but uh hopefully we don't see I mean again whoa I would not see too much craziness probably wheeled up as well so we will goldman sachs CEO refutes bank ever had plans to open a crypto trading desk that is write an article that makes entirely no sense again how the coin telegraph because they have this big coin looking up at goldman sachs they're right outside all just scratching their head like you told me to meet you here and three-ish I'm here right three is you tell me we can't come in a secretary down we never we never plan that mean right goldman sachs CEO David Solomon has categorically refuted that the bank ever had any plans to open it crypto trading disk and stated that earlier media report suggesting otherwise were incorrect solvent made his remarks before the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee ugh in front of them boys you get a hey you know you messed up you know you messed up on a brute em during a hearing entitled quote holding megabanks accountable a review of global systemically important banks ten years after the financial crisis Oh what what's going on me didn't want these people actually of one of the people from goldman sachs mmm or who was working closely with them was in like fortunes or whatever 40 under 40 for cryptocurrency for their trading desks that they're saying that hey we're not even doing and again it might have been JP morgan but they were bouncing around through all those little banks and Capitol DC firms so sure wise goldman sachs all of a sudden acting like they own no bitcoin oh yeah well coin got to receipts this this is why i say the goldman sachs is smarter than everybody else on the street because they never actually chose a side they straddle the fence better than any company I've ever seen in my life they literally will tell you in the same sentence we are planning on open a crypto trader to this if we think that we should open a crypto trader this and a few we never said we thought we'd ever say exactly they'll say sentences like that when you're just kind of looking okay well you told us nothing but Lloyd Blankfein is smart enough to know that you don't want to go all the way into the crypto world without having an infrastructure that you are you know gonna make in America right exactly so I believe what they did was they put their feelers out they kind of just said what if we had crypto trade in this goldman sachs rumors to have and then once people kind of like it going what's next well we're not gonna actually doing i understand when they hit them with Patrice O'Neal look you know the market doesn't really like it so we never actually brought it up don't put us in there even though goldman sachs does on circle circle has purchased pull the next and they did have I believe a job opening that posted those types of things led us to believe they may have a crypto trading desk but if they come out and say later we'd never said it then honestly they never really said it cuz the newspapers will bury the story and you won't ever really hear about it until they come out one day you'll see it it'll just come out oh yeah we just opened our crypto trade in this blah blah blah and they'll go into how they planned it even though I believe this has been in the works for a while yeah coin Sagar has previously reported other CEOs and attendance at this hearing included JPMorgan Chase CEO James our in-house dyno Diamond who affirmed the value of blockchain technology but reiterated his belief that decentralized cryptocurrency do not have any intrinsic value of course in a bipartisan bill to exclude crypto currencies from being classified as securities and foster more regulatory clarity for crypto was proposed first by representative Davidson and Democratic congressman who Darrin Soto in December of 2018 has been reintroducing her revised form to Congress this week so again this is all happening again had a hearing a United States hör hearing entitled holding mega banks accountable of course they are all about to go up there and lie I mean if if Jamie Dimon and bury himself too deep in the crypt already he will go up there and be the same miss Blaine field I don't know what you're talking about I don't but you know he kind of made that move and has come very public but I don't know again this is one of the things as a taxpayer why do we have these hearings yeah we are literally paying for a bunch of congressmen and women regulators and billionaire bankers to meet on taxpayer Dimes you understand crazies like what are you gonna meet about nobody's going to jail we've already seen it everything we mean about who's gonna go work in a private sector next and come to the government and they don't get anything done nothing nothing meeting solve nothing they didn't come away there by Kevin Eli went back to whatever they were doing before so these things are pretty much worthless but goldman sachs refuting this is not surprising honestly if JPMorgan didn't come out with JPM coin they probably could say the same thing they probably well we never would take it about it either but too late for them but goldman sachs yeah they definitely got aligned again I just want to throw that bug in people's here think about this we got some House of representing at about 200 people no one likes to work so they all have their assistants and strap hangers as you call them they got to eat lunch they're gonna want drinks you got to have catering on deck I mean literally a meeting for all these people out of taxpayers money how much does that meeting cost and this is a billionaires diamond you're not gonna bring up what is this is today oh avocado like what is this no off the tree right so how much did this meeting cost as you said they got nothing accomplished of course over and over speaking of executives coinbase losses three senior executives in six months as Dan Romero quits positions quits the position whose dare Romero why did he jump him and why his point based besides obvious their own team is getting pushed out we're starting to realize they're in their various ways why's our team losing already losing their team members well damn Romero he actually joined coinbase in April 2014 so literally five years ago he was the vice president for coin basis international business and whenever you have a start-up even though you have a title you basically do everything you just do something more than others so that's basically what his his role was he was you know vice president of national business but he had his hands in all parts of the business to start he said he is staying true to the mission and often requires doing hard and popular things but I've been lucky to learn firsthand that those hard things often generate the most value that quote kind of means nothing but at the same time it's just him leaving the firm just like the other employees that have left the firm because in my opinion when these people will get to a point in corn base where they feel like all right we have enough of reputation we've made enough money let me move on to something more mainstream or retire altogether because they have made billions of dollars and they're looking at a valuation of 8 billion so who knows if yes stock in the company if he has you know his own investments I think these people when they get in a coin base is a good jump start to something they really want to do right if they're you know if he's wanted it if he wants to be international business I'm sure there's bigger companies that could pay him a lot more or you could just want to you know kind of go off into the sunset so and what's interesting I wanted to take a peek at coinbase long term and I've never really heard his thoughts when I'll be interested in here but I was a Brian Armstrong the current CEO of coinbase of course if you remember his co-founder left him a couple years ago but literally he's getting rid of the media team has been there from the start we speculate on that that maybe is because as you just said they own stock you want to get these people out and paid as soon as possible before they do go public or make any more money as company but the thing Brian Armstrong actually really needs to be worried about it's kind of what we just alluded to earlier with my talent dancing as much as Brian thing he's hiring all these top-tier all-stars you know he got the TD Ameritrade guy he got the marketing person from Facebook he has this person from this job he's literally hiring all these great executives one thing he forgets I think a lot of people forget it like I was speaking about a computer is that these people have also been in business long enough to be a part of hostile takeovers oh yeah they don't care they see open business and they see a weak leader as far as from a business perspective and they see a way to enter in you gotta member all these other executives he's hiring they know each other mm-hm they don't know Brian norther they care really about crypto so they just see another business that they can jump in hopefully make you know make it expand skelet grow it and sell it as some great business people do so yeah our almost cost you him because you know we say six of the six seniors I got three senior executives in six months and probably last two or three years you're looking about five to seven senior executives or people in those positions from beginning so you are literally getting your entire nucleus vacated you're gonna end up being by yourself with a bunch of executives you hire from different companies and at that moment they you know they have leverage board seats or stock or whatever and they all decide to say well we just kicked this guy hard you know like JP Morgan this is our Dino Dimon he's been doing this bag of stuff for a while there's literally nothing you can do but take a check I'm getting no and kick rock so I would say be careful because she's Bryant Armstrong you know don't forget the people you have come up with because they might actually be the people holding that ship together oh yeah I mean the fact that everybody's leaving may be an issue there but they won't let it come out so right tell me to meet with Facebook to discuss investing and rumor Facebook coin oh man what billionaire VC investor Tim Draper is plan to meet with Facebook as X to discuss investing in the social medias rumor crypto project Bloomberg report at April 12 what say you to this oh yeah good old Tim Draper who has raised billions of dollars through his venture capitalist fun hedge funds and all that he's basically saying that he'll give it a listen he hasn't definitively say he'll invest he hasn't said their group is going to look deeper at it he simply said I heard they're coming up with a digital coin that'll be pegged to the u.s. dollar so let's hear what they have to say and we've heard rumors about Facebook having a billion dollar valuation or a round of funding and these things usually won't happen crypto project this was a crypto project and these things usually don't happen without big venture capitalists and almost nobody's bigger than Tim Draper on an individual level in Silicon Valley he's invested in so many Bitcoin and blockchain companies and for Facebook if they decide that it has some sort of blockchain capabilities that will fall under that umbrella and Tim Draper will be right there to scoop it up I believe he's one of the top people on the list that you want to get in contact with for investment and Facebook coin if they're gonna launch and do what they are supposedly supposed to do to their platform they're gonna need people like Tim Draper so this is a interesting twist in cryptocurrency because he's bullish on Bitcoin but he may say hey let me hedge my bets with Facebook coin as well because it's a social media app and people will use it there will be plenty of aunts and uncles who join Facebook in 2014 who will gladly get on Facebook coin but most people who've been around it like nobody uses that anymore so a lot of people come into space in global and I think Tim Draper wants piece of that pie sergeant crypto said no not you to Draper era Brooks is saying so Draper homie don't play that well when we first talked about Facebook the one thing we says that you know we thought it I think it could be like XRP so from a business perspective even I had additional money I had a chance to invest in Facebook coin before win why I would definitely do it they have a huge user subscription so literally if you just force like 3% to use it on Facebook that is gonna be a good return now will it stick around no it can literally they can literally create one the day launches as we've seen many coins that don't do anything you know it could shoot up and drop spray down I wish I you know right now I would say it seems realistic uh-huh and some Draper being a crypto veteran he probably knows that Tuesday hey you guys got something where I'd get in kind of like that I forgot what bank they do a ripple they try to get in I like less than a penny never a ripple shot over it was like basically I'm not paying you at the price to you and it wanted at like 40 centers up in there like we're not paying you dad it went to court yeah I could see being the same thing some drivers like hey I'll give you some money and when it's time just ready to come and start laughing and I'll get to the second I'll give you some money and when it's time for you guys to go public and stuff do you Lopez no they me my stuff back in whatever but yeah I mean Facebook working on this coin I thought they bring back honesty box forget the coin Facebook is working on the wrong stuff because I mean I it's a money grab to me it's the rich man's I see oh that's what it looks like so and unknown shout outs on no no hair I know and said my face is bought and my ball lit tank the army singer looking like oh yeah no that does the first time I heard tank but without taking by the same tone my hair my photos I must sing to you all about this criminal currencies like by telling rap be in the background seeing all here a bit so here's a great story to hear unfortunately not the arrest but the donations Bitcoin donations have poured in for WikiLeaks after disturbing Assange arrests what is going on here those who don't know tell them about you know weekly leaks and Julian Assange being arrested in general oh yeah well WikiLeaks is a project by a journalist called Julian Assange if you haven't heard about him he has exposed a lot of Secrets that a lot of powerful people do not want to hear about investigative journalism is very risky he took the risk and he was basically you know kicked out the country because he can't come back in without prosecution he's been in Ecuador and their embassy for a while he supposedly had asylum there however use in London Ecuador's embassy they everywhere does embassy sorry and they two days ago basically carry them out like a child literally by kicking the screaming right like he's had him hold up by the mimosa yes frazzled man but I was like man this is bad look however they carried him out because you know they're gonna try and prosecute him but the best part is funding he couldn't do anything without funding and without any type of money and the only option he has at this point is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and currently Bitcoin donation have top $34,000 – the wikileaks bitcoin wallet address which is about 6.7 bitcoin so that value could rise in the future however we would like to bring up practical use cases for bitcoin because if there is censorship of speech censorship of any type of project that's going on you can still get paid from it didn't you can't stop people from sending bitcoin from anywhere in the world and this is a great example of that with Julian Assange so he's been a longtime fan he's you know since 2014 he's actually talked about it and in my opinion whether you agree with him with not the fact that you can do this bodes well for everyone honestly and we'll see how it goes for him well you know and the arrest itself is crazy – I mean this this is one of the people who release information while it could have been national security secrets if you're doing something wrong without telling your citizens it's not is not it's not a national security secret and say whoever is in this position in our political thing is your secret you need to go you know so as one of those things was unfortunate but as you said it's pretty cool to see how the Bitcoin donations work imagine if they were to donate people were around the world were to donate like 200 million right of course I won't have but imagine some my word donate two or three hundred million news not going to jail yes no I'm saying it'll be like no all right y'all have played this game and as you said there aren't any barriers to access that's really cool oh yeah and who knows how much of other cryptocurrencies he may have proceeded but Bitcoin like I said that's true and I don't even think about that we haven't known again Bernero she has no clue yeah him some of the other people who are considered bad actors by the state this is one of the ways to freeze them out is to cut off their funding but that is no longer it's a new day people there is no such thing as sanctions or cutting off funding hilarious put up a Bitcoin address you can get money they say is unclear if you will be extradited to us to stand trial I mean I would obviously think so but if he isn't then they're definitely bought this mo yeah check them to a third-party country where we can be prosecuted for what I do this guy and drop them off some fortunate but as you said here's the video of him being draft an embassy Tama is messed up yeah that was like I said they literally Carrie hi Missy the video yeah damn he does a crazy with the hair got the frazzled man bun and when they took him out it was crazy because they carried him they didn't know walk him out and say hey come on buck it carried him out so who knows if this was actually a real risk right here's was even crazier and this is the way governments were people you toe the world information that they thought should be private because they were doing something dirty and because of that they're saying you had the option for us to come arrest you or you can run we can just kill you yeah but we're not doing anything wrong you're doing anything wrong by telling people we're just gonna imprison you and try to kill you though yeah yeah think you can tell you how crazy is at us sadly mistaken and that's the bad part is he was just a journalist right suppose the truth it's like they're – it was like the government is a good guy but you're threatening to imprison a human being or kill him mmm and the guy who's the bad guy is a guy who just let out information that you all don't want to tell the people like are you crazy right now this is very we are this is madness but honor to a good will story to end Friday finance labs grants forty five thousand dollars to three open-source blockchain startups oh yeah by me what does CC ever believe this go-round oh yeah well Biden slaps which is the investment arm of the crypto currency exchange violence has awarded three separate fifteen thousand dollar grants to three different startups who use open-source blockchain technologies the grants will be going to iron belly which is a mobile wallet for grin or remember wimba which you may have seen hopr which is a privacy-preserving messaging protocol similar to telegram and also kitsune wallet and upgradable on chain wallet which has a lot of features as well so these are the first fellows that they have accepted into their fellowship program and they they look like they're gonna have much more in the future and according to their director floor son the innovation requires an engaged community of developers and entrepreneurs who imagine ideas and create new projects to bring products to market so good to see from Finance cz doing this thing and from a philanthropic standpoint front OCCC he's giving away a lot of money to startups too in Uganda he started different projects so shout out to him and buy those labs I'm not gonna lie I won't say this in a serious way so I won't say jealous but oh man I I'm like jealous but happier force easy to see I mean this guy literally flipped a few million into a billion in a couple years and he's flipping a few billion to will soon be a lot of billions and again who knows what's gonna happen when the market starts to pump you get Bitcoin pumping you get being beat coin pumping and you get one or two these companies from its incubators and universities to do a home run hit – oh that man's about to come off on a good year in those 16 months or so oh yeah it's happening mmm and this keeps them in the news that's what people don't understand that's trilling drop it work what is $45,000 to find it so a billionaire about 30 minutes of production that's that's nothing but they have stories about it they see people you know people see that their philanthropic and on top of that they can write it off or their taxes so this is a great all-around think it's easy very smart guy good to see all right going back to some of the comments before we end for the day Eric Brooks said didn't Facebook say it was looking for its coining to become the world reserve currency that's scarier than Big Brother I didn't know that but honestly it wouldn't surprise me not just Facebook JP Morgan like everyone wants their coins become the ropes coin currency I'm not gonna cause some funny names that we know is if people coins with some people we know coins we want they're going to be the world's currency yeah but you're right Facebook somebody like Facebook or JP Morgan definitely has a better chance and yes that is very scary but absolutely Ryan Cooper was laughing about the tank joke he said he went on tour with Ltd have personal beef with tank there we go I hope I don't give you a flashback wired spark say I read that the Facebook coin was going to be a stable coin yes why to the US now quite possible let's see Donnell Muhammad altameyer Draper he may help make Bitcoin popular mm-hmm let's see Ryan Cooper at work turned up a little like basically he said he at work he loves me and long story short he said he's turned up on this happy Friday they're celebrating a life of Nipsey Hussle there we go Harold George said yeah something tells me a sign just sitting on something big or they need to flood the news airways to distract us from something going on I think a bit of both he's Oh or was he just released something uh like a week or so ago that was a new thing that started he I'm I don't quote me on it I can't remember here I'll pull it up as I'm talking he just released something as like a week or two going he was threatening to release more and somebody said he's holding a book unknown said the book he is holding is the key so I I didn't notice the book but if what he has in that book is that important it could be right that that may be something that people who empower do not want to hear and like I said investigative journalists they do their job if they find it out then that's your fault yes that's sort of like a criminal who got caught with evidence and then they blame the evidence or they blame them it's like no no we we found it out this is what happens and we caught you you just got to charge it to the game and that's what joining Assange basically was telling them like hey why are you you know coming at me for basically bringing out with open news right you just don't want people to read it so I can this is bad all around I can't find it but as we said yeah yeah I just released something was threatening released something else which is why again they went to go get him but regardless is also one of those things when is the United States and someone's always looking for a promotion I mean we're in a system where one person goes down the next person gets promoted type daughter Nick one person gets promoted there's somebody else so it literally could just be somebody new on the desk we still haven't caught him it's been nine years now I need a big splat I need a favor uh somebody somebody's either coming in you get a big boss that's coming they're going out oh they always gotta make something happen I kidding big splash so it could have been that so I was unfortunate oh yeah mildly toxic frog juice what's been up said his arrest is a scandal you're right here are you right on this one respect guys from Germany shout out to Germany shout-out to sergeant curbless say is he even a US citizen I believe so yeah believe so yeah well his fighting is going over US citizen right it's crazy unknown said the book he is holding is the key so and I wouldn't doubt that yeah whatever he's probably holding in his person as they probably just whatever they after yeah hopefully I'm confiscating burning for real Danube that's great I writing from my five minutes of their babies about being taken around the corn journal right this is the real road ain't no happy endings with a Chris Rock say sometimes too bad you get away with doing bad most of time right the new beginning say what's up what's up new beginning it was a few more comments to see a lot I'm still rolling there Ryan Cooper has turned up oh yeah do try said okay Tamar you black coin for sure mmm wait oh they're trying to take it over I'm confused but that's a that's a coin that was already out in the market cap oh the other one to say I could just buy it all up and then own it and then redistribute it or maybe fork the code and call it something else in there all right last but not least down Muhammad says such is the definition of a patriot and that's crazy actually is as well as Snowden but yeah I mean mass media man will have people you know why don't you tell us what we should be knowing anyway I harbor no madness take it nobody told you to help us just like 1984 people that actually call out what's going on are turned on by the very people they live beside and work with crazy unfortunately but with all of that again it's been a good day in crypto a lot of news you got by talent wrapping you got cz throwing money out you got coinbase firing his last bit of team members to start a company what are we doing today for the free cryptic coins Oh for the free cryptic coin we watched by talent butyrin give some of the worst bars I've ever seen in my life so we'll give you a chance to give us your favorite bars about ethereal has to be about etherium could be about the new protocol or pass things for bars for buses what is that for oh sorry two bars two lines that's right two bars is for lines yes it's always new bars equals four lines one a host look we you're not getting a contract from us not going that deep on it but any type of rap or poem you have about etherium and a hard fork or upgrade put that in the comments put your cryptic coin address and we will choose a winner and send you those free coins alright again it's free cryptic coin go ahead and fill it out after the video last couple of comments want to make sure we had mouse kept in I think I pronounced that right but let me know if I said it wrong see it what's up peeps disagree people less likely to invest in theorem because they're rapping and having fun vitalic doesn't care he's going to change the world hey definitely that's definitely an agreeable point we don't doubt it again we never know but that's a point you can go that you say they use like he doesn't care he's get money about change world we're gonna have some fun so that's pretty cool geo DTV say he definitely need a ghostwriter somebody need to say and you're all gonna help that free cryptic coin uh answers at the end of this video so please write some about telling some rap let's get something going to bars for lines happy Friday you got anything brother that's all for me Cheers I'll have a good week see you Monday

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  1. Or what if they been forced out for not agreeing with the direction of company? Or and the potential fall out from future liability.

    Also Assage isn't American. Random but real the u.s. used drones to kill 2 americans with out due process.

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