10 thoughts on “Ethereum vs EOS vs Tron vs others. Which smart contract blockchain is the most popular?”

  1. Your Tokens metric doesn't not apply to EOS because they do not pay for transactions. Unlike Ethereum the transactions are free. I can't speak to your Development metric, but I strongly suspect that it is also off base. There is a huge EOS B1 event occurring on June 1st, so it strikes me as unlikely that development has stopped. I find it more likely that your metric is off again. In regards to social media, you're missing the Telegram social media platform which is heavily used by EOS developers.

  2. So many things you need to take into account like web assembly, falsified social accounts, age of platforms, volume, total users and pipelines.

  3. Hello. Out of the record. What is your oppinion about SYScoin. They do not have smart contract but at 4th Jun they are planning to release a 2WP bridge to Ethereum without counterparty. They recently released TPS research report made by 3rd party Whiteblock – results are stunning! Their ZDAG enables close to instant tx. So after release of SYS4.0 They will have access to ETH smart contract and ETH dApps will have access to speed of SYS. Interoperability instead of competition!

    SYS TPS report:

    SYS 4.0:

  4. Steem has "risen from the dead" in the past, more than once. Community tokens coming to Steemit soon.

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