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welcome everyone this is scramble from emotional script or training today we're gonna speak about aetherium and the details which are hiding behind the technical analysis process that we would like to expose now as it seems we're about to have a massive movement and it's good to predict the probabilities of the massive movement that's why I would like to expose with you the technical analysis we just did for aetherium and we believe it's important for the traders and for people who would like to know more about the potential probabilities in order to find out where the market has to go right now 24 hours volume is nothing special other than we have raised the average volumes at a range of 40 to 60 billion dollars between 40 and 60 that's where we are arranging right now with the average volume of the market which is insanely high compared to the last months now this also speaks that the last rolly have raised the bar of the average volume of the market and we're no longer in that period where everything is just dying now things have started to increase and get some breathe right we can see that things that are more likely to develop instead of slowed down and that's a total different behavior comparing to 2018 where things have slowed down from a month to the other more and more you can see that 2019 is reacting truly different especially after a previous Raleigh which like I said have raised the bar of the market quite high already of course there's a lot to go attention we've got seven point eight billion dollars volume 40 aetherium which is sitting at 176 and i like to make a quick exercise right now taking a look at the if theorem is surprised when we were last time at 177 there Tolkien and what was the volume for us so let's take a look at our here under sixty eight hundred eighty five five hundred what's that that's million dollars not even a billion five hundred million dollars while today we have seven for an eight billion with the same price of the etherium that tells me about this is way above 10x difference in the volume for the same price now think about the power of the rock at which is right now just building up that's the stage of the rocket we are creating and you know what the rocket is looking to do that's looking to explode in the moon everyone is talking about crypto moon so that's where the rocket is gonna go but now at this time we're just building it up and we're preparing for the next explosion it sounds pretty great good now let's get back to realistic information more likely done this kind of stories third inner catalyst thing is going to be in our discussion for our candlestick and then the one day candlestick so we're going to talk about for short-term medium and long-term perspective great we're comparing aetherium paired up with the US dollar for a bit Phoenix exchange on all the charts that I'm going to present you today and the current situation is sitting right here that's the specific side and part of the candle a hundred seventy eight point forty three cents for the etherion we can see that we're right now into a triangle now the triangle has clear up trending lines and down trending I'm sorry has clear the resistance line and clear support line the one that's below is the support the one that's above is the resistance there is also a clear zone of the horizontal line that's above the resistance and below the support where we can find our horizontal structure I'm talking about this one right here which is the place from where the horizontal resistance is starting and it's just that blue line as well as in the bottom part it's in connection of course with the support rending line of the triangle the horizontal support line that we have which is forming sort of a way a rectangle right here now within this rectangle we've got the triangle which is clearly looking to do something it's kind of forcing the market to have a breakout and we're gonna see if it's successful finding a breakout if it's successful establishing a breakout upon that being said what we have is that potential breakout possibility which appears here into this zone right here all right so this is the potential breakout possibility that could gain high volume doodad and of course the horizontal support line which is sitting at $175 for the Bulls if it breaks and closes below that Bulls will take a pause and the bearish domination appears we already know the fact that the market behaves in a very very simple way if the Bears are dominating the market and they're about to break some support lines the reason why the market Falls is just because they take control over the market while boards are exiting out of the game so the ones which are having the sort of away full power full control over the market are the Bears that dead time considering that the Bulls are sitting on the side waiting for some support lines where they could activate the same thing is happening in the upper side of the triangle we've got this possibility for the market right here into this zone especially from here for a breakout possibility along with high volume and that's where we could expect a more powerful explosion 188 resistance line is right here the horizontal one we're talking about which forms the structure if it breaks and closes above Bears will take a pulse and the bullish domination takes place exactly what I spoke earlier if that's what's gonna happen it needs to happen until this board right here in order to gain the efficiency that remains or establishes better said after a breakout of a triangle like this because that has a benefit and this benefit needs to be on our advantage list right so why not using this advantage of breaking out of a triangle that looks like this in a specific pattern while gaining high volume if we have this condition we can use it in our advantage and you know build up a large movement for the market if we do not want to use this condition which is also another possibility and scenario then we're gonna go into this sideways movement probability market which is the blue rectangle here this is the sideways movement probability market where things might slow down a little bit which is something I don't think people want we all love high volatility especially considering the last Rolly where a bunch of people made big amounts of money in a short period of time twenty percent in two hours or three hours is considered a large percentage and large profit possibility or a case especially on a short term so these are the 30 minute candlestick details that we would have to consider I like to see a breakout out of the triangle with or a long with high volume if that happens then we're gonna test quite heavily the 188 resistance line and 175 support line and then there are high probabilities for those to be broke so then we're going towards and the question is where are the next resistance lines and support lines located that's why we would have to use the next chart which is the four-hour candlestick and it's right here now our situation is located exactly there and we're using the pitchfork pattern in a adjusted way a little bit more comprehensive which find support in this range with resistances along the way during the market you can see it has three different parts this pitchfork pattern the upper side which represents the resistance point the middle side which represents the sideways movement of pitchfork which is not actually sideways on the charts because it's uptrend and then the lower side which is called the support side of the pitchfork we can name them by one two or three just like that as a zones great now the zone number two is also representing an upper side which is located here and it's pretty much difference by this red line from the lower side great so there's our the details that we know beautiful now we see that there is a bunch of reaction between the one and number two zone the reaction is appearing here also here it's appearing very very nicely here exactly where the point of retracement is which is awesome so for the ones that have used the pitchfork strategy and they have implemented a pattern in this type they could have seen pretty much that we could get here a nice support when the pullback is happening after the Raleigh and that was exactly the same case a just happening on the market which is another very very beautiful detail on how the market reacts based on patterns great the middle side of the zone number two also reacts and it's exactly where we have reacted at this point by the way every single line that you see here reacts depending where the market is located right now the middle part of zone number two which is the redline is reacting as resistance and it did acted previously for one stun here and then for the second time right there we could also consider in the past it reacted two times over there creating a double top at this time we have the very similar case scenario so we won't have to ask ourselves what is gonna be out of this pattern right now what's going to happen what is the crucial point so in my opinion we do have to consider that there is a price point that I like to consider based on the data crucial if we fall below that danger appears Bulls are hiding birds will take control and that one starts from here it goes just like this alright so it starts from this support from that top which is acting right now as a support but it used to be resistance for us now it's acting as a support that we're training above and it's actually this line right here the 175 I don't like where I wish we would not break below that because if we break below that then we open a probability to fall down what's that that's like 7% in this case scenario but however there's the other case scenario which is worst and it's 18 percent difference from the current price actually from the breakout price it's not for the current one which is a lot right so both of those probabilities are existent that's why we definitely have to consider that we would not like to break below the 175 support and close down there with high volume of course by the way we can also see here a clear our informing lower highs which is creating a dangerous movement right so that's also something we don't really like to see especially if we want to go long we also have the ability to take profit of the movements that we might predict based on the shorting ability which is you know another type of trading that you can put in practice okay so this is the current scenario even for the for our candle sleep we're looking at right now there are some exist some support lines that we would have to consider and we have to be very careful in the way we react in the next 24 to 48 hours if it's a breakout out of this triangle or we go into the sideways movement probability now I must tell you also that during the sideways movement probability within this blue rectangle right here we might build up some sort of a energy which is gonna explode at some point don't believe that by the way how the market looks right now and by the way how it acted previously that the sideways movement could last forever or could last for a long period of time it could only last for 24 hours 48 hours so what I mean is short-term sideways movement then the heat is building up and it explodes because that's the deal that's the purpose of this it's not just to go sideways and do nothing no we actually need especially we're considering to go along we need for the heat to build up and then explode like a volcano that's what it needs the market is you know just gonna explode out nowhere so it needs to build up first great this is the current scenario in the way we're positioning ourselves and we also have the one-day candlestick which is speaking about long term and we can see a great pattern appearing here the pattern is that we are right now above the resistance line so we have closed above the resistance line that used to be within this little uptrending channel which has a very nice support right now establish and it's located at $130 sorry it's about 125 actually at the moment later on it's gonna be at 130 around late April if we don't touch that then that's what we're gonna be slowly this one is building up easily and easily right so that's what we have right now and it's important for us not to fall back within the channel right so if we want to go along then from here we need to get supported just like that and go towards this is the only ability for us to achieve something especially if we want to go along because otherwise the entire rally we just had it's not gonna change the market if we do not close above the $170 resistance line which is happening right now and the market Falls back we definitely have to do this and that you know the battle is gonna be around the $200 level and even higher from there cos here we've got everywhere just resistances within this triangle there is a resistance at the time touching the line there is resistance at $200 psychological barrier there is a resistance point so we will have to fight against those and you know the only way we can break out of all these resistances is by accumulating heavy volume exactly like we just did during the last Rolly all right so that's how it is at this case scenario what's gonna be better is from 250 we break out of that and that we're consolidating here there is a very beautiful range where we could activate as a way more largely and widely which is giving the permission for the etherium to move at high levels retouching the 500 bucks level crate so that's kind of all about this view presentation hopefully it clears the waters which is the purpose and it helps you to trade better that's the main aim now I do also suggest for the once which would like to to understand the market better to re-watch this video presentation once again and take advantage of the situation that you can find within the technical analysis right so kana that's all about feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel feel free to hit that belt buffin next to it because that way youtube is going to let you know about my videos as well as feel free to hit the like button if you want to become a professional trader you have my link for one-on-one coaching in the description area thank you so much for watching we'll talk to you soon

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  1. Love your analysis can you please highlight in your charts great ? entry points for Ethereum for a long position as I am Long term holder keep up the good work!!!

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