Ethereum strategy selection – Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading

Hello, dear traders. Now, I will select the strategies that I will be trading on H1 for the Ethereum. OK? The one over here, the collection, here I have known these strategy with no Stop Loss. I can see easily from the profit line. And again, I will click Recalculate, in order to have the starting amount of $100 000 and trading with one lot size. Again, I will repeat it, maybe a few times more till the end of the course, guys. This is for practicing on a demo account, for testing on a demo account these strategies. So, if you are trading with $10 000 of account, you should be entering with 0.1. And if you are trading with $100 000, 0.01. The statistic is the same. It doesn’t matter your account and trading volume. If there in this proportion, there will be no problem. OK? So, here, guys, very, very nice. What you see is $300 profit per day. To be honest with you, I don’t know what’s the reason for that. It’s because Bitcoin is paying too much spread. And we can have more profit with the other. So, I’m excited, as well, to see what will happen with the Ripple. What results we’ll have over there with the strategies. But here I have really, really good results. Really high profits per day. Which is really the most important thing at the end of the day. And that’s why we do the whole thing, right? To have more profits. OK? So, let’s have a look now in these strategies, a little bit more in details, what we have over here. Let’s see first, if we have some huge drawdowns that we want to avoid. This one is the strategy that I don’t want in my portfolio, for sure. OK? What is the most important, guys, is that strategy should be profitable recently. Like you see this strategy over here has this drawdown, but recently it’s profitable, which is really important. Because for me the recent period is more important than all of the rest, of course, all of the period is important, specially, when we don’t have too much historical data. It’s good to see what’s going on recently. Even this thing over here is nice, because recently it’s making profit. OK? And the other thing, if you had some of my other courses, you will know a simple thing we do, guys. If some strategy starts losing on your demo or a live account, we remove it and we replace it with a profitable one. So, that’s why EA Studio is a very powerful software that we can create hundreds of strategies, select the best ones and trade them. So, even the strategy starts losing in the current moment, we can simply remove it with already the one that we’ve prepared. OK? This is our trading logic, works well, so far. I believe it will continue working in the near future and hopefully in the further future. Right? So, what I will do now? I really like this strategy, because it’s, recently, on a profit, there is some normal curve line, drawdowns over here. Let’s have a look, what we have RVI changes its direction upward, Accelerator Oscillator rises. Force index, let’s have a look at the Stop Loss and Take Profit, nearly, double Stop Loss which is totally, totally all right. But the Stop Loss is there to protect. That’s really nice. I will keep this strategy, for sure. Let’s have a look at these profitable recent strategy, guys. That makes above $300 per day. OK? RSI falls, only one Entry condition over there. The Bollinger Bands – The bar opens above Lower Band after opening below it. Simple strategy Stop Loss 3809 and Take Profit of 6851. OK? So, here you see that Take Profit, nearly, two times the Stop Loss. So, it’s a different strategy. That’s why, what I’m saying we diversify the risk. OK? We have one strategy over here with double Take Profit. And here we have a strategy with double Stop Loss or different Entry conditions, different exits, this is what we call diversify the risk. Let’s have a look at the second strategy. RSI falls, pretty much same, as the first one. Yeah, it is, I think the differences with only the Stop Loss and Take Profit. So, as you can see, guys, I’m not taking too much time in each strategy. Of course, you can do it but with the time when you’re used with the software, you will not spend too much time. So, I remove the second one. OK? Let’s have a look at this 72.1 where it has Commodity Channel index. So, this is CCI, Awesome oscillator. Let’s have a look at the last one, Directional indicators, we have. DI+line crosses DI-line downwards and RVI falls, huge drawdown here, as well. I really don’t like to see this huge drawdowns in my portfolio of strategies. So, I will leave two on the top, guys. I really like them from for the first view. Simply, because of their profit lines. Here, there is this huge drawdown here. But it’s 18%, in the end of the day, it’s not too much. I said that, I prefer to have drawdowns to 10%, but what I can do? I can lower it, as well. So, the best way to lower the maximum drawdown is to trade with lower entry amount, guys. So, for example, if you use my suggestion to have the trading proportion of $1000 of trading account with 0.01 Even you would trade with 5000, 6000, 7000. Keep trading with 0.01. You will be save. You will making profits and you will not risk your capital. OK? The Max drawdown over here is $100 000, trading with one lot size. OK, guys. Hope it’s clear. I really want to make it clear by the end of the course for everybody about the trading lots and the accounts. So, you don’t have any problems with it. I will export this strategy and then I will go to the next one, and I will export it, as well. So, I’m ready over here, guys. And I will continue straight away with the next video. Cheers. Bye.

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