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good morning good morning it is November first the start of the new month and it's that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news there's a lot to talk about today especially revolving around throwing hams well ether team 2.0 labeled serenity and supposedly it can enable 1000x scalability with ether neom so that has just come out and we'll talk about that go talk about the court system in South Korea and they just overruled something that's pretty significant and talked about a few other things so thanks for tuning in guys as always always appreciated if you like the like the video and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on anything in the future all right I'm gonna jump right in today because there is a lot to talk about before I get to serenity I want to make make a note of something I just picked up today because a couple things I always look at every morning is market cap the overall market cap BTC dominants and then I looked through the various all points out there and see what's going on right and today I noticed that the market cap dropped so the last few days we were in around two hundred nine billion two hundred ten billion and today we dropped down to two hundred five point five billion so we lost about three to four billion dollars overall so you would think you know if that happened most of the all coins will be going down including Bitcoin but that's not the case if you look at the top 100 actually most things have gained today and some pretty significantly so something doesn't add up and I can't figure out what it is I'm a lot of people are saying well tether went down well it is true tether has gone down now to 1.7 billion but it was at 1.9 so lost about two or 200 million overall but that doesn't equate to what we've seen you know three to four billion lost overall that's is a that doesn't equate so there's something else going on I don't know maybe it's just some kind of accounting error or something with CMC but this is just really strange really strange that the market cap would go down yet you know all the all coins are going up so I just want to start out with that because that is very interesting and something I haven't seen before but overall today we have some you know some gains which is good and you know what a lot of people's been saying that including myself that November's go be a good month traditionally November December these last few months of the year are very very good for traditional markets and the crypto markets so we're there right we're there and and still we've got a lot of really good things pending and some of the things to talk about today are also gonna be very good alright so let's get to the main topic was just ether I am 2.0 or labeled serenity upgrade so metallic recently recently within DEFCON 4 and Prague had just said that they've been working on the team has been working on this you know they've been working on trying to solve scalability for youth areum they recognized okay they had they haven't been oblivious to this everyone is talking about it you know the one thing that's truly holding thorium back is the speed it's slow it can handle about 15 transactions per second and that is what the team has been working on according to him they've been working on this next phase with with moving to proof of stake and also sharding and having all that work together and overall he's like Ethernet him 2.0 is is coming soon and it will facilitate a thousand times increase in scalability which means that if it can handle about 15 transactions per second now now they'll raise it up to about 15,000 right yeah that should be but if I might done my math right so that's about fifteen thousand transactions per second which would be really good because I think most people don't want to give up on anything right it's kind of like the grandfather of these enterprise platform coins and it kind of started off or kicked off the smart contract revolution and I think most companies most app makers you know they still rely on Ethan areum especially the ERC 20 token and I think a lot of them you know are waiting and waiting and waiting some you know they can't wait any longer so they have moved off to like stellar Oreo sore or other companies or other projects I should say but some are still sticking with the thorium hoping that they'll solve it the only problem with this is that there's no set date you know when one really pressed like hey this sounds good but when is it coming out Vitalik basically said really not so far away well what does that mean does that mean it's coming early – not 19 late – not 19 2020 or further beyond that we don't know all right so it does sound good in theory I know a lot of people still strong believes or strong believers of ethereum yet we still have a we still don't have a hard concrete date on this so we will have to see but it sounds very promising and if they can execute on this and get this out let's say mid to end the 2019 they're still in the running I mean as we know most of these new enterprise platform coins us out deemed the generation 3 ones even though they're out they have very little traction very little adapt so even if it takes you know another year before this comes out they're still in the running for sure alright so moving on I think this is very significant this involves the Korean the South Korean Court and involves an exchange and a bank you know we've been hearing a lot about banks you know the ones are very anti Bitcoin basically take a stance of we're just gonna ban every count that's associated with crypto trading and they usually come up with some lame excuse and in South Korea some bank actually this one Nong Khai Bank sorry for the bad pronunciation but basically they were gonna block off anything that dealt with this exchange and they cited that it was due to one anti money laundry guidance that you know they this this made this bold claim that basically anything to deal with it this crypto change or crip does in general is is going against this anti money laundering guidelines and that's simply not the case so the exchange actually took the bank to court and they basically filed and and the court found that you know what the exchange is correct that a bank cannot just block transactions and cannot just close down accounts because they think they're just labeling it into this category they can't do that alright so this is actually very very very significant because this happened in India to all the banks just decided to cut off ties with crypto exchanges right so this might this might be the start of something of course this is South Korea right and same thing in the United States and other places we have seen banks just take hard stance saying you know if you're doing crypto trading or whatever we're just go or just go ban your account or suspend your account and and you know what this might be the start of something so now maybe in other countries crypto exchanges can now sue sue the banks and say hey you can't actually do that I know I'm Korea in India right now that case is being heard by the Supreme Court that is going up there so we'll see if that gets overturned that's that's further I mean that's more ammunition for these other countries to do the same thing so I think this is very very significant and also shows that South Korea is really keeping an open mind right they're making sure that they're not you know too hard one way or another they heavily regulate their changes to make sure that illegal activities and its safeguarded and all that stuff right so they do do that but they want to make sure also that everything else that's related such as the banks that may be that may be doing shady things like just closing accounts and just labeling it as you know labeling eyes because Kryptos are evil and stuff like that as a reason they're making sure that that doesn't go through either so I think this is very very encouraging all right so moving on another thing that's encouraging for just basically the industry as a whole Morgan Stanley another very famous Bink now have deemed that Kryptos is an institutional asset class and what do they mean by that and this is kind of interesting I don't know obviously they've done a lot of research but they've been basically saying retail investors in this space is staying stagnant but the number of institutional investors are increasing dramatically interesting ok so basically they have some statistics here that said that the amount of Kryptos the amount of crypto assets under management has been increasing since January 2016 with 7.11 billion currently being stored by hedge funds VC firms and private equity firms that doesn't include banks that doesn't include large brokers or stock exchanges or anyone else like such as ice you know of course this is just hedge fund VCS and private equity which 7.11 billion is a decent amount right but I like to see more static sirs and around that in terms of the growth of them right because if that swells up to 20 50 hundred billion you know within 2019 that's a lot of money and you know I just made a video about OTC market yesterday and you know a lot of people are saying well if these guys are fine they're buying old you see market right it's not really gonna fit the price well yeah it will eventually because the OTC market will dry up there's only so many sellers and old to market right and I don't know what that number is it can be in few billions it could be tens of billions but if you got influx of money that's just buying up everything in the OTC marketing you know these guys when they buy it up they're not trading okay they're basically buying it as a store value and as an investment right so once you guys start buying it up that the liquidity pool in terms of the sellers just go string and what what's gonna happen is they'll carry over into the open market and it exchanges so that is gonna be coming and I think Morgan Stanley you know they actually have a lot more insight into this I'm sure the other banks and anyone that's looking into getting cryptos have this insight and this is why everyone is also jumping in right all these big companies I think people just make the assumptions like all these big companies just kind of just like jumping because just a fad is the cool thing and and it's easy for them to just jump out yeah they could jump out and change your mind but when they do that you know a lot of heads roll and a lot of money is lost all these companies especially these big banks they're all publicly traded to so any really wrong decisions go cost them a lot so they don't make these decisions lightly of course they could change the mind but I think behind the scene there's a lot more research and statistics that show that yeah there's a lot more institutional money that is coming in and about to come in and now is the time to set the foundation and provide an infrastructure which is why we're hearing so many so many big companies that's coming out with some new product that related Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies so I think that's very very significant and again this helps the case that yeah you know bitcoin is here to stay I think at this point I think everyone knows that not only is it here to stay but it's gonna have a very very very very bright future and it's best not to concentrate on short-term volatility best a conference rate on a long picture right the big picture all right so what else is there let's talk about some partnerships one would be chain this is again huge okay so there's still people that start spreading fun about be chained and you know what it's all nonsense we chain continues continues to make these big partnerships so today they are working with two of the largest gap natural gas providers in China and they're gonna work with them on coming out with a blockchain solution and according to this here we go the import customs the import customs tracking transportation and trading of such massive quantities LGN liquid nitrogen a chiral gas must be handled the utmost care in regards to safety efficiency oddity blockchain and IOT technology have been proven to fulfill on these mission critical aspect of the economy hence the application of these technologies to the import of LNG and B chain has been selected and it'll work with these companies to come out and the basically developed develop a solution for them that will track basically a supply chain of you know natural gas so again you know the chain is just making endless partnerships one after another mostly in China and this is good because you know whether the Chinese basil makes sense and and all these all these companies right nothing big in China happens without some kind of some kind of tie with some kind of regulator in China okay so these companies you know you you bet I'll be willing to bet that they have very close ties with either to region they're in or with you know the whole industry is all you know they have minister of the administer of everything minute our Ministry of everything probably Ministry of Energy right so I'm sure they're all connected and because of their partnership with DNV GL which is very close with a lot of these it's just making you know and making a lot of opportunities for me change so I still really believe in this project and you guys should too all right and moving on also ripple ripple continues to make big partnership and in this case is not actually not a partnership I should correct myself not partnership but it's a it's a use case for XRP because one of the things I've said all along is you know part of being part of ripple net making a partnership with ripple simply with using X current you know it doesn't necessarily mean that to go jump on and use X rapid or use x RP however however it it gets them you know in the door right their foot is in the door and that's important because later on you don't know what else is go happen most likely something good for ripple right so we know that ripple has this big big partnership with financial giant SBI in Japan a big investment company with billions of billions of billions and you know what in 2017 SBI led a 107 million funding round of our 3 CV which is the largest blockchain consortium in the history of the industry right and there's a ton of companies in here specifically banks right and it's interesting because SBI and now launch money tap with ripple and now it sounds like within that are three they want to utilize ripple are XRP for everything so that instantly basically gives gives gives ripple and XRP introduces them to everyone within this consortium and I don't know how many but it sounds a little no I'm sorry I do know more than 760 Japanese banks so right there xrp gets introduced to 60 Japanese banks because of this relationship with SBI right so this is all falling into place and this is one of the reasons why I said or very early on even though I didn't understand Dec scrap it as much I said this is gonna lead to good things for ripple okay just the fact that they have these partnerships let's go lead to very good things and now this is one of the end results gonna lead to better things all right so moving on now this is interesting South Korean exchange bid hub which is famous for their hack recently and also famous for a lot of pumps they're teaming up with a crowdfunding platform in the u.s. called Series one they want to offer stos so that's kind of like a kind of like a competitor to polymath and that's quite interesting I don't know why they want to get into this space I guess there's still money to be made however this is in the US and you know that there's a lot of scrutiny so this is still subject to regulatory approvals from the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority so this is not a sure thing I don't know I just don't know why bit Hama is interested in doing this and why wouldn't and why wouldn't they do this own thing in Korea which so I don't know but this this is kind of interesting and I don't know if someone like coinbase is gonna be following stuff and coming out with something that will also lot offer stos because I do believe I do believe coinbase did get some kind of license to be able to sell securities trade and sell securities right so that should include as TOS as well anything that's a security token so we'll see we'll see the coinbase follow suit lastly excuse me lastly this is total speculation but news BTC put it out so I thought I would mention this you guys know that Warren Buffett is very anti Bitcoin very and that Bitcoin and cryptos and even just technology or FinTech in general because it's that's not a strong suit he emits it as much he's like that's something that you know he doesn't really concentrate on because he just really doesn't get it but for whatever reason I guess it leaked out that you know Berkshire Hathaway is looking to invest 300 million into two large vinta FinTech firms which actually equals to 600 million and it seems like those FinTech firms are related to crypto somehow so this is why it's saying this total speculation because first of all does not confirm second of all we don't know who those two companies are so I don't know how this leaked out but if this is true it doesn't necessarily mean that that warren buffett is pro kryptos now it just means that maybe he believes in those companies and those companies just happen to have interest in cryptocurrency so we don't know we'll see we'll see if that comes true all right lastly I'll just end it with this if you look at BTC chart right so you know I've been showing this chart for a while and I've been working with someone else that you know I've been claiming my chart is wrong and my triangle is not set up correctly but I important to me this looks correct I have the tops and bottoms laid out so I don't know but according to my triangle and I've been showing this forever that you know what we're gonna break out of this this wedge or just try and go right and we have we have we have officially broken out we have broken out here and then the Bears brought us down and then we you know we were edging it and now we have come out of here so if this continues then this is also a very bullish thing in the short term is I think this is pretty significant because we have not been able to break out of this for the past nine months and we have finally broke out of it so I think that's also very positive but you know what the mysterious tree of today has to be I I can't figure out maybe you guys can figure it out or do more research on it as as I will as will I I don't know why market cap would go down today while everything else is going up just doesn't make much sense I can't figure that one else so that's today's mystery all right guys that's it for the news you know I did that first today hopefully you guys enjoyed that and then let's take some questions now yes and also make sure to smash up the lights and subscribe to the channel always appreciate it [Laughter] hopefully he did not do that Marco Jake I talked about that tether burned about another 200 million that doesn't equate to three to four billion lost and market cap so it doesn't it doesn't make much sense they'll tether is decreasing Ana at an astronomical rate which is good I think that's good we want to see that reliance and tether go down but I don't think it explains what we're saying tirely today China is not against Bitcoin or Kryptos that's that's for sure China's about control they're playing a long game they have their own agenda if they were truly truly trying to ban Bitcoin and crypto they would do it all these companies would be shut down there will be no mining everything that relates to buying and selling all the everything that's going on don't shut it all down but but they're not and this is all about control so you know why is it that out doesn't give dates but cardano's others have very detailed roadmaps yeah I mean it's difficult right it's difficult because F is already live so it's not like they can really just shut it down but you got a point you know it'd be nice if they come out with deadlines to hit so that people can expect something right like today with serenity Metallica's making bold claims a thousand decks and speed right and scalability but when and there's no indication that when you know he's been talking about this for a while that that they've been working on it for years well okay so is it 2019 is it 2020 we don't know but I think a lot of people are still hopeful that they will figure it out as for us you see will rule on any of the ETF's I'm hoping so I'm hoping so although I think a lot of people are guessing that they will rule or release their announcement after back comes out which is the 12th so that's only a couple of weeks away so it could be then or it could be earlier I don't know well rapport exhale never burn I don't think so they they already do while at least ripple does ripple does have burning it was more more so to her ripple burns based on transactions but really to stop spam and not for inflation reasons so I don't think they really need to burn I mean there's a set amount so that's the good thing and there's it's supposed they're supposed to be used as utility okay so if you think about I'll just use ripple as an example you know the 100 billion which seems like a lot but think about if there's thousands to tens of thousands of banks that start utilizing XRP Forex rapid right and how it works is you go have to buy XRP to be able to use x-ray and if you got tens of thousands of banks that's buying it up right you want a large supply pool you don't want a small supply pool if you had a small survival then each XRP will be like a thousand dollars to buy so that is one of the reasons why there's so many tokens and you don't want to go through a burn so there are there are reasons for why some coins have a lot of supply and some don't so hey George free electricity will you open up a BDC mining farm of course if you have free electricity why not but but yeah you know that's I think everyone's searching for that but you got to be careful right because if someone promised you free electricity one day and all of a sudden it's not then your whole operation gets shut down I don't know who Barry Silbert is but he's saying crypto is exploding behind-the-scenes thoughts yeah this relates to what Morgan Stanley was saying that basically they're seeing that a lot more hedge funds VCS basically institutional investors that's buying a lot more Kryptos behind the scenes and I have also heard from other people like all coin daily that mentioned about some institutional investor buying a hundred thirty thousand PDC and OTC market yeah in the OTC market it seems to be thriving however like I said there is only so much supply nodes you see market and eventually it'll dry out and when that happens that's gonna leak over to the open market so that's gonna be very good and plus you got to realize the price between OTC and and open market can't be that much different if if it was you can there's a lot of arbitrage opportunity too so that doesn't really make sense Oh Bruce thanks for clarification do I hold on any ass right now no I don't and I just think BTC is a better hold right now and better bye so those of you guys that are wondering if you should buy like earth I would say buy BTC it's a lot more attractive right now Ralph no I mean you know it's one thing to think you know the movies and TV portray that yeah you know rich people they get targeted and attacked and so forth but think about how many millionaires and billionaires are that out there already right not outside of cryptos like someone like Mark Cuban that's very active you know they don't don't have like you know team of bodyguards that's around them all times they still are seen in the public just walking around so I don't think that's necessary unless you piss off the wrong people that is a different story there is another null as well yesterday Palms proves it well no it's about time because right now all the other coins on Finance is just rotating pumps and you'll see that it's very clear that you know today they'll be like five coins at pump and then tomorrow those five coins with dump and then another five coin goes up and it just like kind of rotates right and kind of rotate it to nulls and went up a lot yesterday and then kind of came down today's going up again but overall Knowles is really in a good position so regardless of pumps or not it is a very good project yeah I agree with that Bruce I don't think y'all will go away I think you know eventually Fiat will turn digital I think that will come alright but I don't think government government-sponsored Fiat I don't think will ever go away and if it does it'll be way past our lifetimes not something that we need to worry about right now George if you're wondering about the market cap it was at two hundred three billion not 208 I think that's wrong Landon I think that's wrong because it was at 208 because when I did my when I did my video it was at 208 and that was yesterday the afternoon so here October 31st so that's yesterday at 209 and then it dropped down to seven and then 207 and then a drop down so but here it does show 203 but yesterday well maybe you're right so it was at 2:00 or 3:00 but yesterday it jumped up to all night yeah yeah interesting 209 yeah I don't know but still compared to yesterday it is still higher even though one lower I don't know I'm getting all myself all confused I just remember when I create my videos today it was around 209 and the day before when I did my live session was at 209 so so yeah it's just interesting I guess you know and a grand scheme of things who cares right it's it's a couple billion it doesn't matter if it's two hundred 325 210 this is all very very very low right a few billion here there between friends who cares 0lx prediction I don't know yeah I can't do predictions without really knowing when things are going but 0x very good project I saw today almost 80 cents it's still going up that coin base that tight integration with the coin base to go carrying them very very far so I like 0x because of that they're gonna go very far because of it alright guys think that's it for today I think I think overall overall let's just say that the mark has been boring okay for the last two to three weeks the market has pretty much been standstill I say it's I say there's something going on that's that's actually controlling the market I I mean it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I think that the market is way way way too quiet for it to be natural I think there is something going on that's kind of controlling the market I think it all has to relate to the depending ETF approval and back I think it has to relate to that but overall overall that's all short-term right short term long term bigger picture we're definitely going to right direction every day every day I keep mentioning butter butter news that basically shows that the infrastructure or the foundation is just getting better and better right so we're gonna be in here for a long haul and hopefully soon where those would go reap some of those rewards when things start going up right alright guys I think that's it hopefully you guys enjoyed this I think I'll put out a couple more videos today you know I'm gonna try to do the recap video which is gonna be like later tonight and I will release a review video later this afternoon alright so thanks again for tuning in make sure you smash it up the likes and subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys later and tomorrow also alright take care bye bye

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  1. George, do you realize that of the 205 BIL Crypto market cap, 185 BIL lies within the top 15 projects on the CMC list ? That means that the other 2080 project on CMC average a paltry 10 MIL per project. Clearly we are in the early stages of Crypto. Did you know that back in 2001 only Microsoft was able to break the TOP FIVE list of highest market cap companies in the nation as a tech company, TODAY 4 out of the top 5 market cap companies are tech companies (APPLE. MSFT, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK). Imagine what Crypto could become in another 10 years or so. BTC, ETH, XRP could possible become some of the highest market cap companies/projects out there. What do you think ?

  2. Hey George, just wanted to let you know PNC bank (Alabama) is bitcoin friendly. We recently opened up an ATM and they agreed to do our banking. Pretty cool huh? Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey bro, nice video, I think ethereum is better than EOS, you should make one about EOS Dapps, especially EOSPlay, it's a great gambling website with a really nice design.

  4. I love how people hold ICO projects to their roadmap dates, while the like of BTC and ETH developers just update as they feel like it. Good to be the kings.

  5. George, trend lines need to touch 3 candle BODIES, not the wicks. Your line is clearly touching the wicks, crypto bro.
    I'm with you about VeChain – great buy around 500M cap. Incredible project. Also with you on XRP… would be a great buy if/when it goes back under $.30 (which might not happen, xrp could honestly lead the recovery). Also, your gulps were nice and quiet today – THANK YOU.

  6. Excess of buyers – price up.

    Market cap down – coins are coming out of the exchanges – OTC and dark pool and cold storage moves.

  7. Yeah,,that's correct George. It was 203 yesterday,,although Marc,,a bit rude, and his statement was incorrect,,not false!!

  8. Hi CryptoRUs, look at the market chart. Yesterday (24h) at current time total market was $203,5 Billion and today 205.5 So market has gained with $2B and so much Alts are green thats normal. So you were false in your statement. Be sharp next time 😉

  9. The MarketCap dropped to 203 when BTC dropped… A few days ago. Now we went 2bil back up so everything is slightly green. Simple as that.

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