45 thoughts on “Ethereum Price Prediction : ETH is Ready to Pop! Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. This is a pennant definitely and it will pop very soon if btc won't go down, target price around $332,98 you can visit my twitter @papajohns82 great video btw ?

  2. Do NOT trade based on what you see in this analysis.TA with Mitch Ray that produced this analysis are not to be held responsible for any losses that may occur.


  3. nice video, check out the Ada/USD trading pair. Nice bullish ascending triangle, buys all the way from .075 , target .16, stop-loss at .068. There's a graphic on @cryptoinvestors on Twitter

  4. I think ethereum will hang around a bit then duuuummmpp. Then get back above that pattern when bitcoin does a comeback too. Thanks Mitch ????

  5. Fed up with the consolidation either up or down rapidly is fine. Like having sex and suddenly stopping – just stuck in there. Fuck or walk. Come on power pump or power dump.

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  7. How do you feel about Tether, and how it’s has affected the market since it’s inception? It seems like any major move up will be artificial/unsustainable until something is done about tether and it’s solvency. It was much easier to forecast moves before “stable coins” were created, now it just seems like pumps occur at random, and price action is artificially manipulated to destroy leveraged short/long traders.

  8. Create another channel next time then tell everyone to subscribe to both for your live streams

  9. Towards the end of the video, what do you mean by “Setting up your targets accordingly”?
    Is that in reference to setting up your buy orders or stop-losses? And how would you go about that?

    Thanks in advance for explaining
    Love these quick videos!

  10. I guess it is all up to Bitcoin at this point. I can't see any of the alts leading the charge when so many top coins are teetering.

  11. subscribed. having been watching ETH for a long time. Very tenuous grasp on all of this. Unfortunately just bought in.(Coinbase took forever with my bank.) Risky. But, i feel this will be strong long-term.
    Is it wrong to assume this is going to be valuable long term?

  12. It really sucks that YouTube gave you strikes play music from that streaming service. Thanks for analysis for aetherium. Can U tell I'm using voice to text? Are there any cryptos that have an inverse relationship with Eth?

  13. Did load up on 173 and did sell at 250 i did miss the topp at 270. But now i just wait for the braikout before i buy in a gain.. have 10k USD waitind on Binance ,)

  14. I have been in ETH since the 13th and was to late to pull out on the 16th so it's critical for me to make the right move now, really hope we see a decent market move up before a down.

  15. Excellent work Mitch! I have a long ways to go with TA. Although knowledge is everything these days. Thank you.

  16. Great vid. I have eth like this. Interesting area because we are at the 236 retrace/measured move level so fibs to be drawn at least for study. Nothing left as I see it to challenge 450 if 300 breaks. 618 is 546. All simple stuff, but im waiting for that 236/measured move to convincingly break before it becomes appetising. https://www.tradingview.com/x/8IE4hpci/

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