48 thoughts on “Ethereum News | Bitcoin News | Free XLM From Binance | Infura+ | Mnuchin On Squawkbox | Tom Emmer”

  1. 00:26 Introduction
    01:05 RIP Omar's Friend
    02:17 Meme of the Day!
    02:27 Market Cap Overview
    02:58 BitMEX Liquidations
    03:19 Psychology of Market Cycle (Revisited)
    05:00 FaceApp (Vitalik / Crypto Bobby / Omar)
    06:50 Infura+
    08:25 Slock. It Incubed
    09:22 Tom Emmer Praises Bitcoin While Blasting Facebook & David Marcus
    10:48 Mnuchin On Squawkbox
    14:38 Free XLM From Binance
    18:19 $15,000 Can Get You Listed On CoinMarketCap, With GotBit's Help
    20:36 Upcoming Interview: Krown's Crypto Cave
    21:11 Quote of the Day: M.K.Gandhi / Conclusion

  2. What about the Tether manipulation chart , a psychology chart where everyones ignoring it's effects and who cares if Bitcoin has security threats , then who really is Satoshi Nakamoto with a million Bitcoin unlocked January 3rd … Where's My Gox Bitcoin up to and the ongoing tether legal implications …

  3. 21:40 Well…..no. What you're left with is a man with one eye. "The one eyed man in the land of the blind is King".

  4. Interesting how I always see an ad for a classical music before your videos ;). I'm a cellist so I got the app – thanks Omar

  5. bull trap…thats my take,,hard to rally up hard against the latest gravity check trend ….dont feel the lift off feeling here…monitoring the next moves

  6. like the info on binance thank you very much my flaker friend 🙂 gotta give me the rubbing on basketball 🙂

  7. Maybe Mooch should get someone to bring him up to date on the Bank Royal Commission in Australia where laundering was so bad witnesses saw people sitting on milk crates feeding thousands at a time into ATM"s https://urlzs.com/jWvBV

  8. 13:30 Well, no……were not a democracy. That is mob rule. The law could change from day to day in that system. We have a democratic republic (or at least we used to before Lincoln). We have representatives that are supposed to protect our property (land, rights, free mobility) from enemies forgein and domestic. One of those domestic enemies are the stupid masses who would destroy the nation and rights for "free bread and circuses" You know, like what happened to Rome. Good video ?

  9. My 60 year old mother certainly isn’t buying the AML nonsense from the Government, but she sure was buying Litecoin at the bottom back in December.. ?

  10. careful. the ultimate form of control is when a governing authority postures it's abilities in an effort to convince the general public there is no option but to submit to intrusion. this is the privacy equivalent of a tobacco company spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads telling you nicotine is highly addictive and it's almost impossible to quit smoking so don't even try.

  11. Don’t you love how bitcoin surprises people like that? It’s like going down the stairs and then suddenly pivots and oof I change my mind I’m going back up!

  12. A warning about Krowns Crypto Cave. He has quite the potty mouth sometimes. Says random things like "throwing dildos in your ass" he actually said that. You've been warned.

  13. when all currency go digital bitcoin will be the cash you use when you buy a car off the side of the road. cash money baby

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