Ethereum News 4/12/2017 – Milestones, updates & Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

hey guys i’m your host Jacqueline with the Crypto Verse Metals news channel so today the current price of Ethereum is at forty six dollars wohoo! That’s really nice so that means the price is going up it’s currently been at a floor around 40 bucks and now it’s seeing an upwards which is really good but for those of you who don’t really know much about Ethereum I want to get you guys up to speed on some of the big milestones that we’ve seen with the Ethereum foundation first off we see a huge surge over the last year in price for the price for Ethereum it’s gone up over five hundred and twenty percent which is really good news for those of you who invested early (nice job!) and there’s still plenty of room for growth for those of you who want to invest out and the reason I say that is because earlier this year we had the emergence of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance so what that is it’s an alliance where fortune 500 companies come together and they meet with Ethereum experts and they teach them how to incorporate blockchain technology into there a software in their companies which is great you already see companies like Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, IBM like jumping on board with the Ethereum blockchain and it is really good for future of Ethereum another thing that we have heard from the founder Vitalik Buterin was that the metropolis release is expected within three to six months so what that means is that developments will be a lot faster to incorporate into the Ethereum Blockchain and you’ll also have an easier time for companies to jump into this environment and implement the software to their companies so this is really good and I think it’s really important that you know these things because they’re what’s going to push Ethereum to the next level so stay tuned and we’ll be having some of these news updates every week so let us know if there’s anything in particular you want to cover and yeah looking forward to that price going up

7 thoughts on “Ethereum News 4/12/2017 – Milestones, updates & Enterprise Ethereum Alliance”

  1. If she can focus, **less on price, and more on the actual technology** – then I think this vlog could be a success.
    Do you folks need writers?
    I suggest running down the bullet points from Evan Van Ness's Ethereum weekly rundown.
    The Ethereum community of developers and followers separates itself from the pack because the focus is not about trading and making money but making amazing future-forward technology and unlocking use case we could have never imagined.
    Great first effort….very likeable girl. I hope sure brushes up on her research and less on her hair. πŸ˜‰ (but her hair looks fab)

  2. Great job. Bring the music down a bit. Keep up the good work! Excited to see women beginning to make videos about Ethereum/Crypto. Best of luck to ya.

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