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good morning everyone it is February 28 and it's that time again or [Applause] that's right hopefully that didn't cut off this time so thanks for tuning guys as always I have the show you lovin a.m. so I'm gonna start letting people know more because it seems like people always miss out but thanks for tuning in guys today there's a lot to talk about ether him hard Forks coming not one but two hard force constant Opel and st. Petersburg the second one just coming out of nowhere so I'm going to talk about that also talk about how Putin Vladimir Putin of Russia may be demanding Bitcoin and demanding Russia to adopt Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so those are definitely positive things that is coming so there's a lot to talk about thanks for tuning in guys as always make sure you smash up the like subscribe to the channel I need that support from you guys and of course I'm gonna do Q&A afterwards and since I have my nifty new setup going although YouTube is acting a little weird today I got my new nifty setup going so it'll be I'll be it'll be fun it'll be fun alright trust me let's get started let's talk about what's going on with with the thorium many of you guys are you throwing fans and you know what it you know important in the article the constant wobble hard fork is supposed to come tomorrow but really after looking at the block explore from ether skin it actually looks like it's go come pretty soon actually within the next four hours so it is definitely coming and we've been waiting for this for over a month because we know that it got delayed and for whatever reason whatever reason it took a while it took a while to implement a fix and the fix is is actually st. Petersburg so they're actually not fixing Constantinople which actually has a bug which basically would allow hackers to to call upon something and base it withdraw infinitely and st. Petersburg actually the hard fork for that will actually fix that bug so it's like a it's like a bug on top of it and that's why both both will be implemented at the same time and they're happening at 7.3 the black height is probably around 7.3 million which is why it's coming which is why it's coming pretty soon right it's actually coming today so the big thing among all these other optimizations the big thing that's really happening is this is the stepping stone in terms of III um moving one step closer to serenity which means that the thorium will become proof of stake and move away completely from proof of work so that is the whole plan this is an intern once a stepping stone it's needed and both in the short term in the short term what how this will affect people is really the miners and also possibly the price because the block rewards is being decreased by 33 percent so now every black reward will go from 3/8 to 2f right and they also delay something called a difficulty bomb which would have made mining very very difficult so they delayed that but implemented this as an interim solution because eventually eventually Vitalik and team are thinking well if we move to prove a stake there's really no incentive for miners to move over to prove a stake right so we have to put something in place now for some – and that's what this difficulty bomb is it's meant to make mining so difficult that eventually people all move over to the proof of State so so that's the kind of like the spiel right so rather than implement difficulty bomb now or let it go because you thorium is nowhere close to moving proof of stake they're delaying that but in in terms are still decreasing the supply right so that's why a lot of people speculated over this event you know previous weeks III am pumped up because this was used as an example like hey maybe this is the reason because the supply the future supply is gonna be decreasing and if so then that makes sense that the prices go up but then since then price has pretty much been stagnant what's PTC fell down you theorem has that moved and today it still has not moved so in terms of price it's not really affecting it at this point so it's one of those it's one of those standstills right now right people are kind of waiting to see what happens after this fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and for ethernet fans that means we're one step closer one step closer to proof of stake which is what well ultimately you know what everyone is kind of waiting for because competition lucky OS and Tron they you know they're they're not just sitting idle right there they're moving forward so a lot of people are hoping that you thorium does too so that is what's coming today right in the next four hours and it'll be interesting to see what people do after this if they're if they're thinking that this is a good time to buy right they might do so otherwise you know they might be forced to sell sorry I don't have a clip for sell all right so moving on from here Putin that's the second thing all right Vlada and Putin we know he's pretty much running things in Russia like the ultimate dictator has unlimited even though there's elections he's the only one that is that is being elected no one dares to go against him he's probably gonna be a president forever until he is he passes away so interesting so he's supposedly ordering Russia all Russia to adopt crypto regulations because he wants to develop the digital economy now they have replaced all verbage from crypto or block change solutions or anything like that they're calling it digital economy so it seems like if this is true Putin realizes that cryptos is probably something that Russia should not be ignoring it's probably gonna be part of the future financial future of all countries and banks in the world right so why not get ahead of it why not adopted unlike China who's probably trying to do the same thing but they're doing it behind the scenes that's why they have banned Bitcoin trading on all this stuff right and their public is saying that right but internally they're probably getting involved too but Putin's taking their first and it's like just get out and open let's just say we're gonna do it and and I would hope I really hope that this is real because if it is and Russia publicly declares I mean come on say yeah we're cool we're goal come up with these regulations and we are gonna be utilizing and developing you know the digital economy which is Kryptos that's gonna be huge that is gonna be huge we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of millions of people that live in Russia and however many businesses in there they're all gonna be exposed to this so this is huge fingers crossed that this is real Putin has a lot of sway he has all the sway in fact so if he wants this to happen it will alright so this is the second thing I want to talk about and I think this is very very exciting and fingers crossed that it comes true all right so next up UK Bitcoin trading I know a lot of you guys watch out from UK it hits 65 million average does this mean London is going big well we have heard similar stories where volume is basically increasing right we have heard about it with Bitcoin futures and we know that that is from institutional investors but now we're hearing more things right from the OTC market and now now this is from bit Mex so basically it shows that volume is increasing but why is the price not increasing why is it not following that's the thing well you gotta keep in mind is goes both ways buys and sells right so if you think about it in my opinion and it kind of makes sense because what are we seeing now these days right we're seeing a lot of pump and dumps right because a lot of people are trying to make some money or their border the market right so what do they do they make a lot of treats right they might make a lot of short-term trades they'll you know take money out of tether or whatever stable point put it into a pub get out right put it back in out like that right so a lot less people these days are simply buying and holding they're all like everyone that that I've been talking to they're trying to play this short-term game in interim right while everyone's waiting for the market to come up so if you look at that perspective then yeah it makes sense that volume will start going up because of all these short-term trades right but I did this to this a couple days ago right so overall what does it mean you know when you have higher volume it should be more positive right or does this mean that hey maybe Bears are trying to take over or is it bull trying to take over we don't know but one thing I think that's very very interesting is the fact that if you look at on binax the overall shorts for Bitcoin it's at a very very low level so you could see recently actually even dropped so we're at the level where we were back in August okay so you despite the high volume it kind of shows that the Bears are running away they don't want any part of this in case we have a huge rally they're being very careful so they're actually sitting on the sidelines you're not seeing the shorts actually increase but however if you look at the lungs kind of the same day not as hot not as low as August but we're at the same level as where we were in November so it's kind of like what I've just alluded to right you got a high volume and people are just buying and selling buying and selling short term no long moves right now at this point and and these long short futures I'm BitFenix actually kind of shows that everyone is just kind of playing the short game the really short game not even like the mid game everyone's playing the short game right now and they're all waiting to see what to the market but I will say I will say that things are in my opinion in my opinion that things are looking pretty stable right of course we had this big middle finger right here right and and we did dip down however just yesterday just yesterday you could see this line right here that someone tried to push us down or in a bot trying to do it right we had a pretty I guess in recent times I guess a pretty significant drop right down to 37 25 and actually if you look at where the weekends at 36 58 so that was a pretty significant drop that someone tried to do and guess what we bounced back from him actually we're at a higher level than we were yesterday so so it seems like you know we're stable right at least right now of course not as high as last week but then I got a look at where we were two weeks ago and we are still higher so overall the market is trying to do it it's trying to hold it that's because both sides is not really doing anything and is this is this you know capitulation it angers the depression are we down here you know I'm thinking we're down here I think we're below beyond capitulation to anger we're in depression and any kind of rally right is this scene as disbelief no one wants to believe it no one wants to believe that this next rally is gonna be the real rally right but slowly but surely you know maybe we're over here we're starting to come up a little bit so I'm still very hopeful but like I've been saying I'd like to see us hold above 4,000 for for a short time and then see what happens afterwards let's see if we can hit 6,000 and then you know what's gonna happen you know what's gonna happen I'm gonna have to use my nuclear happen and that is gonna be very very very positive and formal we'll start kicking in alright so moving on from here what is this Gemini crypto exchange partners with British Telecom Wow so you know Jem and I one of them I don't know they're probably the third biggest exchange in the US but there's someone that I use because first of all I got banned from Columbus years ago and they won't explain why and second of all I do like Gemini it's actually pretty quick the only thing is I think the fees a little bit high but overall they've been doing really well I trust what they're doing I trust what the winklevosses are doing in New York in terms of working about your regulators and so forth right and they they have their own they have their own stable coin as well so this is interesting so they're partnering or the British Telecom I don't know what what this actually means the the UK's largest telecoms provider has operation is a hundred and eighty countries globally services multinational organizations okay so it seems like this BT cloud thing so Gemini Trust is now part of that so according to release the move will provide Gemini access to one of the world's largest secure secure network financial cloud communities would members spanning 50 countries and continue to state that the network consists of thousands of rope institutions exchanges the clearings and settlement houses the partials would provide community members access to a growing crypto market so it seems like Gemini joined this group and now they'll be able to sell their services because Gemini does on a small part they do have their old TC market they have their custody service they have a lot of stuff but they're very they're like ants of the industry right in terms of some of the big guys coming so it just seems like this move is good for Gemini because they'll be able to get themselves explore exposed to all these other partners so so good for them good for them alright um moving on dogecoin I know people love dogecoin people continue to ask me about what's going on with dogecoin is it ever go to anything so this was the this was that this was a shock to me so those weren't creator throws shade on Bitcoin and blockchain so why why why would you do this first of all I have always said why why does he not join dogecoin I mean it's beloved it's gonna survive forever why not try to be part of it instead of dish again he dishes dogecoin all the time now he says it's plenty dishonest to like him blockchain technology to the advent of the internet which after 10 years had obviously product market fit and user demand so basically saying that all these people that that compare Bitcoin to the early internet days there really is no comparison because after 10 years the internet had a whole bunch of useful things and right now after Bitcoin has come out for 10 years not so much well that that's a true that's a true statement but keep in mind bitcoin was not invented to be the next you know decentralized decentralized I would say operating system all right or protocol Bitcoin was created to disrupt a financial institution that was the main point right but it introduced blockchain and that's where the evolution started right with the thorium with smart contracts and that led the way to creating an operating system that could be used for the new decentralized world and now we have other companies that's trying to copy and do it better right so from that perspective that's where I disagree I disagree with Jackson right and we are seeing taps starting to come out but then you look at the history of the thorium you look at the history of Tron and use these are you throw him as bender a little around for a little bit longer but you throw him the thorium has made headways right over the years it has improved but we no scale is a problem but if you look at yo sand tryna it's only in two years right actually a year since their main that it hasn't been ten years right and if you give ten years from starting from last year I'm willing to bet you go see a lot a lot of useful adapts in the next ten years right I know you look at Bitcoin itself you're talking about something that's trying to disrupt one of the oldest industries in the world okay the banking industry or a financial assistant industry which has been around for ever since the beginning at time and you're trying to disrupt that you're trying to take something away from the banks and the credit card companies and anyone that that's involved all the middlemen and stuff like that right that is not an easy task I mean it isn't so I don't think it's too bad you look at ten years where we are now right you look at adoption is certainly coming it took something like 2017 to really spur things up and now everyone is trying to get in everyone's trying to create services everyone's trying to do something with crypto or Bitcoin or blockchain so so it may be a little bit slower to internet but who cares right look at word internet now and also remember internet also went through comm bubble too and that set things back for a long long time for another 10 years so so I guess you know I guess my point is I think we're doing ok I think Bitcoin and the rest of community is doing ok most of us want to see things faster but still overall if you look at the total timespan compared to a lot of these merging technologies we're still doing ok right all right um moving on upon DX I did not know but they came out their fold ok so just like you lecture on them now they have a phone and I guess the thing is you could switch between traditional Android apps and then you could switch to a blockchain mode which will grant users access decentralized as I I don't like this move at all just like I don't like any company any any project that's trying to get into phones it is a very very very very hard industry to crack and don't think that just because you're getting a phone at least in my opinion that you're somehow cold dry more adoption I don't think that's the that's the way to go you try more adoption by crane use cases and of course improving their apps that couldn't be installed on any phone there's really two dominant os's okay is android and iOS so make brilliant apps that run on both right and that's what you need to do you don't need to come out your own phone I just don't agree with it because there's a lot of there's gonna be a lot of headaches manpower money all that stuff marketing needed to drive that and and you know others have failed miserably okay especially competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung so I can't say that this is a good thing and so I I don't like it alright lastly ripple ripple denies paying XRP well ripple denies paying coinbase for the XRP listing right and Miguel Diaz says we're happy to go on record corn-based listening XRP also not our token was clemmy's independent decision we did not give anything to make it happen right because there's rumors in the past that ripple tried to pay off coinbase right up to like a million dollars but they said it was a loan so it wasn't really like a million dollars to them it was more like they'll just long coin based in million dollars with the XRP so we don't know right maybe they did maybe they didn't whatever the case is very significant for X or P and honestly okay and I know a lot of guys will disagree with this honestly if they did so what coin base has the power to demand such things right just like finance people don't like pioneers charging a hundred thousand for companies to be listed but who and base could do the same thing right they're in a position to and it definitely helps ripple if do they have to pay a million bucks to get listed it's definitely worth it in their eyes okay because this makes buying of X our piece so much easier because we have so many people that have no clue on how to use exchange like finance or COO coin or a 40 B or okay actually simply don't they want something that's very easy they can plug in their credit card and buy and that's it they don't want to worry about anything else and that's what coinbase offers right so this is pretty significant for XRP so my opinion if they did pay I could care less I don't see anything wrong with that because coinbase obviously is they change that they want to get on and if it's gonna help them then it's worth it alright and that's pretty much it that's pretty much it overall market cap again 130 billion not much moose we have a few green but very slight so in the top 10 the only real mover I guess eels like coin about 2% and finance coin has shot up remember what I said about Finance point people like to use it so when there's no pumps finance coin now goes up when there's a huge promise by tackling go down that's kinda out it is but overall it's been slowly going up and now tron which surprisingly has not moved a lot Tron and BTT have not been moving and I'm really surprised by that I thought Justin would you know do more pumps on those but they have not been moving at all so my point is I think finance coin has a real good shot of overcoming Tron and stellar in the near future alright ice pretty much it guys let's I'll turn it back to you guys for Q&A Krypto fat says please decide $500 at BTC or lied to or L LTC I'm not a financial adviser you have to decide for yourself but my in terms of me if I was to do that I would put into BTC so that's just me what I would do whoever asks data you know I I tweeted that out yesterday right because theta interested me I knew about data for a long time I always said a neutron it because of the fact that it took them a while to develop right and finally they have gotten to a point where they they're done with everything but then I you know some people told me about this told me about this partnership where theta tokens is gonna be used on I forget $0.10 Tencent games has some popular games that's usually utilizing data already but plus now that the main itis out now they have a chance to really start their streaming and they have a ton of crazy advisers on a team so if anyone could do it anyone can dominate a streaming industry its data but I've been new trying them because I've just been waiting it's like I don't you know I don't I don't really know what's to come until they they actually come out with something right but from a price perspective they're actually really rocking it okay someone made a mention of this 125 million someone made a mention of this actually and someone denied I'd actually just research this because they came out they did that I CEO unfortunately like a few weeks late okay had they done it a few weeks early they would have collect a lot more but they came out that I seal like weeks after all the all points start going down so their all-time highs really isn't that high so their all-time highest is like according to this 163 million so if you look at that I mean they're not far off they're only 40 million away so that's what 30 40 percent so they're in a really good position compared to some of these other companies that obviously has fallen 80 90 95 99 % now they're only like 30 or 40 percent away from their all-time highs which I think it's pretty significant and if they start getting more traction you start saying go up they may be the very first very first crypto out of the 2100 that actually reaches a new all-time high that's that's saying a lot so we'll see it's still early right but it's looking interesting I'm gonna start paying attention more to theta do you agree that a that's undervalue considering how many projects and are involved on that platform the adoption by major institutions of government I don't know I don't I'm kind of Neutron that stands because I don't want to say it's overvalued but I don't really think it's undervalued too because there's not there's not that many projects and out of them there's not that many use yes it's a lot more than anything else out there but most of these – 19th area aren't being used because they can't handle transactions that can't handle users so from that perspective I don't know I don't know Abby tharam is actually undervalued now what's interesting a thing is you do hear about a lot of these other institutions the ones that that are trying to do you know Bitcoin futures for example right or trying to do ETFs or funds a lot of them are starting to talk about youth thorium because the government did already at least in the u.s. the SEC already did declare that you tharam is not as security they only do that they only did that with two cryptos they did it with Bitcoin anything they didn't look at something like litecoin so because of that that does help them I think I think once we get all these financial products out you thorium will follow right so could help them but you thorium is not that's not meant to be a store value right it could but it's not meant to be and there's no there's no finite supply there's no cap there's inflation built-in so it's gonna be a little different sack bids hey George what's your opinion on how much OTC market does not affect the market rates well it's true because it's like you think about the otz market it's basically like hey if you were buying and selling from some random person on the street or your neighbor or your family right if they have Bitcoin you want it you buy from them it's not gonna affect the overall market because you're not doing it on in exchange and that's what basically the oldc market is it's just that you have a lot more bigger richer people that is doing it and you have a middleman the OTC change that helps facilitate that but overall as long as their supply it's not really gonna factor normal open market now if you have someone a really gigantic will say come in and say I want to buy up all the bitcoins right and dries out the supply then then I think it will carry over because then there's no choice but to buy Bitcoin from these exchanges and that's where they'll start going up majorly so until that happens of course that no TC market is not gonna fact the price am I gonna do review on the Garcias time if I upgrade my phone that will but I just upgrade to ask nine so I don't really want to spend another two thousand dollars and that's ten although it does look gorgeous Samsung does a really good job at enticing you they always come up with some new stuff and the screen looks even better this time around man I'd love to play around with the new hardware wallet too and who knows who knows maybe the production version does have engine or bat on it we'll see Jael says I like exercise I do like Excel Ward says I pity the fool that to them by link that's true I also like link and they have both link has held very well to in this crypto crypto winter wanting to make an Italian Prime Minister of Russia I doubt it but I have heard I have heard in the past that vitalik has met with Putin I remember reading that maybe last year early last year or the year before I read something about that where he was invited to the Kremlin and and they had a chat so that's interesting if they go all out putin goes all out with with kryptos it could be it could be with ethereum because you know national pride and all but I don't know I don't know if that's really go come into it of course bitcoins go be in there but maybe the thorium is gonna be part of that too all right guys that's it Douglas last question how to get from bama Bitcoin if you do something that they think is it's not in their best interest you'll get banned a lot of people get banned randomly right and they give you a chance to withdraw but still they don't really give you a reason and you know that's why I've always I didn't understand why I didn't understand why to be quite frank alright guys that is it so to wrap up cos Noble and st. Petersburg both are coming and the supply is decreasing so we'll have to see what happens afterwards if we're go see some kind of rally afterwards or nothing or if we're go see a dumb I doubt we're gonna see a dumb last overall market dump so that may happen but with the supply decreasing I tend to think people will hoard it more and it makes it more valuable ok another than that Putin is getting involved with with the digital economy which is cryptos right but they he just decided to call it digital economy but if Russia enters there'll be a massive thing alright guys that is it thanks for tuning in guys I promise to keep these shorter so I will so make sure you smash with the like subscribe to the channel and I will see you guys tomorrow 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time and that's it alright take care bye bye

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  1. Damn you got in a fight with a lawnmower, son! Thanks for the news and I hope Putin is bringing in Bitcoin! And all hail BAT!

  2. Why you call Putin a dictator, are you going to call US presidents dictators too, stop drinking the koolaid of these MSM man.

  3. Xphone isn't about the hardware. It's the blockchain mode it's showcasing. This can be applied to any Android phone.

  4. Nice intro. Crypto spring is here, and many retail investors will start to FOMO in hard here right around the corner, driving the crypto prices extremely high shortly IMO.

  5. FYI nothing is pre installed on the Samsung s10 go look at the demo’s at any cell phone store. So much bullshit news in this space

  6. George, did you see FET trading on BINANCE today ? What do you think of the project ? I am looking for a similar HOME RUN as with BTT ! I bought 5k worth at 8457 SATS today – wish me luck ! 🙂

  7. CoinBase saw the writing on the wall. It’s great for XRP, but there are so many on-ramps to buy XRP now days just like CoinBase. It’s really not that big of a deal as it would’ve been last year. No way they paid them a dime.

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