ETHEREUM EXPLAINED | Game of Thrones Style

our Aucoin of the week this week is a theorem warning Game of Thrones spoilers ahead if Bitcoin is a father of all cryptocurrencies aetherium is certainly the mother she's given birth to more than 250 ERC 20 based projects that are live in the market plus over 500 currently in progress so what makes the theorem different mainly smart contract a smart contract is a special protocol intended to contribute verify or implement the negotiation or performance of the contract smart contracts perform credible transactions without third parties smart contracts ensure that all sides of any transaction hold up their end of the bargain so that you don't end up running into problems like this I did warn you not to trust me or this or this or this smart contracts make it so that you don't have to rely on potentially corrupt or self-serving middlemen like this or this or this or this Wow Game of Thrones would have been really boring if they had smart contracts the theorem is a platform fueled by ether tokens designed for the creation of distributed applications or DAPs these gaps are built on top of the etherium blockchain and each has its own unique aspirations and utilities etherion smart contracts ensure that their gaps function exactly how intended without being altered or corrupted if you're almost founded by Vitaly Putin he was the founder of Bitcoin magazine who saw the technology behind Bitcoin and said I can do better which was a lot different than the most common reaction of write with Bic Curtis cries of to the moon and Lambeau time italic tends to cut through the noise by advocating for reasonable investment strategies and altruistic uses of crypto currencies being one of the most well known talked of crypto currencies aetherium has to face a lot of FUD hacker fraud regulation flood rumor foot bubble hood banned food foot foot and it has 5 them all many ambitious newcomers to the cryptocurrency scene are often described as aetherium killers because despite the misguided notion that women are dramatic if you have a call me sister again I'll have you strangled in your sleep the male-dominated crypto community can be a lot like this oh my god did you hear that es is gonna kill at the Aryan or this Bitcoin is the true king why even talk to anyone else for this why does Batali dress like that it's so not fetch or this hashtag aetherium killer diesel yeah unfortunately we do not have time to go into Casper protocol where etherium is transitioning from proof-of-work to proof of stake or go into as much detail about solidarity the coding behind etherium which has close ties to JavaScript there's way more to a theorem than a fun little game of Thrones comparison and if you think you've seen all that etherium can-do willdo then you'll probably end up like this guy instead of this guy yeah wait oh god nevermind turn that off Oh incest aside if you are interested in cryptocurrency or more importantly the potential of blockchain then you should take some time and figure out what exactly can be done on ethereal No

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  1. How many times are they going to copy/paste VB’s marketing spiel into these unhelpful misleading explanations…

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