Ethereum Classic on Coinbase! ?2018 Cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC USD News Live 2018

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news coinbase just announced a partnership et Cie on coin based as big
news let’s get into the charts right after this you BAM my people my people it’s about that
time if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby
you are now rocking with the best my name is DK known as the crypto traitor
and I am the both of these charts as you will soon find out
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world has tagged one Bitcoin on Facebook check it out I’m on in the doors are
always open and then when you’re ready to put down two and pick up six jump on
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is the money team $50 a month but the kripp topless report a hundred for the
profit package and 250 for the boss alert messages where every other date
you get an update from the boss be cake bam is just that easy to get paid thank
you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you like and subscribe
right now this is the fastest growing crypto community in the world you are
officially a part of history now let’s go ahead and make this money live from the USA hoping you get paid
every day this is the house a Bitcoin the Cristo of creep doe is your boy BK
and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me
everybody I got a nice quick little episode for
you tonight I wanted to take some time first and
thank everybody that has been rockin out with me live on the air it looks like we
have 5060 people you know live on air that’s pretty cool what we’re doing
every day I give away some free BTC so we need to get 250 likes before the end
of this video if everybody hit that thumbs up button that means somebody is
guaranteed to win some BTC before the night is over if this is your first time
tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my
name is BK known as a crypto traitor I’m Bose these charts as you will soon
find out every day I graced this microphone my voice is another day you
get the profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we
will get into a featured discussion of the evening cerium classic buy sell or
hot o for everybody new to the crypto space welcome this is
pretty big this is pretty big not every day you get you know one of the top
coins listed on one of the top trading platforms trading platforms onboarding
platforms on the market right and so while I am NOT an active user of
coinbase I think it’s great for onboarding people but again
centralization is bad going through one bottleneck one funnel to access your
crypto is bad having just one app on iTunes to where you can connect your
bank account and buy Bitcoin is bad I understand that 90% of people coming
into the crypto world get get on through coinbase
so I think that this is a great opportunity for those people to at least
learn about etc’ the value that it has and what it’s bringing to the
marketplace and also once they learn how to swing trade like a boss they can they
can throw it back and forth reverse Bitcoin to accumulate more right once we
look at the news miss Diana Rodriguez 90 crypto said it best herself one of the
one of the long-term mantras and trading speculation is to buy the rumor and sell
the news right and so you see a lot of people did that they bought the rumor et
Cie jumps ahead of the launch right by the time regular people here by the time
this video got live on air it was already old news and as a result I think
it’s pulled back a little bit we’ll get into a chart in a second but you know I
think it’s still good right there it goes right there down 30% since listing
on coin base and this was a week ago so you know it’s always just interesting
just to see you know what what type of stories are trending with regards to
crypto again I think this is pretty big like when when coin base gets on and
says that tomorrow at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Pacific Standard Time
which isn’t about 21 minutes you’ll be able to buy store and use et Cie through
the mobile app that’s pretty cool that’s pretty big and so now let’s just see how
the markets have responded to this new information again the information the
charts that I’ll be using is called the boss method if you are just now getting
set up in the crypto space go to balsa Bitcoin comm click on videos and watch
that playlist right there the first two episodes chart like a boss this is my
method it works it makes money follow the
method use it to your advantage and you will be very very very well-off in the
market as a result so again Bossa bitcoin calm and we do have a link in
the description as well for everybody there’s a little video clip right there
subscribe if you haven’t done it yet and then click that link right there go to
trading view dot-com type my name in BTW kelly 1203 and follow my charts on there
this will be one of them so without further ado this is a 343 etcb TC on a 3
for 3 complements at a boss method and you can
see alright let’s just scroll out we’re going all the way back it looks like to
the middle of us what is this February 2017 that’s a long chart right a lot of
times you don’t get charts able to draw in that long let me just see if I could
tighten this up real quick hold on one second transform Street you go that’s
better right so this data set that I’m pulling from goes all the way back to
March of 2017 right and what we see on this chart few things biggest thing you
should notice right now off the top three parts to any major cycle break out
break down flat line break out break down flat line break out break down and
now we got this little you could even say that’s another break out break down
we’re waiting on this next little flat line but on the big scale on the big
scale right let’s go up one frame let’s go this is a 343 which is essentially a
four hour let’s go to daily to see what it looks like right there oh boy oh boy
that’s a lot better right there break out break down flatline what comes
next BAM is just that easy guys
this is this is a long a long time coming
et Cie if you follow me on the profit package if you bought my first profit
package back in 2017 you would know but etc’ was on there and I was like back
here somewhere young-sam I was like back there before I
even knew what I was doing and now just came back exact almost to the exact same
level from back then right energy just comes from from the path of which it
came right it is is this is just basic map basic basic basic science but when
we do something like this this is gonna peak out right there no we could leave
it there that means that all of this energy right there look at that we did like a little head
and shoulders on the 77 Sita did a head and shoulders right there between the
four six and the four two and that sent us back down through the floor right so
we come down come down come down and this is where we’re at right now let me
highlight this so everybody can see it I turn the seven off because when you go
back a year and a half the seven really doesn’t matter it doesn’t hold much
value but the 77 and the 231 does so what I’ll do is I’ll actually queue to
231 in a little bit heavier that way we could just see the relationship between
the two 31 and the 77 right and I’ll make the 77 like a light blue there you go all right and so what you see even if I
made this one an area you can see that literally these two waves are coming
very very very close together right and so much that at some time like this is
this is this is a very it doesn’t happen often put it that way
when you have a span of let’s say what is that 271 days right and literally
those two lines are fluttering back and forth right within a few degrees of each
other I think the biggest the biggest Delta we get you know it’s 15 degrees
and that’s on a peak right but when you have that long for two moving averages
that don’t know each other never met each other a day in their life
especially on this part right especially on this part almost a hundred days that
means all of that energy in etc’ all of that energy right from the break out to
break down is is confined today’s one little bitty spot in chart there’s one
relative position energy doesn’t like to be confined right what happens when you
blow up a balloon right does that energy stay in that balloon no if you put
helium in it it’s gonna go take off somewhere you know reach the upper
stratosphere and pop that Energy’s gonna go if you just blow your breath in it
it’s gonna sink and shrink and shrink that Energy’s gonna leave it’s gonna go
find somewhere else energy does not like to be confined so when you see something
like this especially when you go down on a 77 right and you can literally pimp
my days at a time where each of these lines is literally you know right on top
of each other 15 days 3% on top of each other 23 days 3% right on top of each
other that energy does not like to be confined
what happened immediately afterwards BAM afterwards BAM right and this is
building up this is long-term energy now that we’re talking about because all of
this energy has literally been confined to that little bitty space for months
right it’s only one place to go and whatever reason coinbase had for lists
and et Cie on this day at this time on this cycle in this market that was
already accounted for in the charts right and so although it’s very
convenient this energy was already built into the charts et Cie more than likely
will do something like this this is gonna take some time look at that that’s is setting up
already like you can’t argue with this kind of stuff right it’s gonna take some time but
october/november etc’ will probably be leading the market as far as percent
growth goes and that’s because all of this right here look at that it’s
finally coming to a standstill and once we confirm that positive energy off that
one six which should happen right around the beginning of September I keep saying
it beginning beginning of September should be first two weeks of September
should be a very very very prominent time in the market we did that we get
that if I take it all the way out we get that put it on the max boom boom boom
yeah first two weeks in September are gonna be very very good 1 2 3 I mean
this is this is uh it’s just been setting up for a while right and like I
like I’ve been saying like energies does not like to be confined the only thing
you see now is kind of this knee-jerk reaction to a lot of opportunity right
this is literally a 30% swing inside a week that hasn’t happened for etc’ you
know this whole downtime that has not happened that much energy that quickly
and so that’s what it is it’s like a knee-jerk reaction to what’s yet to come
this thing has been suppressed for quite some time and like I said anything
suppressed as like seeks to be released and so now we’re looking at between
first week in September and the first week in October will have
this new energy coming into the next cycle right just like I said three parts
to any cycle break out break down flatline and this is a date Lee right
when these charts fill on a daily they make new cycles so this will be a whole
new cycle for etc’ and you guys are getting in here first and everybody
trading it on coinbase that’ll beat a new coin at a market like
its it will literally be the number one coin on coin base and as a result coin
base is the number one platform for training for newbies and as a result
it’ll be wanting to talk fastest-growing coins in the market simple you know causational relationship right uh for
the breaker everybody you know just now checking it out thank you for joining
and that is how you chart like a bolts okay so let’s do this right now we will
go into the facebook group and pick a winner if you are in the chat rocking
out with me thank you shout your country out show you people
some love before we do that everybody else welcome to the money team boss a
Bitcoin calm if you trying to get set up suited and booted you know with some
with some crypto trading tools and project products this is the spot for
you you go to Bitcoin trading products right there at the top and that will
show you what we have accessible to profit package one-on-one meetings we’ve
not a service to where every other day I’m giving you a live market update I
just let these guys know about this coin earlier in the day so they always get
this kind of news first so boss of Bitcoin calm check it out you know
support the community everything I do is about reinvesting the energy
that I’m able to receive to those unable and enable to achieve right I don’t want
to be a bank right what does Bank do a bank takes your energy and stores it on
your behalf I don’t want to be a bank so whatever money I receive whatever
currency I’m given I’m turning around I’m shelling out I’m building platforms
I’m traveling around the world spreading a good gospel a satoshi nakamoto and the
vision and the idea and the concept of building bridges around the world on
this blockchain technology this is my life you know this is my gift and as a
result this is our opportunity that we have together right etc’ is just one
coin at one time on one cycle on one exchange right we got 5000 coins 5000
cycles 5000 opportunities every single day now I don’t recommend you go go to
home 5000 but it’s a good 30 40 50 you know we can jump back and forth like
double dutch and make some real-deal money right and that’s what I do
that’s what I do somebody gotta be the boss BAM and I don’t pay the cost so
here we go back to the number one Bitcoin group in the world
hashtag one Bitcoin let’s see who go get paid today 21 shares come on in the
doors are always open again I do these videos seven days a week cuz the markets
don’t sleep so if you just now tuning in join the number one Bitcoin group in the
world the doors are always open alright let’s do this let’s do this I’m just go
jump in the middle somewhere we got a lot of a lot of people boom boom boom
Libre man winner do me a favor Libra man I’ve seen you a
few times shoot me a message which a Bitcoin
wallet I will send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation
thank you for your support I’ve seen your name sharing to posts a few times
so I’m glad it landed on you and everybody else this is your chance even
if you didn’t win in that Facebook group you will have a chance right now
tomorrow I’m doing my freestyle Friday video where I will pick three different
charts from the comments if you want a chance to enter all you need to do leave
me a comment on this livestream and tell me what chart you want to see it’s just
that easy to get paid every Friday I’m doing that from here on out and
lastly let’s show our people some love let’s see what we got here we go
N’awlins somebody asked what’s your preferred method to get crypto trading
it and taking it from the sea JB’s as they got all to mark money and I got all
to skill so it’s free it’s free that’s my favorite method I love it I love it
make my teeth white take it take it taking money back from the sea JB’s I
tell you what here we go xlm um leave me a comment guys again comment not not in
the chat not in the chat comment under the video after the live stream is over
right telephone I a boss walkin on the west coast Isle of write Great Britain
shout out to my people across the pond thank you for joining I appreciate you
being here right now us early morning over over there in UK I believe it’s
already Friday check that out Netherlands you know I’m saying another
one across the pond man that’s why I’m saying blockchain is global we globe
call I’m at to make that a thumbnail you’re on Zen give me a dj khaled drop
if anybody if anybody know Kali tell them hit me up you know I’m saying I
need I need me a boss a boss drop yeah I’m saying that be cool it Slovakia
standing next to the boss appreciate it go to sleep almost worked I’m a young
I’m saying money don’t sleep I come on here I’ve been alive on air like at
midnight before you know back when I had a desk job and I wasn’t able to you know
get get get get on the get on the air every day I came on in like midnight one
day one in the morning just for my people in Saudi Arabia you know and so
here we go there we go guys with that being said is that time on a date
signing out this is the boats boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil to Bay
California all the way back out to jerk money
somebody has why ztc falling its falling again extemporaneous knee-jerk reaction
to what is yet to come why does your voice squeak before it
drops yawns in few bitty to three years voice
high as a kite being Young’s in your nuts drop you walk on the floor and you
become man that’s what’s happening right now it’s a lot of energy it’s a lot of
shift and moving around in there so there you go don’t be scared it’s just
not what it was the quote no matter where you stay from Brazil to the Bay
California all the way back out dude sir money good night good morning and
good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time
join the money team they’re doing doors are always open Facebook patreon YouTube
like subscribe and share do that for me you appreciate mine till we meet again
stay cryptic y’all please

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