Ethereum Classic (ETC) What's Going On?! & Coinbase Custody Announcement!

hey guys what is up as done see here back with another crypto video and a lot of you guys were wondering what is going on with aetherium classic right now why is it doing so good well if you guys actually checked the news out I think it is already you know like 10 hours ago or something I just left it idle for quite a bit but coinbase officially is listing the e theorem classic right now look at this easier in classic finally gets added to coinbase so this is again very awesome in of the cores is inbound for spikes but here can actually see a little bit of a I guess progress report like a little bit of context corn-based was recently been mocked for announcing testing of tokens and not adding them but as a not adding them has finally announced it will open for inbound transfers of e TM classic on Tuesday August 7th on its coinbase pro platform as per the announcement the engineering team final testing of support for e Theorem classic so we know that in three days there's gonna be three makan coinbase which is inbound for price bags man we actually don't know if it's just gonna be from here on up to the seventh or if it's just a price bag for today because the announcement came in and then after it's gonna go down a little bit I do think you should pick up a little bit of e Tyrion classes though just to ride the wave here just to see what happens and actually got quite a big dip here before as you can see yesterday was quite loaded 1434 and then today at the end almost 17 dollars already think it as quite a ways to go up still because I mean it's not even less than yet it's gonna get less and now we know that's gonna do this only seventh so there's still quite a big you know a little space right there for it to go up afterwards so that's kind of funny but aetherium as the 15 actually 14th now largest coin back corner market cap with a market cap of over 1 billion US dollars as the news hit the market the prices sudden spike of close to 18 percent while reporting the price of etherium classic and corn market cap was $16 and fifty three dollars since accord around 14 percent of the coin was traded heavily on all major crypto markets around the globe including okx by nan smith Phoenix will be during the maximum volumes showing investors and traders positive news to the support actually also have a little bit of corn-based custody coming up in this video as well even though I don't know what to call yet like III rim class what's going on and I think I have to called now this coinbase custody thing has to go in it and by the way this Columbus custody thing is not the only one that I found about Clemmons custody sins there's actually a few ones that let me just open it up here like as an example fortune should cover it in a second here let me just quickly go over this and then we're gonna be going over what I wanted to tell you guys about so by the way if we hit 250 likes for this video I'll give away $100 to one random person in the comment section it's no scam I'll show you guys the next video I don't I keep seeing that in the comment section but there's no intention to I mean : quotes scam I don't know how a kid's scam but okay whatever guys as the final testing gets completed Ethier in classic will be added to all products that coinbase offers its impact would be as follows according to the official Clemens blog post that confront Lee news coinbase custody the custody team is planning to add support for the inbound transfers any withdrawals of aetherium classic Cohen base markets the markets team is planning to out trading support for Ethier in classic which it intends to allow 24 to 48 hours of transfers through process prime before opening the markets in accordance with coin basis trading rules all aetherium books will open in post only for a minimum of 10 minutes once sufficient liquidity is established trading will then be enabled and pro and prime chromebase pro and prime the prom prime team is planning to add trading support for a theorem classic one thing to be noted here is that customers who previously had any theorem classic balance on the platform as a result of the 2016 aetherium hard fork and did not elect to withdraw their funds prior to 2 january 2017 or receive a corresponding either in classic credit to their pro account which is actually quite cool coin based asset management any acid listed on coin basis markets Quinn based markets will be added to coin based index in accordance with the coin base index mythology queries index fund will rebalance to include III 'm classic coin as consumer per are a per our previous guidance coin based consumer will list assets only after they are listed on coin miss pro and prime the team plans to add support for a theorem classical coin because consumer when sufficient liquidity is established it expects this to occur approximately one to two weeks after trading begins on pro and prime and as he cerium was not supported on coins consumer until after the fork therefore they're not responding corresponding either in classic credits for coinbase consumer customers also as far as geographies are concerned if your classic will be available everywhere that coin baseball is available with the addition of aetherium classic coinbase seems to be track with its strategy and adding of adding and testing new courses platform even though all of the newer coins are not once I mean III classic was announced way before these new or five coins right but with this addition it has also silenced a few of the critics that marked the exchange of just making announcements and not actually adding new coins okay okay okay okay let's um wait what what corn maze follow suit and add the five-year C 20 coins as well which it had announced to be testing which either C 20 coins was it what I mean a to a what how are they say this usually 25 usually 20 coins maybe I missed that I know they were delicious is gonna lose 5 coins possibly but cuñado was one of them okay coin miss custody to start with extra P and 36 other coins I had this open since yesterday but now I actually found this one a fortune which says 40 did you asses I'd haven't read this one I just opened it now because I was talking to you guys and I saw it in my sidebar here just pop up I'm kind of confused as to what's going on with that then but yeah let's go over this one I dunno I had this one first so I'm kind of kind of want to go over this one maybe there's a difference in maybe Columbus custody actually opens something let's check that out maybe they posted something new or like hey we're guys she's gonna do 44 more on news today channel visit here okay on their block on coinbase comm Columbus custody is exploring a range of new assets these assets are only being considered by custody at this time and this announcement has no bearing on trade based products so that is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 times 4 is 32 33 34 right am I wrong I think that's 34 things yes it's 8 and that is 4 32 33 ok so I actually know what this one says 36 other coins and this one says 40 other coins because there's like 35 or 33 other confusion I have confusion I don't know what what the deal is here then yeah Quinn mess custody is exploring the addition of many existing of forthcoming crypt assets for storage only and we'll be working to add them as quickly as safely as possible at this time we have not yet considered these assets for trading we are making this announcement internally at coin base and to the public at the same time to remain transparent with our customers about support for future assets it's actually kind of cool that they're doing that okay so we have X R P which is of course needed right there dogecoin and all how many institutional investors gonna invest into dogecoin but we'll see us of course in point one Manero neo – in MV chain Tasos key Odom Cottam Q term I don't know how you pronounce that actually by coin bit coin gold okay all these ones who really really needed steam nice one that does – okay what the actual f is that Tata – telegram did nothing actually go through wait what I actually thought that I co got cancelled the more you know let me just type it in okay let me see if you can okay on corn maque we can't find telegram I thought the billion dollar telegram I co got cancels telegram coin or is the different one is a telegram tone or whatever like this one telegram ICO ton talking about my Co ton maybe it's this III I am sure confused if you guys know what is up with that let me know in the comment section below actually since I've no idea what this is about I am actually kind of confused I guess this is Todd alright not telegram what was the name let's see if we can find it here telegram just okay uh well I'm weirded out right now what's going on okay here okay now how can I find this telegram coin ICO something like that okay it's definitely ton research telegram passport is okay and that's something really different alright I have no idea what's going on with that pre ICO okay okay let's actually let's just not go in there let's just ignore it then let's just act like we we're not into that stuff all right let's keep continuing on then we're worried guys get it distracted here for storage only oh yeah no support okay so canvas custody is a custodial service for institutional clients optimized for storing large amount of cryptocurrency in a highly secure way as we've stated before coin miss custody will likely support more assets than available to trade through their other coin based products acid addition to coin viscosity have no bearing on whether they will be added to other coin based products asset additions for trading must pass or digital asset framework as part of the X plus X both expo while exploratory process consumers may see public facing API s and other signs that we are conducting engineering world to purpose to support these assets and while we cannot commit to when or whether these asses will become available on coin miss custody we will provide updates to our consumers about the process and what they can expect via our Twitter account in addition to g20 tokens here's the full list of coin Bay's that coin basis custody is exploring so that is again I guess eight yes that is eight times four okay that is thirty-two plus five is 37 this one includes Croydon og cash teller lumens so I guess this also includes the five coins that we're gonna look at listed on coinbase right so I guess that adds up correctly it's actually kind of interesting hmm all right all right that was our other stuff that was the other article that we got wasn't really too much special but it's kind of nice to know that coin base is really moving up I think III in classic with coin based most I just I had just had to put them together right the coin is custody stuff and the e theorem classic stuff with coin has just had to put it together is there actually three in classic amongst this I don't see it right now if you guys see it on blind let me know in the comment section below because I don't personally see it but again maybe I'm definitely you know it could definitely be that I'm quite blind because okay I don't actually know is there a kick Kickstarter is what a Kickstarter their kick how does this work I mean telegram and kick I didn't even know they had coins or maybe they can also support some different stuff I know there was a telegram ICO that got canceled because too many people wanted to attend and the law was like now you know because there was like a billion dollars in like a day or so you know people were not crazy so maybe it was kind of go through behind closed doors I can't quite remember I didn't actually focus on this before making this video I didn't even look into that much so LEM you guys can let me know in the comment section below all right so I do also want to say that I'm sorry for the yesterday I think for a lot of those videos there were a little bit too happy maybe you know we're talking about bull runs and bullish stuff some of you guys did not like it I understand and that's why you know I'm taking my apologies here sorry for that hopefully we'll be better today no more of those weird titles but up thanking us watching hopefully see you guys later in another crypto video and enjoy your day let me quickly go over the freebie code out in I have not visited that in a quite lowboys you can see still got twenty-two dollars or something I guess twenty dollars maybe in there and we keep on adding it multiplying again it works if you did the smart way which I do just do it like we lose four times in a row and that well why did we win so many times in a row let me just tuned up see if we can win again okay what's going on okay that's too bad it was like maybe maybe holla you know see but what I normally do what I usually explain some of my videos I just did this and see if I lose four times in a row let me see if we can do that let's see if we can lose four times in a row I already lost four time okay but whenever you lose four times in a row then I just add this up to like let's say 100 to 22 and then just go on and I could do this for hours now because I mean I got enough money in there but you get the principle right so you just keep on stacking it up and this gates gonna get scary because I'm doing a lot of money now oh boy should we do a max bet I'm getting scared now Izu max let's lose these 20 bucks and guys as you've learned right now don't use free Bitcoin it in with the gamma yeah just messed up 20 bucks guys free 20 bucks that I just threw Wayne good no and I was gonna get sent to my account tomorrow no I just wasted 20 bucks guys gambling is not a good habit I just wasted it I just totally wasted it look at this but that's why I said you know don't gamble guys because you can lose a lot of times and around me this wasn't even that bad but it still was quite a lot of times but we got very close right here oh that was actually kind of stupid 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I mean can verify you never know if it's really really real or if it's still BS I know it's kind of hard to know but it's you know it's legit that you sometimes will lose 30 times in a row and literally because again it's a dice so the chances are small but literally it's a new 50% time over and over then it doesn't really add up as in the sense that it's literally a randomized seat so it will get a 50% chance every single time are you losing multiple times in a row of course the chances gets smaller that you lose so many times in a row but there's always still a chance because every roll is again 50% right so it's not gonna get lower over time nothing like that so he could literally actually lose for the rest of your life so yeah it's not a guaranteed and here you can see that you it's easy to lose money this way actually the mechs bet is not in here if you do max doesn't get shown maybe that's because they're BS in me could be I don't know guys I don't know maybe it's all BS oh here's actually as it is in here that was actually pretty freaking dumb I actually thought we would win that though huh but ya never do too much money I mean I always stay with the ones and like up to this point it was just okay because I'm recording everything goes wrong ah stupid oh yeah guys thank you for watching I'll see you guys later in another crypto video and enjoy your day guys

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  1. Thanks for the explanation! Was wondering this my self as the value rose up to the $20 range. Great video keep up the content!

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