34 thoughts on “Ethereum 2.0 Testnet, Louis Vuitton, Bosch, Chainlink & Price Tests Key Resistance”



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  2. I thought vechain was going to verify luxury products such as Louis Vuitton etc. this must be a major loss for vechain

  3. I consider Ethereum as Rank 1 coin. Not in direct market cap but in volume of transactions happening that use Eth. And by that I mean if you add up the volume for Ethereum to USDT and every other stable-coin or other token project on the network right now.. all the dapps and such and see just how much Eth is being used to transact, it kills bitcoin.
    Volume of USDT alone sometimes rises above BTC's volume.. and every usdt transaction requires Eth.

    Yes, i see it as an economy and i see it as one of the platform choices for the worlds currency.

    Bitcoin and every other coin with a limited supply WILL NOT be the choice currency of our world, even though most of the sheep do not realize that.
    Our world's currencies will be in Stable-coins.. Stable-coins that sit on platforms and transact with Eth or Lumen's or Nebl's or DRGN's or NEOs..and Cardano [because i'm sure they will get their own stablecoins too]

    No employer is going to sign a contract with a service or hire employees and tell them "you're salary is going to be x-amount of btc" and then a year later the price doubles and then that employer has to fire you or go bankrupt paying to keep its employees.
    And no employee is going to borrow money against that or want their salary paid by a limited-supply coin like btc because what if it halvens in price and the price of everything on storeshelve's would then double.. Are they going to sit there and wait for price to go back up on the value of their coin so that they can afford to buy food and pay their bills? No.. you'll just go bankrupt

    So Stable-coins are key to any economy.. and in order for that to be possible. PRINTING MUST EXIST TO KEEP UP WITH DEMAND OF A GROWING POPULATION.

    If you limit supply you end up with people hording it more and more and developing more and more scarcity. This leads to PRINTING of HUMAN EFFORT.. Fabricating human effort from nothing.

    BTC has no intrinsic value over any other token or coin. People only want it because other people want it.. and they only wanted it because they heard other people wanted it.. Once people start getting interested in other things.. it will fall like a house of cards.

    So, since i know, for a fact, that Stable-coins are the future currencies of our world and not btc.. then we should be looking at what platforms those stable-coins are running on to cast our bets on if we wish to invest.

    If we wish to just store value.. you put it into a stable-coin… but if you want to invest.. you buy up platforms like Ethereum.

    BTC is not liken to gold.. it is Tickle Me Elmo or investing in Tulips.
    Ethereum is liken to OIL..

    Oil fuels our economy.. everything halts when there is no oil.. So the same thing goes for Ethereum.. it is a network that CANNOT easily disappear on a whim like BTC could. It has too much relying on it's fuel.. too much being built on its network.

    Just think about.. what if USDT or some other stable coin became our world's choice currency? THink of all of that ETH that will needed to fuel it.

    Invest in Fuel.. not Tulips.

  4. Ethereum 2.0! The 'Ethereum' killer.
    Ethereum! The 'Ethereum' of South Korea.
    Ethereum! the 'Ethereum' of India.
    You get my drift. There can be only 2. Eth+Btc.

  5. 5:05 isn‘t the USD the Reserve Currency of the world economy? Wasn‘t that the main conclusion of Bretton Woods? USD instead of Bancor?

  6. I fell asleep but woke up just in time to wonder if my 1994 Nissan Pulsar could be considered a luxury good. While my mind was wandering I also wondered if it's always the same five people who give your videos the thumbs down. Maybe we could verify or otherwise the identity of the thumbs downers on the blockchain. Must get some more Chainlink. Night, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Or… is it one of the economies that will make up the global state? Btw, just saw that NASA is getting jealous of all the moon talk, and planning a permanent outpost there.

  8. I love a good chainlink name drop!!! You all had 2 years to pack those bags. Hope you're ready for that trip

  9. Not waiting 24 months for Ethereum to get their act together add another 24 months on top of that too. Am moving to EOS at least i can earn revenue till then. Cant wait any longer.

  10. Great video sir!!? Sir I have a quick question Since ETH WILL Start to be stacking where could I find out info on how that is done? Thank you

  11. Lark
    will satoshis eventually be worth too much for small transactions?
    Is that where litecoin comes in? Will satoshis be subdivided?

  12. Ethereum- 'What was that?'
    Bitcoin- 'That was me, i just sharted…. you, know when you try to fart and and a little sh*t comes out…. sharted'
    Ethereum- 'I was talking about sharding'

  13. Aren't we all etheriumists? We have become the first digital citizenry. and it scares the crap outta those who thought they were driving the economy.

  14. Am I correct in saying the volume traded on Eth has 5x since the 2018 high? (If I'm reading the information correctly on CoinGecko).

  15. What LVMH is doing to track fraudulent goods is insufficient and there will be better protocols that will come around and do it much better. My bet is that it will be Authoreon (AUN). It is due to launch on the Ethereum Mainnet anytime now.

  16. I don't think that it is legitimate to compare an crypto platform to a nation state at all. A state's economy requires strict regulation and management, but the Ethereum platform offers a framework within which users regulate themselves and no formalised management.

  17. Ethereum is the 800 pound guerrilla in the room and there is simply no denying it's massive network of users or these new 2nd layer solutions being built for it. It is like its own economy in a way that so many projects depend on it for 'housing' them. Even with new faster platforms, they still struggle to make headway on ethereum and their huge user base.

  18. Ehhem… Can we please get a robust paradex already? Looking at you 0x Protocol. ? Cut these exchanges out already. We shouldn't be paying anything but gas to trade ERC tokens.

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