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Hi I am Dasom Today’s topic is Ethereum Ethereum project is aimed for decentralized application platfrom adding Smart Contract function over basic currency function There was a limit to express complicated logic on Bitcoin network Ethereum network provides a Turing complete language supporting any complicated operations I am flawless I’m sorry Let’s check out the inside of Ethereum! Ethereum can be divided into three sectors The first is Smart Contract ensuring integrity of the network The second is Swarm, a distributed storage platform The third is Whisper, a decentralized communication protocol Completely free of censorship between Ethereum clients By using the components, Ethereum provides an optimized environment to develop decentralized applications that never stops The strongest Iron Man DApp! Consensus Algorithm The current consensus algorithm is Proof of Work on Ethereum On Bitcoin network, there’s an environment only a few miners keep mining blocks by ASIC Ethereum is using a different consensus algorithm called Ethash using Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm It’s too hard The algorithm should consume nearly the entire available memory access bandwidth It does not allow to use ASIC but GPU for mining blocks Ethereum does not focus on generating blocks but prioritize a mining environment that computers can verify Smart Contract operation That’s why Ethereum adopted the alternative algorithm On the Roadmap, Ethereum plans to adopt hybrid algorithm(PoW/Pos) after Metropolis stage and will completely move to Proof of Stake at Serenity, the last stage GAS Have you ever heard of a word ‘Gas’ when you searched about Ethereum? GAS! GAS! GAS! People say things like “how much is Gas?” Gas is a fuel unit on Ethereum network Fill it up, please! Gas is a fuel to operate Smart Contract function on Ethereum Smart Contracts have various functions DApp is composed of the multiple functions Gas is an essential source to implement DApp But it doesn’t mean paying more Gas solves everything You need to consider the Gas limit of each block Here’s an example Let’s say I am an owner of a company with 100 employees Suppose I pay 100 employees by Smart Contract To execute ‘Pay All Salaries’ function The Gas amount should be over the Gas limit of a block If I use this function as it is ‘Pay All Salaries’ function will be failed and none of employees will receive their salaries But Gas will be consumed as transaction fee “My boss is not still picking up my phone” What if the number of employees is 80? Gas amount meets Gas limit and all employees can get their salaries successfully But what if the number of employees is 10,000? Block generation will be jammed for a long time To prevent any situations like this, there is Gas limit Gas price equals number of Gas times 1 Gwei For example The required amount of Gas is 21,000 when sending your ETHER You need to multiply 21,000 Gas by 0.000000001 ETH And the result is 0.000021 ETH, the fee will be paid to a block miner Every transaction requires to consume Gas on Ethereum Scalability Few weeks ago, you’ve watched CryptoKitties, one of DApps on Ethereum Ethereum network was jammed due to dramatic increase in one DApp Also, When Status ICO was initiated, There was another delay on Ethereum network The situations are due to scalability issue Ethereum plans to solve the issues by developing Proof of Stake, a new type of consensus algorithm Sharding, the process of splitting up the chain data and the 2nd layer, Plasma, an update to boost up the processing speed PoS maintains a constant speed of mining a block discouraging competitions between miners on Ethereum If two blocks are spread to the network simultaneously Each node will eventually adopt the longest chain as the only option Also, there is no need to consume large electricity Sharding helps nodes not to verify whole blockchains and make an environment more accessible That means, nodes can verify limited number of transactions of specific Contracts or wallet addresses Plasma creates virtual blockchain on Ethereum And it aims to compose off-chain verified through Ethereum using Proof of Stake and Sharding It improves efficient use of space and processing speed and it is expected to exceed throughput of credit card company in near future Roadmap Ethereum Roadmap can be divided into four stages Frontier Homestead Metropolis Serenity Each stage adds new features and improves protocol From getting funding by Bitcoin at ICO Ethereum team planned to move to Serenity stage in two years But the progress is way behind schedule Because the relevant tech level increased very rapidly Both official clients and community clients need to be developed on the same time to apply new technologies That’s why the updates has been delayed Currently, Byzantium hard fork is completed which is one of two hard forks at Metropolis stage The next hard fork, Constantinople will be launched on the first quarter of 2018 The hybrid consensus algorithm will be adopted PoW and PoS By combining Proof of Work and Proof of Stake at Constantinople At the last stage, Serenity, the complete Proof of Stake will be ready Aren’t you excited? 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  2. 다솜이라서 믿고 시청했다. 묻지마 따지지마 일단 보면 후회없는 지식을 제공해준다 진정한 가치창조다

  3. 잘 보았습니다. 신용카드의 처리속도를 넘어설 것이라는 말씀에 놀랐습니다. 이오스 정도의 처리속도로 발전하는가봐요..

  4. 다솜씨 대박~~ 역대급 영상~~ 영상을 이렇게 만들려면 도대체 얼마나 시간을 들여야 할까요? 대단합니다.♡♡♡
    나는 이 영상을 보고 전문가도 아니면서, 또한 영원히 전문가일 수 없으면서 함부로 블럭체인을 폄하하는 유시민작가가 뭐라고 대답할지 무척 무척 궁금~~^^
    공학자인 내가 만약 경제학자들은 다 사기다. 온갖 죄악을 다 저지르는 금융, 경제 관련자를 우아한 희대의 사기꾼이라 말하면 그들은 내 생각에 과연 동의할까?
    나는 그를 그냥 '무시민' 이라 정의.

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  6. 다솜님 영상 잘보고있습니다^^ 이더리움의 스케일링 해결 프로젝트인 라이덴 네트워크도 부탁드려도 될까요?

  7. 에듀테이너 송다솜 님의 영상은 같은거 여러번 봐도 질리지가 않아요. 이렇게 쏙쏙 들어올 수가….

  8. 퀀텀도 설명가즈아~!!!!! 비트코인이랑 이더리움의 좋은 기술들을 합쳐놓은게 퀀텀이라고 하는데요 퀀텀도 부탁드려요^^

  9. 이제 스맛컨트렉트가 구체적으로 어디에 쓰일 수 있는지 공부해야겠네요. 언제나 쉽고 유익한 정보 감사합니다 ^^

  10. 콘스탄티노플을 1분기에 한다는 정보의 레퍼런스는 어디인가요? 아직 미정으로 알고 있는데요.

  11. 가상화폐라는 거거 어디에 쓰는 건가요?

    비트코인이 나온지 10년이나 지났는데 코인시장 이외에 쓰이는 곳이 있나요?

    또 코인시장 밖에서의 가치는 누가 보증해 주는가요?

    코인으로 어떠한 부가가치도 만들어내지 못하는데,
    코인을 그렇게 비싼 가격에 사서 어디에 쓸 수 있나요?

    만약 어떤 상품거래나 송금에 코인이 필요하면 비싸게 사서 쓸 것이 아니라, 새로 코인을 만들어 그것을 사용하면 되는것 아닌가요?

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