Ethercraft: Ethereum Blockchain RPG – How to claim free items

ETHERCRAFT is a decentralized RPG running on
the Ethereum Blockchain There are multiple components to Ethercraft,
including buying, selling and trading items, crafting, and dungeons. This video will show you how to buy items
that are practically free. Go to to visit the Enchanted
Shop, and you’ll see a list of items. To process a transaction, such as claiming
a free item, you must pay a small transaction fee, which can be as little as a few cents. This fee goes to the those processing the
transaction, not to Ethercraft. Only being able to claim one free item per
transaction is intentional, as that limits someone from generating a massive amount of
items at almost no cost, and it also gives these items a minimum value in the game economy. You won’t be using a credit card or paypal
for these fees though. As an ethereum blockchain game, you’ll need
two things: Ether and MetaMask. Ether is the digital currency for the Ethereum
platform, and MetaMask is a free browser extension that helps you submit transactions to that
platform. MetaMask isn’t the only way to do this, but
it’s one of the easiest. First, you need some ether, which may also
be listed as Ethereum. There are various ways to exchange your local
currency for ether, such as using if you are in the United States. Do a google search to find the best crypto-currency
exchange in your region. There are various guides online to help you buy ether/ethereum. Once you have ether, you will need MetaMask. Go to and install the extension
for either Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave. Create an account, called a “den”, which
will also create a unique account address. You’ll also generate seed words that will
allow you to restore access to your den if ever needed, including on a different computer. It is VITAL that you securely store these
seed words and never share them with anyone. With MetaMask set up, click the ellipses and
choose “Copy Address to clipboard”. Wherever you did the exchange for ether (ETH),
there should be a way to send a specified amount to your MetaMask address. For more details, check the help or support
page of the site you are using. Once the transfer is processed and confirmed,
your ether balance will update in MetaMask. With some available ether, you can now start claiming free items. To only list the free items, use the URL: Click on an item, and then click the claim
button. This will prompt the MetaMask transaction
dialog. Don’t change the gas limit, and set the Gas
Price to 1. You can check for the current
recommended gas prices. You can set the price lower if you want, but it will
take much longer to process. Go ahead and press SUBMIT. Once this transaction is processed, you’ll
see the item appear in your inventory. The first set of items expires later tonight,
but there will be new free items added soon, so be sure to check the store for updates. The dungeon component is still being developed,
so you won’t be able to take on any dungeons just yet. If you have any questions about the Enchanted
Shop, or want to learn more about Ethercraft in general, refer to the links in the description.

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  1. Watch out for this game as the chances of it being a scam are really high.

    All you have to do is go on the Discord and talk to Brypto the Mod and you will see what I mean.

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