44 thoughts on “Ether Trading Depth Chart Basics”

  1. I think you are gonna catch more attention doing these videos….that's how I found you….crypto is becoming a more and more massive market

  2. Essentially, it sounds like if the buy side is heavy, there is good support. The steeper the wall, the greater the support. The sell side shows where there is resistance. When a steep sell wall is broken, it might indicate a breakout. Again as was stated in the video, the depth chart only shows the limit orders. Market orders could flood in at any time and change things rapidly.

  3. Hey, thanks for posting this video even though it wasn't your main focus for your channel. This was extremely helpful for understanding price manipulation, especially after the futures contract announcement for bitcoin this week. The explanation of the bots was helpful too. I was wondering why the price stagnated for 10 straight minutes because someone was making trades for 0.02 BTC every second or so to prop the price up.

  4. you should get a PC Pen Tablet like bamboo if you're gonna be drawing all over the screen. Other than that excellent content and explanation my man

  5. Thanks Bro . your video helps lot for me to understand this depth chart. It's been week I am scratching my head to analyze this chart. I had fair idea, but now it's clear.

  6. Big thumbs up from me, I was reading the chart all wrong!
    I put your information to the test and just made a quick £5.
    Thanks for the great video 🙂

  7. I like how in 2018, seeing this video Eth was $300.  I just saw Eth fall from $1300 to <$1000, talking about perspective. 8D

  8. Yes.  I have watched this twice and will watch more.  I have yet to find a better explanation of depth charts.  Very insightful and I would appreciate it if you did more such videos.  Thank you.

  9. wow just found this video. Super helpful thank you! I thought i understood it but aparently not! lmao. Thank you for your post!!

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