Estonia Built the Society of the Future from Scratch

Here’s the thing or rather three things about Estonia. One, the Baltic country is tiny. Actually, 378 times smaller than Russia, it’s not so friendly Eastern neighbor. Two, Estonians have won a world record, 11 wife-carrying Championships. And 3 best for last here, Estonia has the most tech-savvy government in world history In Estonia almost every citizen has this high-tech ID card with a rather low tech name It’s just called ID card nonetheless this card is connected to a series of databases that has each citizens medical history their financial records their grades from school and a bunch of other personal data look I know a lot of you probably have this information stored online too, but it’s likely spread out all over the place I have 11 different logins just for my financial accounts, and I’m not rich at all. I mean look at this studio Do you think I get paid well anyway? What makes Estonia different is this platform called X road? running a modern state is a data centered endeavour the X road makes life simpler for both the state and the citizens for example when a child is born information about the birth is sent directly from the hospital to the population register this prevents the creation of excessive paperwork and saves time X Road allows you to share any piece of your digital identity in an instant so if you meet a new doctor or a mortgage lender Or you’re applying for a job just hand over the ID type in a pin and boom They’ve got all the information they need now if you’re tempted to say so What at this point I wonder if you’ve ever had to fill out confusing tax forms or waited in line the Department of Motor Vehicle Or had to submit to a background check as an aside when I was being considered for this job being actually convert I that I graduated from college I had to send them a copy of my diploma and my college transcript And I added a photo of me on graduation day for good measure I digress the ID card works in 10 and with another simple But important innovation in Estonia digital signature a digital signature is just as valid as one made with ink But it gets even better with the mobile ID Filippo can sign documents make bank transfers and more all from his mobile phone I don’t want to go on a long tangent here, but digital pin basic sure’s should be much more common I mean verifying someone’s handwritten signature seems a little 1700’s to me. That’s a pretty large signature Johnny What’s very 21st century the fact that? 95% of Estonians file their taxes online on average it takes them less than five minutes for Comparison’s sake the IRS says it takes the average American 13 hours to file their taxes overall 99% of state services in Estonia are available online that’s things like filing contracts fighting traffic tickets applying for benefits even voting in elections and keep in mind a lot of the reasons people didn’t vote in the 2016 US elections how to do with logistics 39 percent overall based on my read of a Pew study online Voting might be a solution to that back to Estonia one of the only things you can’t do online is File for a divorce I kind of get that but all of this crazy efficiency in Estonia Isn’t just a massive relief from the pains of bureaucracy. It saves the country a ton of money They estimate about 2 percent of their GDP this had an additional effect of dramatically increasing compliance people paid their Taxes which allowed us to reduce Taxes and suddenly the Estonian government found out that they had budget surpluses the efficiency can also save your life Doctors at the emergency room can ascertain your full medical history like what medications you’re allergic to or what your blood Type is while you’re still in the back of an ambulance Amazing, but there’s an obvious big question is this secure can the system be hacked or attacked well It has back in 2007 Estonia was taking down a statue of a Russian soldier bad history with the Russians more on that in a second in a weird form of retaliation Russia That’s what most experts believe at least attacked Estonia’s cyber infrastructure and took it offline for the day This is one of the first full-scale cyber attacks on a nation, and yeah The system was eventually restored and no information was lost, but it was a massive wake-up Call a cyber security expert from George, Washington University who studies Estonia. Tell me of course you can’t eliminate all vulnerabilities No country has really But Estonia has learned a ton of lessons from that 2007 scare and they’re absolutely obsessed with their cyber security It is a major priority for them Not an afterthought like it is for most countries for instance Moscow Nia has adopted blockchain technology to make sure their data Isn’t corrupted now the blockchain is something you should just google. I do not massage Just googling you should subscribe to this channel because we have a whole series of videos coming out about crypto currencies and blockchain And all that fun stuff. Yeah for sure subscribe watch out for Jax series. It’s gonna be awesome. Anyways salut foe That’s the cybersecurity expert also made a really interesting point that I was gonna just steal from him But I kind of felt bad about it so here. I am citing him He said that the reason this digital society works isn’t thanks to some sort of technical supremacy. It’s cultural It’s something in estonia’s DNA kids are taught to code as early as kindergarten there There’s free and fast wireless internet throughout the country and tech is just in their bloodstream the country produced Skype It’s a leader in autonomous vehicle research the government has offered digital citizenship to attract foreign entrepreneurs They’ve even discussed launching their own Cryptocurrency exactly why you should subscribe and watch more oh it all actually Jack could you push in that board? On all the tech industry has been a major reason the Estonian economy is one of the biggest and most Surprising success stories in the last 25 years and this whole Estonian culture is really Thanks to the Soviets in a weird way because Estonia regained their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 the Soviets had left them in terrible shape the economy was in shambles there were long lines for food Bread and dairy were rationed more than half the country didn’t have telephones not cellphones I mean landlines so basically Estonia had a blank slate of a country to experiment with so they went digital They went high-tech and the experiment has largely worked out sure there was a security flaw in the ID card But it was quickly patched and a study found their online voting might be vulnerable to fraud But the Estonian government disputes that and really Everything is vulnerable to fraud at least this system is new it’s going in the right direction You’ve become a model for how citizens can interact with their government in the 21st century I should have called the Estonians when we were setting up our healthcare website now, will Estonia’s digital revolution work elsewhere Maybe not there’s a major question About whether this could scale to a larger society Estonia after all has about 1.3 million residents That’s smaller than the New York City borough I live in, and I think most people are reluctant to entrust all their personal information to their government and maybe for good reason but Curiously we trust tech companies with a lot of this same information as the former chief information Officer of Estonia once said ‘There is no government that knows more about you than Google or Facebook’ ok that’s today’s episode I’m gonna go live my life. This is my friend Linc he’s staying with us for a little while he’s from Estonia. You’re kidding

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  1. Beautiful people, but, serious? Estonia is the country that gives free public transport (wich could de great, but they got only buses and trams). The country that looses population year by year. The country that depends almost a 100% for energy supplies from their 'enemy' Russia.

  2. its all sounds nice and fun but actually our goverment makes the worst decisions. 80% of our nation doesn't trust the goverment. For some reason most of estonians work and live in Finland due to better paying jobs and the finnish language is easier to learn. And ofc if you're young estonian and doesn't speak russian your chances to get a well paying job is quite bad, i even remember when there was a big topic about making russian language to Estonias second language. Sadly to say, there are speculations that in 100 years our population is twice as smaller as it right now. Young people are leaving Estonia and they are not returning, sadly. But hey, we have lots of high degree people and very beautiful nature.

  3. Estonia is a little country, so no wonder that it's easier to digitalize all the things there.
    Anyway even in their "unfriendly" big neighbour Russia I can do many things online already from the phone apps. For example pay taxes, invoices, make an appointment to many govt things etc. I see many improvements in terms of bureaucracy last years, its became easier.

  4. next video should be about Israel, the cultural life as we see here is also made and run by entreprenours

  5. I’ve only been to port city of tallin when I was visiting Finland but from the little glimpse of Estonia I call confidently say that this is a country I would 100% want to visit extensively

  6. If u compare Estonia to usa then Estonia will look like a sci-fi world. But if you compare it to other scandinavian/Nordic countrys its just somewhat more advanced in the digital evolution. The only thing i wish we had here ins sweden that Estonia has is the medical record. Institutions can not share ur medical information even if u would like them to.

  7. The 'coding lessons in kindergarten' thing is actually COMPLETE BS. I'm going into 7th grade in September and the only computer-focused subject in school and kindergarten was a brief introduction to word processing in 2nd grade.

  8. You made a video about Estonia and yet the picture in the videos thumbnail clearly has Finnish flags in it.

  9. Hacking isn't the problem. Weather or not you would trust Hitler with that same system is.

    (it's why a lot of countries are kinda paranoid about that stuff. Amazing record keeping made it a little too easy for the nazis to find their targets)

  10. I hate nearly everything about this all-in-one card. Grades from school? Full medical history? Driving record? Banking info? All on one card? They are asking for a hacking problem.

  11. Smart city is worst idea ever…unless you like enslavement. I guess…Estonia is one step away from getting chips implanted. ? and people think that's just awesome….all countries will follow suit over next 5 years and they con you with all this propaganda …one question to ask yourself…what happens when you disagree with government and what there. Doing…this is basically the removal of free WIIL and choice. I kinda like those things myself…do research its all out there in the open.✌

  12. Concerning the last paragraph. Google won't break into your house on the grounds of some "offense" they invented earlier. Well, Estonian government either, but some governments definitely will.

  13. The x road thing takes away any privacy from employees. Your employer will know EVERYTHING about your past including possible police file records that you do not want them to know about. Such as minor things like marijuana offenses when you were young or something like that.
    Definitely not a good thing but rather a huge attack on our privacy.

  14. Russia is known for state supported hacking attacks.

    Estonia is not very friendly with Russia. Russia is very unfriendly with Estonia.

    Estonia puts all it's citizens data online???? WTF??????

    (Written this at minute 1 of the video)

  15. The Estonian electronic residence card is simply a case of sinister e-bureaucracy. I got one and it never worked (not compatible with this browser, not compatible with that computer and so it goes; if you are an apple user just forget it) and nobody could help me. It is a fallacy to believe that once you digitise something all problems disappear, on the contrary. I learned the hard way that behind a super modernised facade you deal with entrenched Soviet style bureaucracy, utterly hostile to the user.

  16. This sounds interesting, but if an Estonian citizen were to get his/her data hacked, the hackers (most likely a bank like Wells Fargo*) would have absolutely everything in one try. Including wiping out one's entire bank account, and foreclosing on one's house, while blaming it on a computer glitch. Seriously, *Wells Fargo bank did both of these crimes and blamed it on a computer glitch.

    And yes, Google, FB, Amazon have vast amounts of data on all of us, and those are the vary authoritarian corporations that work with the banking industry and governments to help spy and track citizens.

    Maybe it's because I'm a US citizen and I don't trust the corporations and the government here.

  17. id cards aren't only in Estonia.. even some dell laptops have id card slots and dell is an American company

  18. I'm currently in Chile as a tourist on a month long stay and they require a tax ID # on so many things its ridiculous. It's quite a pain to so something as simple as submit a credit card payment online for grocery delivery service because they require an ID that I, as a tourist do not have. I hope this is not the case in Estonia or that they have a way to make this really simple and easy for foreign visitors.

  19. Didn’t realize you needed a university degree to grow a neckbeard, be a fat soy boy slob, and read socialist propaganda with an upward inflection at the end of every sentence.

  20. It would be awesome if there was a thing like this but for every eu country, not in a different website or system for every country but one system used by all eu citizens

  21. I have Bible study friends who went to Estonia to simply share Bibles and they were shocked how much people appreciated them. Apparently, as far as internal fulfillment goes, they seem to be severely lacking.

  22. "Free and fast wireless internet throughout the country" is a lie, i'm paying for 4G and still can't connect in some areas

  23. My god could they make that X-Roads commercial more menacing? Shit tons of dystopian movie plot lines start with a commercial like that one.

  24. Alright, if you're going to call Estonia a Baltic nation, you have to call Finland Baltic as well. Neither of the two is either Baltic or Scandinavian, yet we get lumped into those categories. However, at least baltic is marginally more accurate than nordic, norse or scandinavian. If you're going to apply the label to one Finnic nation (Estonia) then apply it to the other (Finland) as well.

  25. I've been there. Majority of people there are not originally estonians, and there's russian ghetto's.
    I really hate videos like this, hiding the problems that actually exist.
    Sure, people there are friendly, but most people in IT are from other countries…
    And what is it with 'mericans talking trash about russia like it's 1983 ?

  26. Yes we have a government that sticks it's nose in way too many of your private places. Total control rush. And Xroad is the tool. Burocracy still there

  27. when your country is just 2 bedroom big, its not a problem to manage your governmant, its almost impossible to do the same with USA or China or Russia, or even France

  28. As a Computer Scientist this feels extremely bad, do your research, this is another example on how an over-hyped speech can be more convincing than knowing the facts, why do you think any other country isn't doing the same? The technology to implement something like that is pretty accessible to almost any country but it has a lot (LOT) of things that need polishing, of course all the processes involving that information get really efficient but the risks are extremely high, do you think a government from a country that is not part of the first world can have better security than an organization from a first world country like USA? They're basically on a really fast car but praying to not face a steep curve, the Russian episode should be more than enough to know that. If there were no evil in the world then it would be the logical way to do, but pitifully, for the moment, it's not the case. And yeah maybe your current government is cool, but picture someone taking over your government, you're practically doomed.
    For the voting part, I'll just leave this comic from xkcd, I think it resumes almost anyone that has some knowledge on the subject of voting using an intermediary machine:

    Also search for "mount stupid"

  29. Loved this video! Definitely subscribing! Hoping to see some informative content on digital security and other tech issues.

  30. So much BS!
    The goverment controls your life! A dream for centrists, globalist, insurance and finance companies, the political police, the secret service, etc..
    there is no privacy left!

  31. Well there is one major downside which is not at all mentioned in this video.

    If the information, and all the information, is available to see for an employer, an insurance company etc. it can bring big disadvantages for the people. 

    Lets say your health record states that you have a disease and your bank consultant can immediately see all that information. He probably won't give you the loan that you need as easily as he would give it to someone without a health record like that.
    Or you already have big debts with your bank and your future employer can immediately see this information. He won't be as likely to give you a job as he is to the person who doesn't have big debts. And this reduces your chances of paying off your debts even further. 

    I am from Germany and as far as I know we actually have laws that prevent information like this from being passed on between banks, insurances and agencies if it is not of any major importance for the particular matter or it wouldn't directly need to be of interest for the company or for signing a certain contract etc.

  32. im gonna be honest i used to dilike u dude but this channel is actually pretty cool keep it up u got the knowledge flowing

  33. I'm from Portugal and we can do the same thing (except voting for many reasons) with our ID-card, we have it for nearly 10 years! Actually i do not use my id card o access the same information, we have a electronic key that is sent to our phone. this key is associated to our id-card.
    Our IRS it's one click we dont have any papers at home, not even receipts.
    if you need to go to a state agency we can go online to receive a waiting number, with that number you know at what time you have to be there. No need to get there in the morning retrieve a number and be there all day, you just need to arrive and wait 5/10 min.
    So this is nothing new, this is how a country in the EU is…

  34. I'm sure china does the same thing. This tech can be good at first but after a while, when this is required for everything, it will start to hurt those who are more than the information on their ID-Card

  35. Estonia is a culturally homogeneous ethnostate. Means they can get things done without the bullshit of social politics. An incredible advantage.

  36. The downside is that malicious hackers possibly can really screw you up without all the non-digital redundancies. Kind of like 1995's "the net".

  37. Would be nice if my country, Sweden, would care as much about cyber security as Estonia. Instead our government accidentally leaked thousands of protected identities to third party IT-companies… in Serbia.. that is a friendly nation to Russia.

  38. the privatization of all factories after the regaining of Estonia's independence was fully privatized and is now sitting in Estonia EU on the neck

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  40. So your saying Estonia is a spy based state (with presumably its people voulenteering their information because they seemingly don't understand how their financial worth is intrinsically linked with knowledge of their information and that whoever holds it with a right to sell it is the financial winner or recipient of that worth) with a totalitarian attitude to the information of their people. You don't notice how this is a total invasion of privacy as well as massive handing of power to the government. So, sure it does their government well because they can sell out their people's details to large international corporations who can then easily exploit all the avenues of profiting from full disclosure of a customer base. In other words, give away your information and lose that value for yourself. Good job Estonia (still, it will be good if the whole population gets old and sick, if the government actually pays for a public health system and delivers on all the money its claiming from the people via invasive information collection, lets see if they get systemically corrupted or turn into lessons for the future for other governments). Good luck.

  41. The reason everything seems so secure in our country (we've had only 1 cyberattack for crying out loud) is the reason we are such a small country. If we would take USA and give everybody these ID-Cards, then there will be huge amounts of cyber attacks due to the immense difference in population and high-profile people that hackers want to hack.

  42. This video is BS and this is coming from someone from Estonia. Here are the reasons why, firstly Estonia has barely any diversity, most people are racist towards Asian and black people, i've seen it many times, Also theres a part of the Government that want black people to go back to their countries 'blacks go back'
    for ''White power'' and ''supremacy''. people in Estonia aren't really open to other cultures and are stuck in their own little world and personally I have never seen anything near to the future in Estonia, Instead of Estonia this videos Should be about UAE because they have so much diversity, they have no tax, they have Drone taxis, levitating train, robot cops, tallest buildings, ships on buildings and a 7 star hotel and much more, they also have low crime rates in Dubai making it one of the safest countries out there.

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