43 thoughts on “Episopde #355 Facebook Cryptocurrency Coming!!!”

  1. Well Facebook can stuff their crypto. I'm not interested. Just as I am not interested in buying either the proposed Global Coin nor any bank coin. I have my principles, I'm just saying NO.

  2. Haw haw haw de haw, u still got da juice, old man. Gr8 fkkn vid, sir.
    What's to worry: A Jew control freek goes to 3 Jewish bankster strongholds to decide how to make us further suffer. Hey, sign me up, n pass da fkkn pig-lard ammo.

  3. Globalcoin will be a nothing burger !
    FB is losing subscribers, especially among young people , rapidly.

  4. Chris Duane says Crypto will go to zero. He doesn't have an exact date but it will happen. In the meantime everyone needs to buy his silver!

  5. Imagine Facebook having control of a currency? No doubt in my mind that they will use their crypto to track your spends. Can you imagine an organisation as sick as Facebook knowing exactly what you are spending your hard earned on? What's the next step? Some sort of sophisticated blackmail that evades the criminal definition but is blackmail just the same. I believe that Zuckerburg is a very twisted and sick individual and nothing he does would surprise me.

  6. It will be the first coin that can't be transferred to a hard wallet because ya really don't own it. Zuckerberg will make everyone enter all personal information "for security" then screw everyone and sell it.

  7. You will not be able to buy Facebook coins they will implement a social credit score and you will be granted coins by how well you behave and you can get extra for creating content that keeps the masses entertained while FB robs you. Be a good boy now and work on building up your social credit score because you dropped down a few when you vomited while reciting the required FB daily worship verse about lord ZB.

  8. I thought Dick RVed that a long time ago. I have a link saved for globe coin because Dick mentioned globe in a session.

  9. But .. isn't Facebook Globalcoin said to be a STABLE-COIN? i.e. investors buying into Globalcoin are basically buying into the US Dollar in a tokenized form (give or take a little Euro influence mixed in there too). That is not an investment, it just simply means for you can buy stuff online that is priced in USD amounts. And the longer you hold onto that USD pegged currency the more it will suffer from the exact same inflationary qualities as all other fiat currencies do – vendors naturally want to increase prices over time to make more money.

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