Episode That Has No Name Because It’s An Experiment (Whaddya Think?)

Let’s try something a little new and different this week, shall we? Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson and you’re watching DASH: Detailed. This week saw two Dash mentions in mainstream publications. First was at VentureBeat where the startup accelerator HackerUnit placed an article describing their various blockchain-oriented startup companies. Among them Cryptobuyer. Cryptobuyer is a Venezuela- based exchange which sells Bitcoin and Dash. Second was an interview in Forbes where Node40 founder and member of the Dash core team Perry Woodin told interviewer Peter J. Riley that he believes that Bitcoins price is likely in a bubble. And what’s more, that he believes that if any cryptocurrency is to succeed his bet is on Dash. Moving on to Network Updates. Today’s masternode count is a 4,212. And in addition to that, exactly 500 full nodes are reachable which are not masternodes, which brings the total networks full load count to 4,712. Today’s hashrate is clocking in at 1.61 tera hashes per second, down slightly from a recent all-time high of 1.78 tera hashes per second. And the Dash to US dollar price is vacillating between ten dollars and ten dollars thirty cents, making today’s total market cap between 70 and 73 million dollars with just under seven million coins in existence. And finally, there are 14 proposals up for vote by Dash’s masternodes. At this time eight of them have passed the threshold to be funded while six have not. And as the payout is in 13 days, there are roughly 12 days left to get votes in. Next in Social Happenings. Redditor Hillscent recently posted on r/Dashpay that he has shifted his holdings of formerly 100% Bitcoin to 75% Bitcoin and 25% Dash. What’s more, Hillscent called himself out as a former Bitcoin maximalist and said that in his estimation there are likely other maximalists coming ’round to Dash, or at least being willing to look at it. The post received much love and rejoicing as you can imagine. Secondly, longtime community member Tao, or Tao Of Satoshi, has launched a campaign to target people specifically affected by the various wars on cash around the world. He’s done so by rebranding his YouTube channel as Cash Alternative TV and correspondingly changing his Twitter handle to @CashAlternative. Next in Business Integrations, the decentralized online marketplace OpenBazarre has just added the ShapeShift button — affectionately dubbed the Shifty button — to its marketplace. This means that any digital token supported by ShapeShift — Dash included of course — is now more easily spendable on the store. Now of course all tokens spent through the ShapeShift button are converted to Bitcoin by ShapeShift, so there’s no telling how high the transaction fees or processing times will be for Bitcoin, but it does make it a little easier to spend Dash nonetheless. And secondly, the crypto news outlet Bitcoinist.com is set to add a new price feed to the top of their menu. And the three unlikely — or perhaps likely — candidates set to take those spots are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and yes Dash. Next are Development Updates. Lead developer of Dash Evolution Andy Freer chimed in with this, “We’re basically moving from prototyping to final alpha development starting in January. This got delayed as some of us are helping on 12.1, integrations, Dash.org, etc. but currently preparing the project plans / specifications for the final bits. So next month we will have all of the designs finalized and know exactly what the Alpha features are and so can answer questions better. We’ve already built a lot of it but January is really when we start to produce the final version and should be able to have a steady stream of updates / things to show leading from there. Second update comes from core team member Coingun who kindly shared with me just what it was that took the Dash.org website offline the weekend of December 11th. Coingun reports that it was actually a double whammy situation in that first, an ICANN verification email was being sent to an email address that was no longer regularly checked. That stopped DNS services for a time but even when the verification email was found and responded to, it was then discovered that the VPS provider hosting Dash.org had not been paid recently. All told the website finally got back online on Monday, December 12th and Coingun candidly admits that it was all rather embarrassing and that lessons have indeed been learned. And finally in Current Opportunities, the treasury proposal DashForce is in full swing. This means that should you come across any article or video which mentions Dash which has not been posted about yet, you can get tipped for finding it. In addition people can also get tipped for leaving comments on said articles and videos. So to find out what’s been submitted recently and what the current bounties available are, just visit the “dashforce_tips” channel in the Dash Nation Slack. Thats it for DASH: Detailed this week. We would like to give a special thanks to longtime community member bertlebbert as well as be members of the Salt Lake City Dash meetup who all contributed their time and input to today’s show format. Feel free to send story tips, comments, or suggestions to Amanda @ Dash.org and I hope to see you next Wednesday. Did you know that Dash is the first decentralized autonomous organization? True story! Check out how we operate in this short and breezy video. [Music]

51 thoughts on “Episode That Has No Name Because It’s An Experiment (Whaddya Think?)”

  1. This is really great! You gave a lot of great information and saved me from a lot of browsing around. One of these a week would be awesome.

  2. as an interested outsider I would be interested in you talking about current developments in general, not just dash. I get that you have an agenda and that comes across – maybe unnecessarily so.

  3. Amanda!! your awsome!! great tips, thank you! I even went all in on DASH in poloniex since it is the only coin moving against BTC, finally some real ground!

  4. Nice format. I think if you opened it up just a little to other crypto news, just like the Waves channel, then I think you'd get a bigger audience and more bitcoin to dash defectors

  5. Did you guys know when Seg Wit gets passed with 95% acceptance than you will see a Big change with Bitcoin , than allow features like Lightning Network be implemented , not to mention other features Seg Wit will add to Bitcoin . Cheers :))

  6. Amanda: Hey, thanks for the shout out!

    All: I'm starting up my YouTube channel again and will be releasing regular videos about Dash and how it can serve as an alternative to cash. I know I'm not as pretty as Amanda, but look me up when you get a chance!

  7. I really like the "news of the week" format, but also really love your economic lessons, and interviews as well. How to continue doing both?? I dunno, LOL.

  8. Interesting news roundup, thanks.

    For what it is worth, I converted all my Bitcoin holding to Dash this week. I think Bitcoin is a bubble, I think it will go a lot higher before collapsing, but I am a long term investor and I think Dash has a better business model.

  9. I find this "News brief" format a GREAT idea, especially for newcomers in Dash or in the crypto sphere. I think it is very usefull to take distance and have an overview of the development. Let's say, one episode every 1-2 months would be great.
    So….. + 1 ! 😉

  10. It coin is where the Chinese money is going. Dash may have potential to gain some market share due to all the cashless society bs these corrupt governments are pushing. Can dash handle the same transaction volume that bitcoin ploughs through every day? If it can it might just have a chance. I've got all the bitcoin I need now. If bitcoin does what it's been doing for a couple more years that's all the money I'll ever need (at my age). If dash can match the bitcoin transaction rate I may start accumulating dash again.

  11. I really like the new format but i also liked the old format too. I would totally vote for 2 Dash related shows every week. Hell, i would even vote for 3 as i can't get enough of ABJ and Dash Detailed. Shoutout to pete too!

    P.S. Thanks for the DashForce mention, Merry Xmas

  12. I liked the new format. Especially "The State of DASH" details about the network, the topics at the forefront of DASH community discussion and recent news. I still like the educational videos though. They are very helpful. 🙂

  13. I have one question about Dash Evolution can I use it when it comes out with the dash that I buy right now or Is it a separate currency.

  14. My brother and I have become obsessed with cryptocurrency, started with bitcoin etc and have come to discover Dash as a result of the ongoing research. To me this is the way for the masses to really vote with their feet against the big banks once and for all. I believe this is the future, a fairer and more honest system for all. What do you think are the chances of Dash bringing out a Dash debit card or something like that in the future? Also what would be the best ways for us to learn more and become more involved?

  15. Why would anyone care what you have to say when you are going to be biased for the company that pays you. Can't trust anything you talk about.

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