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hello ladies and gentlemen crypto dick Tyrus welcome back to victory crypto today I'm gonna talk about yours finance yes finance is basically a decentralized exchange on years as well as goober co-founder they're going to launch a crypto exchange and it's called Voyager so before we get into that just to remind everybody that we have we are going to have a reaching a job coming up so if you are reaching token holder and your tokenism finance you are going to get some air drop they're going to have a fee for HIV for it's basically like a guest just I neo they have guests reaching they already have them in that launch so everything if you have your token in violence they automatically switch the token for you from B and to ve T so for everyone V n you're gonna get 100 PE T so they're gonna take a snapshot on August first UTC time and this is this a job is independent of the normal monthly V for distribution and the distribution of this any job will be complete before August 5th and your feet ve T parents under 1 ve T will not be eligible for this air drop so you have to be more than one or one or more and also the amount of VM for air drop to each ve T holder will be correspond to the percentage of holding so basically the more you have in your penance the more you leave all you're gonna get and another thing I want a pin point is that if you have PE T token in your wallet or in some other exchange you can transfer to finance so you can get more airdrop but just be very careful because right now – coin hasn't do the conversion yet so once there you can do the conversion probably people would transfer the token from – coin to finance to get the airdrop and be in my right now so far soccer car is still in Ven so is the old token which is in the on the etherium blockchain Reina – is already swapped everything from ven to ve T which is the V for magnet which is a reaching magnet so when you transfer the token you've got to be very careful make sure you transfer your address should be corresponding V et tu ve t not V and V D otherwise you will lose your token also if you have the e the O P n token still in your money from Wallis do it on the earring platform you can convert your token from ven to ve T and then you can transfer the vit token to – in order to get more fearful air drops and just stay tuned for my next video and I will show you how to do it and also we have high performance approaching token giveaway you can click the link below and if you're interested also just in case you are new to the channel I just don't want to remind everybody and all the CNE job is coming up on August 1st a good to take a snapshot and make sure you have 5000 Odyssey token in the OCP wallet if you're interested you can get all honesty token in kill coin if you don't have a cue point okay you can click the link below and this will help on my channel as well oh also see so make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out the upcoming intro give away half our ICO I did a video earlier about a goober fly and this is pretty cool because eventually they're going to launch the uber on the air right now we have uber by a taxi on the road but eventually they're going to do some type of uber fly because of the traffic jam in the city especially new New York City Los Angeles or Miami those big city and people will pop also in Brazil or China they have like because of the economic growth and there's tons of traffic jam so uber fly it will be ferry will be in the fur near future that would be very interesting and today I also talked about some urban news uber co-founder is going to launch the Voyager which is a crypto sea crypto currency exchange and it will be a zero fee crypto trading platform there's no fee so same as in Robin Hood so right now the dominance of other crypto currency exchanges conveys by N's a dominant a whole market right now basically and right now there's a new model is slowly taking roots is the zero fee trading model and Robin Hood is doing that right now in Voyager which is backed by uber co-founder they're going to offer at least fifteen cryptocurrency to tray on the platform and currently Robin Hood only offer five and another thing is the another good thing about this Voyager exchange is that they're going to prove the price from ten leading crypto exchange and free market makers so so the user have the ability to execute that buy and sell order at a better price than the rest of the exchange like finance or cool coin or bypass or bahu P because they only use a single exchange so basically right now finance is a single exchange by balls to coin or hooby conveys they basically using just their own exchange to give you the price but in Voyager they're going to prove 10 leading crypto exchange and then they will get a better probably the average out the price and and user will get a better price for the cell and by order I mean this is a very this is a pretty good idea right now if you train finance you all ever you trading is based on just one single exchange price and sometimes you get a higher price than other exchange right when you go to call market cap you can see different exchange have different price sometimes one exchange are more expensive than the other exchange and also Voyager is going to going to be they already get approval basically it in California Montana New Hampshire Massachusetts Missouri and also New York their application is still pending and they plan on operating approval at least 40 states a beta test will begin this week and then the release of the mobile app will be on October also right now Voyager this the zero fee crypto exchange only they only raise money from friends and families they don't even the outsiders money basically and so Robin Hood you know they they are pretty they right now they offer credit rating and No Fee trading applications and they're very popular Amanda my name iam and also but the thing is all those Robin Hood they don't have any trading feet I find that the price is more expensive than current base or Germany so but the thing that the thing is like even come base of course as the transaction fee or trading fee but if you use con base and then you go to GTX if you do a limit set a limit order and then in the advanced option you take options you can options and then you take I think the option a friends option you take post then there's no trading fee so a sauce you I mean even though G does has no trading fee so if you if you do a limit order and then in the advanced option you click the box post there's no trading fee at all in G Dax Germany right now has one percent rating fee and sometimes right now German high-priced gentleman the price of German Eisley sometimes even more expensive than G Dax so Robin Hood all those eight they say no trade no trading fee but that price is not very competitive it's actually more expensive than GX and Germany so they so of course they're going to launch for example they they were going to launch a bitcoin theory and become cash like coin and ripple in Voyager exchange so we'll see how it goes this would be pretty interesting how Voyager turn out to be and the next stop we're going to talk about yes the your finance so use finance is basically is a decentralized exchange on years and this will be the first high performance and trustless trustless trading platform and bill on the top of the years platform and they will comply combine the scalability and the speed of Geass watching and also they will provide space on also running some unchanged exchange stuff and all that and I think the most focus on this your finance is the security and scalability I mean scalability is very important because we crypto credit crypto kitty and all the F coin Fiasco probably a few weeks ago it's still slow down the if you if you're in network substantially and this is a video of the demo and the prototype of the decentralized John years so let's take a look and you can see right now right now still in a beta phase stay still in the test net and also in development stage so you buy and sell order your post only order that's what I'm talking about in G tax if you'd set a limit order and then you click the events option post on me there's no trading fee in GD x GD x is basically a contest so up to open the contest account then you open another browser gee thanks and then you just sign in so you can do you can do the trading and also you can see the positions or for the price and order and quantity and everything you can you can I will put the link below you will take this video and check it out and there's a big prize and an ask price this is looks like big tricks to me mhm so you can check it out so this is the prototype and demo for the decentralized exchange on years so this is pretty good they are working on the project it's not like people just get the money and forget about the project so this is this is a good news for the EOS community so let me know what you think about the Yas at these Yas finance the decentralized exchange and just to remind one thing the airdrop so after the airdrop probably after the snapshot on August 1st at UTC time just be careful of the they are thumbing the beaching because once people get the end job they probably want to thumb the coin right so just be very careful so as I talked to you guys earlier that my inner circle we get into the position last week probably last week last week last week the price is much lower than what it is right now the right now the prices already had 26 26 sent more than before so just be careful I mean you don't want to be buying something at the high but we'd never know maybe you'll go higher maybe it will be crashing we don't know so let me know what is saying please comment below about the eos finance and also the upcoming intro in what do you think about reaching project do you think this project will be one of the prettiest project in 2018 also yes your finance please comment below I would like to hear from you if you find this video helpful please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel also you can share this share with your friends and this will help out my youtube channel and yeah and I will continue to provide quality videos for you guys also you can follow me on Twitter I follow a lot of under-the-radar project you can check it out so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss you don't want to miss out any upcoming and drop off giveaway remember crypto dip divers we the people take control of our money stay wise stay safe peace I'm not a faction financial advisor investing in ICO or other cryptocurrency has inherent risk peace mister to diligence

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