EOS Price Predictions! $50? $250? $1000 per EOS‽

Hi everyone welcome to the video thank
you for tuning in today we’re going to talk about some EOS price predictions
and I will touch on a bit of the history where it’s at now and some exciting
stuff moving forward and with the price predictions I will just mention I have
got a couple of different scenarios here based on the circulating supply and
certain factors but before I begin none of this is legal tax and/or financial
advice I am NOT a financial advisor this video contains my own opinions mixed
with the content provided by the authors in the articles now let’s begin us is
the token on the EOS dot io software or I should say the blockchain protocol
that is used to try and develop what are called decentralized applications so the
idea of this is that you’ve got a massive operating system that allows
people to produce all of these decentralized apps on an industrial
scale on something that is fast enough about seven million transactions per
second to compete at a global scale found this article here about what is
adapt this is Queen beta Queen desk article I should say further info here
I’ll let you read through this in your own time I’ll provide a link to all of
these articles and websites in the description back to what is e 0 so the
company behind ez o is block 1 and you’ve probably heard of the name Dan
Larimer who is the CTO one of the co-founders, alongside and just for a bit
of a bit of trivia here alongside Brendan Bloomer who is the CEO so block
1 have been doing some excellent work I just want to quickly draw your attention
to the prices or I should say where your stands in relation to other cryptos so
it’s held its hovered between five and seven for a while so it’s definitely up
there solid top 10 I just want to draw attention to the official SEO website
that every seven to ten days they are providing an update about the software
update or just something about the utility and some fascinating news in the
space so here is a list of all of the the recent articles they’ve written and
it’s good that they’re keeping people informed plenty of utility behind it so
just very quickly summarize some of the info in the article I just meant I
showed you earlier so the idea of the DAPPs
is that it cuts out the need for the middleman
it just simplifies the process and it’s used it’s based on smart contracts so
you’ve probably heard of the term smart contract being useful aetherium this
ties in with the common phrase being thrown around of Eos being and a theorem
killer you’ve probably if you’re familiar with the space you would have
heard this term several times now over the past few months so many of these so
many Kryptos especially well the ones that come to mind
you’ve got eos card on o tron they’re probably the top three touted as in the
theorem killer in inverted commas because as a quick side note as you
probably know a theorem has been very slow in terms of trying to get there
upgrades with Casper and sharding and all of that I’ve got more information in
a separate video about that if you’re interested there’s a real tussle to try
and dominate everyone else in the space I guess in addition a Bitcoin because
bitcoin is kind of in a league of its own in some ways although it may not
always be number one so on the note of theorem killers I actually found this
article here and this was posted it was his last year in August this was a
couple of months after a US launched on its own blockchain on the EOS dot io
blockchain it was previously in a theorem token and this touches on what’s
very fascinating is the largest ICO in history 4.2 billion dollars is massive
when you consider they’ve been over over 2000 listed cryptos just going apology’s
jumping back and forth but there’s so much information it’s kind of hard to
keep it all in a logical sequence block honor me here provides information about
liquid apps and the DAP network provoke promoting mass scale adoption of damps
this is mostly targeted more towards the programmers and developers or those that
are just very very enthusiastic about space and wanting to look further into
this again I could literally spend an hour going through all of this but I’m
just going to touch on some of the Articles that are probably worth reading
I also want to point out the block one to a Twitter page pretty much all the
information on the website but on the Twitter page people chiming in with
their input I’ll provide a link to that as well
now let’s just jump into the price predictions just to cut the long story
short let’s have a look here okay samaya calculate my calculations here
I’ve looked at the circulating supply in the current price and the market cap as
one should do generally speaking and in case you’re interested I’ll provide a
link to some of my other price predictions for other Kryptos such as
XRP and Cardno in this video as well later in the videos so let’s say we have
a 920 million a oz circulating supply I’ve predicted that if each token were
to get 250 dollars that would translate to a 46 billion dollar market cap is
that possible yes definitely could we reach it by the end of this year perhaps
in fact before I continue just for perspective once again let’s have a look
at where bitcoin in the theorem are when you consider the Bitcoin as a market cap
of over a hundred over 130 billion and the circulating market cap is still a
fraction of where we were as opposed to the all-time high in fact let’s have a
look at where we are now and then the market cap overall so eight hundred and
twenty eight hundred and thirty billion we hit an all-time high of say twenty
four dollars and we’re talking about fifty dollars I strongly believe that we
can hit fifty dollars probably by again none of this is financial advice just my
opinions by the beginning of next year sometime say March April so just under a
year I think that could be done if there’s momentum in the space if the
momentum in the space that we’re getting at the moment continues to grow I
wouldn’t rule that out so $50 yes two hundred and fifty dollars at $250 per
EOS that’s about two hundred and thirty billion dollar market cap overall could
that be achieved yes how long will it take
who knows this is the this is the million dollar question so to speak I
think we could hit two hundred and fifty dollars per a us sometime in 2021 and we
won a thousand that’s going to be nine hundred and twenty billion dollars as a
market cap that is an astronomical jump from where
we are now could we hit it but well I think for us to hit that we would need
us to be Google esque I’ve just made that up but it needs to be huge in my
opinion when you consider that think I mean I did now you I mentioned Google
but you need to think as well that Amazon and Apple here over 100 so one
trillion dollar market cap which is astronomical and there is a lot of room
for growth but if EOS really takes off ice I think we could go solid 500 a loss
so $500 per lost a thousand I don’t know a lot could happen card I know you could
pick up you could have Trond on miraculously just just blow it blow I
can’t even speak English blow everyone else had of the water we have a nine
hundred and fifty million circulating supplier at $50 per EOS that would be
forty seven point five billion US dollars at two hundred and fifty dollars
per EOS that would be two hundred and thirty seven point five billion and a
thousand that would be nine hundred and fifty billion US dollars that’s assuming
that the circulating supply increases a bit now you’re probably wondering why am
I going on a bit circulating supplier well in terms of at what rates the that
supplier will continue to grow you need to consider as well the total supply
this total supply could change as well so let me go back could change
especially with more of coin with more of a coin burn and I don’t know when
we’re gonna hit the total supply it I haven’t actually looked this up to be
honest I am gonna assume that it will equal hit 950 million in terms of the
supply now a couple of articles here from crypto slate so a us votes to burn
167 million dollars in tokens to control the inflation rate to bring it down from
five to one percent and then they did an article speaking about that as well a
few days earlier video in this a couple of weeks back on the topic of this
inflation change so I just want to point out the key said
the crux of it here the official proposal seeks to change the current EOS
annual rate of inflation from 5 percent to 1 percent inflation is a common
occurrence in crypto economics even Bitcoin has tapering inflation with its
block rewards they’re doing this to avoid as it says the unnecessary funds
being accumulated in the network savings account so usually 1 percent goes to the
block block producers and 4 percent goes into this savings account that’s been
growing over time be keeping the 1% assigned to the block block producers
and then the 4% that would be they would have otherwise gone into the ER savings
account will be scrapped for now I mean geez they should have plenty of money in
the kitty especially with the four billion dollar ICO that is Astrid and
that is huge sorry I’m losing my voice here that’s pretty much a wrap I don’t
have anything else to add I look forward to your input what are your thoughts
what are your price predictions in terms of what price is going to hit by which
date I like to get other people’s opinions on this if you enjoy the video
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thanks and see you later

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