27 thoughts on “EOS News Weekly #21 – Brundan Blumer Voting! – EOS New Projects – CTO Lucien Chen Leaves Tron (TRX)”

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  2. Love what I see you presenting, good perspective and coverage of what's new and the TRX CTO leaving, warning it could happen again, to EOS, but unlikely with the points you mentioned.

  3. U kind of keep comparing eos to the copy cat tron. Tron is just a copy. Unfortunately because of greed they could even setup a longer token distribution. I am surprised you keep talking about tron. In fact i am getting disappointed in your videos comparing tron to eos.

  4. Wait and see what B1 have first, if more big daps come, then more demand for rex = incentive for voting without using blunt instruments. Also the unique ID May at least be on the roadmap, which also impacts the need for and way voting happens. Important to move through challenges quickly but we don’t have all the options yet.

  5. Sell off 10% of your pEOS and hold the rest. If it drops you can buy it back. If It continues up you are still onboard.

  6. 1 token 1 vote. No more inflation 1% is all we need. Here we are trying to cut inflation and there is already proposal to increase to another 1%. ??‍♂️All it benefits are BP’s

  7. I'm willing to roll the dice on pEOS until it at least challenges Verge which is 3x its current market cap.

  8. We need facial recognition with 1 account, 1 vote no other way to do it. I prefer NOT to have 1% inflation for voting rewards.
    its incentive enough to stake for Rex and may as well vote while your at it.

  9. What if block producers keep their positions for a certain time period before there's a refresh and new block producers come in and take the wheel for a while then later on old block producers can come back… like just say every 4 to 6 months blockproducers keep their spot then new block producers get voted in the 4 to 6 months later and again and again so everyone gets a chance.

  10. sounds like Scatter will be like the steam gaming platform…would be cool if so. Prospectors.io is awesome!

  11. dude, I think most of us bag holders of EOS, are fed up with dicking around, vote for this, vote for that, bps doing that, why don't BPS look for the best interest of the chain. instead you guys are slowing adoption, CHARLES HAWSCKINSON with ADA. can't wait see that EOS price is not moving, peeps are fed up with all that crap.

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