EOS & More Added To Coinbase! | China Ban | SO MUCH CRYPTO NEWS- LIVE! (Tuesday, April 9th, 2019)

oh man welcome everybody back in two cryptos news it's a pleasure to have you guys here welcome back I have a lot to get through today I appreciate you guys joining me here I don't have a lot of time I have a very limited amount of time today guys so unfortunately won't be able to look too much at the chat but I hope you guys enjoy yourselves I have a lot as I said so we're just gonna dive right into it guys thank you for joining me here let's dive into what's going on so this is what we're seeing with the market right now it's been kind of flat for the most part there are obviously some negatives there some big winners like Oaks would wake chained nano did pretty good link IG exchanged some losers include cool coin chairs down not 18% quantum resistant coin 10% Odyssey down nine point 68% notable as well there's a partnership that D live is supposedly making with big-time youtuber PewDiePie the biggest the the most subscribers of any sort of youtuber out there but they've been taking flak because D live left to the Steam Network that used to be on Steam it and have since moved over to a separate much smaller blockchain so they've been taking kind of heat for that but I suppose that's a big win from for there so uh something interesting here I thought this was an interesting article I've been tweeting a lot of these so make sure you check me out on Twitter if you'd like to see some of this news as it comes out but 500 okay so this basically talks about the importance of the Bitcoin futures and and their relevance now especially now that we know that a lot of these markets have fake volume over 95% due to a report done by bitwise asset management so what we're seeing now is that maybe we do have a lot of fuel to move out of a 5,000 dollar range many suspect 5200 as a next major resistance level up towards $6,000 for Bitcoin but it's totally possible because the few markets have been climbing in volume they've had one of the biggest spikes that they've ever had interestingly as I said here on CCM calm most of the volume came during Asia hours more than half of the daily volume this is super important now because what you're seeing is that when you remove the fake volume according to bitwise CM e and c bu e futures volume is significant 91 million dollars especially compared to the real spot volume so that's about 35% the volume back in February 2000 nineteen of all the trading when you remove the fake volume it looks like futures where they they were always looked at as not playing a real significant role if you take out all the bunk they are playing a huge role in the amount of trading that's happening right now so the fact that we're seeing a lot more interest in these futures products and possibly more room to the upside because they stand to make a lot more money to the upside we could see that alone pushing up prices much much higher here you Manero is king I agree they're encrypted broker there that's that's pretty good if you definitely want to be protecting your privacy and I think the guy that I interviewed an R Kapoor Co the doctor he told us a really good thing there the more digits are added to your wealth the more you care about your privacy your financial privacy and Manero definitely provides for that I know there are other options as well so this is one of the big things that came out after I did my video yesterday these coins have been added to coinbase Perot so you're gonna see eos auger or the re p native token of that network and maker now available to trade on coinbase pro except for new york state because they don't really get anything so V New York you can pretty much excluded this news here but a maker is gonna be available in all coin based pro jurisdictions outside of the US so this is quite huge although people are quite upset that maker pairs which is on aetherium based token for collateralization and creating loans doesn't have it any aetherium pairs it's only maker BTC and maker u.s. DC so that does seem quite odd people are asking questions of brine Armstrong the CEO why that is the case but it is nice to see that there's gonna be substantial liquidity perhaps added to these tokens that are not climbing in volume after deposits were enabled and trading is set to begin for these tokens I believe actually no I like trading already started so quite good news there if you have been a supporter of Els it's been like how come you guys have added this so could not EOS or maker or augur because one of the big portfolios of people like to look at when the major portfolios is the bean portfolio Bitcoin aetherium augur and maker and Sal and so now you'd actually be able to pick up that portfolio on coinbase Pro depending on your jurisdiction I would say overall that's quite good news we'll see what comes next did you bite maybe maybe maybe I want to know what you guys think down in the comments below so we can go ahead and get of these ahead of these markets and this news wherever possible speaking of augur here they have done a tour on their blog of the prediction protocols first major upgrade and it's actually really exciting to see because I had my kind of issues with augur which I spoke about recently in particularly when it came to these invalid markets so here in virgin one a market resolves as invalid when reporters deem its outcome ambiguous or unverifiable shares in such markets can be turned in for an equivalent amount of money for example a three outcome market because these are prediction markets where you can bet on the outcome of future events by trading a token that's generated and created you use re P token that native token to create these markets and fund these markets while people were creating invalid markets by changing the wording of certain things so what it says here is shared in such markets for these invalid markets can be turned in for an equal amount of money for example a three outcome market with outcomes a B and C that resolves invalid will give point 33 eath for a share of each outcome bad actors have capitalized on this by for example creating markets that end before the event outcome is known and buying cheap shares that earn a profit once the market resolves invalid so this is really cool how they solve this issue inversion to invalid will be a tradable outcome like any other enabling traders to hedge the risk of invalid outcomes and gauge their likelihood via market forces so now you'll be able to trade the outcome of a market becoming invalid so that's gonna mean that people are gonna be doing more diligence and you might even see that this is obviously an invalid market it should take away a lot of the opportunity for scammers because that's really what we see here people duping other people with these markets and definitely make augur a leading prediction market yet again in something that's of interest also they're adding a dyed denomination token so in version 1 augur used eath for all trading now they're adding the ability to use cash or die eventually multi collateral die tokens so adding more to the platform I think that's very good news if you are an augur fan and definitely gets me more excited about the project in a way that I had been losing I guess excitement for most most recently after their launch thanks crypto stash what's up bro always a pleasure sir listening on my way into work driving on i-95 in Palm Beach County 561 305 you know for some reason I completely forgot you lived all the way out there man back in South Florida my hometown nice man joining your the i-95 305 786 and five six one of course bruschetta shoutouts to you man looking forward to seeing you on the crypto bit bus brother so BitFenix remove the minimum equity requirement of $10,000 which is going to open the doors for this exchange to grant their services and trading opportunities to retail investors that necessarily that might not have necessarily had $10,000 minimum deposit of Infinix to do this trading so they've opened up the doors here they're still not allowing trading for the United States but if you're outside of the United States more and more opportunities are opening up to you including here with the new upgrades that have come out to BitFenix this is what John Louis von vandervon the CEO of F Enix said on the blog or on medium rather we simply could not ignore the increasing level of request for access to trade on BitFenix from a wider cohort than our traditional customer base for the last six months we've been working hard to read your platform for a new wave of customer accounts and are now in a position to open BitFenix to a wider audience by dropping our minimum equity requirement the limits the only limits are now set by the traders themselves so let me know if that's of interested view of course people are still like well Biff Enix is the most scammy exchange they perpetuate the tether scam they do funny business which is why you see the price always know what generally tends to be ahead on BitFenix and it lags behind another major reputable exchanges we do know a bit Finnick seems to be one of the ones that is doing real volume so um that is something in their favor there and they do have margin opportunities available for people and the other side of it speculates that this is just an opportunity for them to burn more customers and Rob the middle crypto class the retail class evermore anyway I'll let I'd like to know your guys opinions and I'll let you make that up yourselves so opera this is something that was tweeted out by etherium etherium z– mr. van de send Alex Van de sand I believe and he was tweeting about opera because they just introduced reborn three the first desktop browser with web three faster VPN and an ad blocker so mr. van de San tweeted about this new update rehab reborn 3 the new opera browser here because it was a point at why aetherium phased out the missed wallet so Myst was supposed to be pretty much everything for aetherium created by you know the theorem foundation and it was how most miners got started mining including myself aetherium it was a wallet it allowed you to see fun-looking icons for all the different tokens you had it it was supposed to be web 3 the main browser by with we by which we access daps but it's been phased out and it's been because of browsers like the brave browsers moves and how they continue to move forward to support web 3 and opera especially here which now includes web 3 support and a crypto wallet an important new feature that should enable you along with a VPN and ad blocker to live your free internet lives while axing accessing decentralized applications such as those built on aetherium so definitely good news there and would get me excited about downloading the Opera browser myself but what we saw today that didn't really affect the markets interestingly is that it's that time again to talk about the the ban on Bitcoin mining from China China Fudd again it's that time of the year but interesting it hasn't affected markets according to Reuters here China state planner wants to eliminate Bitcoin mining in the country according to a draft list of industrial activities of which they're polling citizen's right now the agency is seeking to stop in a to stop any sign of growing government pressure on the cryptocurrency sector because cryptocurrency mining including that of Bitcoin are part of the 450 activities of the NDRC or the National Development and Reform Commission says should be phased out as they did not adhere to relevant laws and regulations were unsafe wasted resources or polluted the environment they did not stipulate a target date or plan how to eliminate Bitcoin mining meaning that such activities should be phased out immediately the document said the public has until May 7th to comment on the draft many are saying this is actually a really good thing if you look online you'll find it this is gonna take away for example mr. Nouriel Roubini the enemy of cryptocurrency and his ability to say that mining is centralized in China and this is not a ban on the manufacture of devices from China so they're still gonna play probably a pivotal role out there for example with bit mains increasingly new devices for mining Bitcoin profitably I believe they announced a new one yesterday Jesus I don't know but time it's like you get the device it might not even be profitable but that's where we're at right now I have not heard from Charles hoskinson's team about the interview yet so that's not set in stone mr. chivonne but I'm still looking out for that for that email back from their from their scheduler anyway hopefully they do still want to come on the show and talk to you guys so this was a great video please check out this video as we wrap up the show if you don't understand why taxes have been a scam if you don't understand how we created the 16th amendment requiring a federal income tax if you do understand why the Federal Reserve exists this video that I found today got recommended to me by YouTube interestingly really outlined it so well the national debt scam by comprehensive research Inc just watch that please share that video it's really important we have an opportunity now to create awareness through the internet and waking people up as to what is going on here why crypto is important but many people don't realize that we have options to meet crypto is the best option but you need to understand the root of the problem and not just look at the symptoms of problems which is a lot of what politicians talk about so please check out that video guys you like tax bit damien cool man thanks yeah if you guys use tax bit down below and I have a link down below you get a discount on your services with tax bit I didn't play the ad today but uh I've been getting good feedback on the work that they've been doing and we are coming on that tax deadline last day to be extorted on April 15 so definitely look to get that done if you want to get that done and I would appreciate you guys doing that since it gives me a little bit of knock back my way for whatever services you guys buy which is on average I get like 11 bucks whenever you guys buy like the cheapest service which is cool and I appreciate the many of you guys who've done that so I'll finish up here with uh avi Feldman who shared this on Twitter it's going around loved this because it clearly shows the dangers of waiting on the sidelines or trying to time the market only 0.5 percent of all days deliver the majority of Bitcoin returns so better start stacking sat stacking satoshis that you know this is the big thing here about hotlink the big thing here is you don't know when the pops are gonna come and if you're waiting if you're constantly waiting on the sidelines you're gonna miss it you're probably gonna buy at the wrong time so generally it's a better idea to dollar cost average accumulate when the times are good and like many say you know it doesn't matter if the price drops again as long as I'm getting Bitcoin under $6,000 I know I'm getting a steal right now if I'm really looking at the space and it's like people say the the you have less fun to say about Bitcoin the more knowledge you have about it and I I definitely click with that so don't try to time the market if only 0.5% of the days give you the biggest returns maybe you just want to be in this market and not be waiting too much on the sidelines and that's something that you should realize just looking at the statistics out there so I'll finish this up guys since I have to go pick up Janelle and I wish you guys the best much love thanks for joining me let me know anything that you have that I might have missed let me know in the news now what news I might have missed down below I try to keep up as it comes out throughout the day so I can give you guys the best daily news subscribe if you have not yet subscribed so you don't miss what's important what's hot what's not here in the cryptocurrency space and I'll be with you guys as I've been since 2016 on the ups and downs it doesn't matter to me I just want to create more freedom for you guys above all and create awareness so take care of much love and stay cryptic pays

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  2. CB: How to make a profit from nowhere?
    Adviser: let's take on board a few shitcoins.
    CB: But clients will be disappointed
    Adviser: Ok, Let's add EOS too.

  3. Coinbase has crapped up its chance. Now watching them add some good coins like EOS (finally!) only makes me laugh because those who may have needed them on Coinbase already closed their accounts. Isn`t it ironic, don't you think? A little too ironic…

  4. Crypto watch this video: By 2030, 25% of nation's currency will be crypto currency

  5. Crypto watch this video: By 2030, 25% of nation's currency will be crypto currency

  6. MakerDAO is interesting project! Can we have crypto backed stable coins? It could help make crypto mainstream – stability is a necessity for main stream adoption – is it not? It may be ethereum's killer Dapp.

  7. I get a feeling they don't like real decentralized community driven projects at coinbase… If they did #digibyte was already on it sinds it's faster, more secure and cheaper compared to bitcoin litecoin etc

  8. May Possible mining restrictions in China increase mining costs and hence the price of Bitcoin!?

    Good also that Bitcoin can be mined using excess waste gas produced by oil mining in Canada. ‘Bitcoin saves the environment’. Wall Street journal and NewsBTC has article last week!

  9. Good news for EOS holders, but trading on the Coinbase currently is simply not too much profitable due to fairly high commissions.

  10. Noticing alot more likes these days Crypto that's a good sign. Also would like more videos on EOS or updates.

  11. Man, the years are going by bro! Seems like we've grown much older, or let's say 'wiser', since the 2016/17! Appreciate you homie.

  12. Have you ever watched a documentary on Charles Ponzi?! You should. His scam started to fall apart when enough people started asking to cash in their coupons. He didn't have the money to pay them. Similarly the cryptocurrency MARKET (NOT the technology itself) would fall apart if people started asking for their money.

    Now how in the heck does it not concern you that literally NOTHING could convince you to sell? The cryptocurrency MARKET gives Charles Ponzi wet dreams from his grave.

  13. You have to see things from my point of view. What WOULD convince you to sell Omar? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that's not just you, but 100s of 1000s of others. (It's such a shame you don't realize not selling is a key component of a Ponzi scheme). How does that not disturb you? And why, what makes you so steadfast in your beliefs? From an outsider it's mind-blowing. I'm going to say it again. The problem was NEVER with the technology itself. I still believe it has a future. The problem is with the market itself.

    Maybe it's better I put it this way: cryptocurrency itself is NOT a scam. The exchanges and way cryptocurrency is traded IS a scam. I don't know man it's beyond frustrating you don't see it for what it is.

  14. No, it's not, but that's the story that keeps people buying in. Dude, no one is actually USING cryptocurrency for anything other than buying things off the darkweb. Sure, some businesses take cryptocurrency, but you're ignoring the fact it's immediately converted into dollars. People are buying cryptocurrency with tons of future $$$s in their eyes. I'll always wonder if you're a shill, or legitimately naive. No disrespect intended. Cause maybe you'll be okay financially in the future, but some of the people watching your videos have staked their entire lives savings on a pipe dream.

  15. Adding DigiByte would make the big three real working POW UXTO blockchains bitcoin, litecoin and DigiByte complete on Coinbase!

  16. Frankly today, I tweeted at Block.one including all the big names that I think EOS and B1 is way too concerned for _ reasons about assisting govts with anything.
    — I have watched a lot of their govt friendly rhetoric over the months and said nothing — I am not interested in helping any govt continue to steal freedom thru policy work — crypto is about freedom back to the people — not assisting govts in scamming more out of humanity, check my twitter for the details if you like Omar.

    Some of this might actually shock you but I am not a bootlicker like a lot of fanboys.

  17. What are your thoughts on Elixxir's cMix protocol? I'm trying to wrap my head around it. It's complicated but it makes sense.

  18. Coinbase and the coins they use are owned by Blockstream. Yeah the banksters got ahead of us. Digibyte will never be used on their platform.

  19. Since you don’t have an EOS donation address I created one for you and tossed a few in to get you started but you will have to get in touch with me so that I can transfer the authority of the account to you…

  20. The New Brave Beta Browser with the ability to earn BAT rewards for allowing ads on participatiing advertisers.

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