Eos Cryptocurrency Review

in today’s video you’re going to learn
about Els and we’re starting right now now this video was requested by one of
the viewers from last week’s video and I just wanted to give my view on it I’ve
been researching a little bit about it and obviously it’s from the same founder
of Stevens which is an awesome platform I might have to do another video on that
fairly soon if you wanted to do that please comment below and I will do my
research a little bit more and get a full review on steam 8 how to set it up
how to profit from it and stuff like that okay so let’s jump into cos the OS
is a platform that will support decentralized apps or deaths that we
were talking about last week it’s designed to make it easier for
developers to create these apps the creator of iOS is also one of the
co-creators of steam it and bitshares so this person
has a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency industry so that’s a good
sign steam it is a decentralized social
network which is a great example of something that could be built on the eos
network you can follow more about iOS on z/os
I Oh on steam it which is the blogging platform that I was talking about
earlier it’s an awesome platform I might have to do a video on that so if you
want that comment below and I will do that iOS is built upon the ether
blockchain but it differs from aetherium in a way that gos is easy mode while
ether is hard mode for example um to create an app on aetherium you must
first write the app then put it into machine code and then only then you can
create the app with EOS however it’s a little bit easier you don’t have to make
smart contracts to interact with the decentralized apps on iOS which means
that the users no longer have to pay money
for these to interact which makes sense for steam it for example you don’t want
to spend money to write or spread content right another thing that’s
really cool about iOS is that they provide basic services on the platform
already such as database management account management and other services
for developers so that they don’t have to rewrite code for it you know to use
it on a theorem you have to rewrite all the code for all these standard basic
features which iOS already provides us is kind of like an operating system for
the creation of smart apps in a sense and a good thing about Els is that it’s
very simple to operate now it still needs to be built and made but the ideas
are here and you know the founder of it has a lot of experience in the field so
I see that you know especially knowing that steam it is such an awesome
platform it’s you know well adapted people are you know they really seem to
like it personally I’m not a user of scheming but I see great potential in it
and you know I’m a cryptocurrency fanatic as a whole and uh seeing
platforms like this just you know makes me warm inside all the technical
features on iOS can be found on the white paper which can be found on
schemas like I mentioned before I’ll link everything below here so you guys
can find it it’s very simple um you can just read through it
it doesn’t make sense for me to you know give you all the technical details eh I
don’t understand I don’t know all the technical stuff and be it’s easier to
just figure it out yourself if you want to know more about one
platform one video is not going to do it anyway I’m here to serve you give you an
idea perspective my perspective on it I think it’s always best to get multiple
perspectives on something before you start investigating it and I think
that’s really important okay so the EOS ICO started on the 26th of June into
17 which was last month and it will end on the 1st of June in 2018 which is a
very long time and believe it or not it’s hosted by ethereal ok so they will
distribute 90% of its tokens to the investors and they do it in two phases
the first phase they give out 70% and then the second phase they give us 20%
or know what I go back they will distribute 90% of its tokens to
investors which is quite generous for icos
obviously they do it in two phases the first phase they give out 20% and the
second phase to give out 70% of their tokens which is ridiculously generous
not as I think about Italy like I said it takes time to create an Els
blockchain but you know a lot of things can happen in the meantime
you know idiom is is catching up on their scalability issues and this could
be a disadvantage for for AOS so I would really look into it before investing a
lot of money into this but this is definitely something worth considering
if you want to add something to your portfolio myself I think I’m going to
add a little bit of Els to my portfolio I didn’t have it before but like I said
I have this channel I’m researching a lot I’m sharing a lot I hope you guys
find all this information valuable and I would love to get your feedback because
I think we’re building up a cool community here everybody wants to help
each other everybody wants to give their input their views and that is really
awesome I really appreciate that from you guys so thank you for that so in the
next video I want to talk about a prediction I want to talk about a really
cool Bitcoin story that I just heard yesterday it was
about a Brazilian that had legal issues and they turned to Bitcoin and it was
basically solved and in the meantime they made a lot of money in the process
because it was a couple of years ago when that happened and the article was
released later on so it’s a really cool story so if you want to hear about that
stick around a subscribe to Chicago and I’ll catch you on the

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  1. Thank you Matthew. Love your work. When Iconomi goes live (AUG 1st), you should put out a model portfolio. Would appreciate seeing your picks and weighting. Again, I am a fan

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