Enigma (ENG) Cryptocurrency – Primed To Continue Rising

don't you dare so today I'm gonna be talking about a project that I am very excited about I've been excited about it for a few weeks and it is called enigma now I just made a video about a week ago discussing this exciting and very promising opportunity and I went into details but exactly what I think is what it does we didn't check that video out please go back and watch that video but I want to just go into a few more promising details about the coin itself and why I'm really excited about where we are at and going forward so currently the price of enigma is 7.44 cents in the previous video I made when I recommended you all to buy-in it was about two dollars and fifty cents we've seen some pretty solid growth here over the past couple of days the current market capitalization is five million five five hundred and fifty six million seven hundred sixty seven thousand current market capitalization now one thing I've always taken big look at when I invest in crypto currencies is the 24 hour volume forty-one million two hundred and twelve thousand volume for the Enigma cryptocurrency now this is because it is such an exciting project it's also launched on big trucks and Finance or two of the largest exchanges that offer crypto currencies to date offered the Enigma project now that is something that is really important in terms of getting volume for in cryptocurrency and offering the ability for the price to continue to go up now like I said in the previous video there's low circulating supply which allows for the Enigma coin to have a high price so as you can see we have been kind of going up the past couple weeks trade and I can expect this to continue wouldn't be very promising protocol and what it offers and privacy and scalability solutions for all other crypto currencies and blog chains so that is what we can see with the current price right now we're at seven dollars and 44 cents I expect that fully to be above ten in the next couple of days with all the exciting news and announcements surrounding the Enigma protocol all right first and foremost the Enigma team and blockchain WTF have partnered together to create a video that showcased exactly what enigma does now I want to show some of this video to you guys you can get a good understanding and a nice clean look of what it was all about while the Internet has proven to be a great medium for transferring and computing data this convenience is coming to calls first of all data that ends up online is anything but private and is often sold without the individuals consent or benefit result is an online environment which are native ioz to does not exist one potential solution for this issue is blockchain technology Joaquin's and cryptocurrencies can gain wide attention based on potential to key socializing and digs limited before blockchain can achieve this promise there are a number of critical technical issues that must be addressed locking community has become very aware of these issues which can be simplified to one question how can we create a scalable network while maintaining the privacy of a block committee the answer is a nickel the enigma protocol is primarily concerned with solving the two major issues for blockchain which is scalability and mostly privacy those are the two issues that are preventing blockchains from achieving mobile adoption scalability because it's difficult to keep a bunch of data on the blockchain privacy because if you don't have privacy for the data are very limited what you're able to use with block you so our protocol solves that issue allowing people to finally use sensitive data in conjunction with a blockchain by introducing a second layer network for computations watching technology shows much promise so yeah that is the video that enigma just released with a partner in bakhtin WTF it really demonstrates the full functionality of the product and it doesn't in a very simple way for the community to understand and for the project to continue to grow as more people in the masses continue to see that this project is something that is revolutionary groundbreaking and something that the blockchain industry just simply needs all right going even further enigma has released a partnership with athlet now etheline is another cryptocurrency actually allows you to land of other cryptocurrencies so this partnership is really exciting because f9 is going to be utilizing the enigma protocol for keeping the data through the ethel and vulnerable service completely private and which exactly is what and Nimba strives to do creating this sort of data marketplace that keeps all of the data within these decentralized applications fully private along the way so what a founder of etholon say about this partnership and it was protocol will enable private loans to add more privacy for lenders and borrowers this would be tremendously useful in the b2b and b2c lending markets which Eklund is aiming to disrupt we're looking forward to working with enigmas talented team and technology to achieve our vision so exactly like I said they're going utilizing the enigma protocol to enable the privacy of the data which will essentially allow private loans through the blockchain and this one can kiyose Kuhn said about the partnership who is a co-founder of enigma so helping create decentralized solutions for lending and credit is one of these strongest use cases for the enigma privacy protocol we're excited to work with the dynamic outline team to help them grow their revolution revolutionary platform and together build the future of decentralized lending so yes this is a great partnership but Ken here goes in to the notion that this is only one of the one of the partnerships that are going to be coming in the coming weeks because the enigma privacy protocol is something that can be utilized across multiple and various sectors of our current economy all right so this is the enigma development update video that was posted a couple of weeks back but I wanted to point out at the 2:25 mark exactly so many partnerships that enigma has already come about and already partnered with but also one of the founders of enigma in this video the one speaking he goes out to say that there's going to be some more great big partnerships and exciting information coming out in the beginning of January 2018 so please take a look at this and you'll see exactly why I'm so excited about it it doesn't the development work we entered into a number of in partnerships with great companies and projects including a on at the protocol level to bring our secret contracts to every blockchain we also partnered with a number of projects at the catalyst level to expand crypto acid trading and adoption like copper Network ether Delta and investigated so what is this going to mean for enigma in 2018 oh we're really excited because the Enigma Protocol is going to go live in 2018 we're gonna keep building out the protocol we're going to keep building partnerships that are going to allow us to expand the privacy protocol build new applications on top of it at the catalyst level we're gonna keep up our rapid pace of development we're gonna scale our data marketplace add new data sources scale our user base it's going to be a really exciting year for both a protocol in the application we have a lot of big things plans we're gonna keep up the pace of marketing we're gonna increase awareness of the project help people understand why a privacy protocol is so critical and what it's going to enable in the space we're going to keep hiring at a very rapid pace we want to expand our team so yeah what I wanted to point out with that little bit of information first off was the fact that they have already a bunch of promising partnerships with other currencies like fiber network and their Delta and ion and then they just launched another one today with with other lend that I just pointed out so they're targeting various industries here with different partnerships in the cryptocurrency economy and another thing that I wanted to point out is the fact that they have big things planned for the beginning of 2018 and he said that in the video there's gonna be a lot more partnerships and other big news announcements regarding the enigma protocol so stay on your toes this project is going to continue to keep us in a place where our price can continue to go forward and rise alright so what this is here is an article from 2016 about privacy on the blockchain and the person who wrote this article is Vitalik deuteron now Vitalik is the creator and CEO of atheria cerium is one of the largest crypto currencies to date now what I wanted to point out in this article is that it Vitalik actually directly points out enigma as being a solution for the privacy on blockchain so me saying here the math behind secure multi-party computation is complex but much simpler than ossification if you are interested in the technical details then you can read more here and also the paper of enigma a project that seems to actually implement the secret sharing Dao concept here so exactly it goes into talking about there's such a very complex issue between getting privacy on block chains but then he goes into saying that a nigga has a solution here that they are actually going to be implementing with their secret contracts and that is exactly what the enigma protocol is and you're able to buy this very complex solution to a real issue that that Vitalik has mentioned in this vlog in the enigma token I think that this token is going to continue to rise because it is a solution that is necessary in this crypto economy alright so what I have here is the fact that enigma is actually one of the largest growing communities in all of crypto now this was a couple of days ago but enigma is the third largest growing community behind TRX in each as are and even if you check this today we're still about sixth overall in terms of one of the largest growing communities and what this takes into consideration is reddit bombers telegram also disk or all of the different social media outlets where the community can subscribe and this tracks all that and showcases which points are are actively growing the large community and a nygma for the past couple of weeks is one that is growing and one of the most rapid pieces in all of the crypto economy and that is something that is very important for growth because with more people getting involved in the project means with the very low circulating supply points the the price will be due for a price jump because with such a low supply there will be more demand that will want that supply so the price will then go up another couple of things I want to point out for the end of this video is that there is going to be a new and big amount website that is being launched as you can see here it's going to be getting a makeover in the New Year of 2018 now that a really needed one but the vendor they are giving it one not bad thing it really could help with new investors seeing a new website – – like the new vision of that website and get involved with it another thing I wanted to point out is the fact that a reddit page has completely blown past 5,000 subscribers we're actually at about seven thousand subscribers right now and as promised the Enigma team is going to do its first video ask me anything that's going to be launched the next couple of days and whenever there is in asking anything on a cryptocurrency reddit page usually there is really substantial information that is released in that ask me anything and then it tends to lead to a price job and in trying to search so keep that in mind look out for that ask me anything date is when that is launched on the reddit page I fully expect the price of a dig my to launch up at a significant amount let's go back to coin market cap here just to take a look at the price seven dollars and 44 cents I think that with the current market cap just over 500 million this project is a lot of room to grow still at its current price point of all the good partnerships coming about and the promising thought of even more exciting news at the beginning of 2018 and with the new website and also the asking anything coming in in the coming days there's a lot of new announcements and dates to look forward to for enigma and as these announcements and partnerships and asking any of these can come to fruition I fully expected nygma to blow past the $10 mark and from there the opportunity is limitless as the privacy protocol and the privacy and scalability it solves this coin really has limitless upside because of the huge solutions that it gives to all of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give me a like and also subscribe to my channel there's going to be some more videos in the coming days I have a couple of really exciting icos that I'm going to be talking about in the very near term and I wanna help you guys get invested in those as possible so stay tuned those videos the out shortly but I think I said get an re please subscribe channel every comments questions or concerns post those in the comments below and I'll get back to you guys as quickly as possible I really appreciate you guys for always staying tuned and being an active and awesome cryptocurrency community we're literally the best one youtuber passport and I appreciate you guys for always staying tuned check it but like always guys been a pleasure you

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  3. I told you enigma is a monster it has one of the biggest span of pursuits then any project to date/ This could be the General Electric of Cripto

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