Endor Protocol "EDR" up 17.09%/Altcoin Charts/Top 200 Cryptos

[Applause] do you want 2225 crypto by signals a month Brad Hilton from the Hilton Institute of business Hilton Hotels and Mike Kelly from CCI have partnered together to bring you the crypto signal services Mike Kelley has created over 20 millionaires through his crypto signal services with legendary calls like ripple nao and litecoin for more information email info at Hilton Institute comm or click the link and fill out the form to get started today and let them know that currency 365 sent you alright welcome back to currency 365 hope you guys are doing well it is September 2nd 2018 oh man what a day so far ok so let's get started here a might check your Twitter message I sent you a message on Twitter Mike if you're listening check your Twitter message ok ah anyways let's get started here our market cap is 238 billion and 13 billion in volume and we have 52.8% Bitcoin dominance alright so let's see here looks like we have a mixed market today or do we have a red market a looks like a lot of coins or read today whoa – coins down 22% ok so I like I said the other day I looks like I exchanged my dodge point for 24 hour GHS so it could mine the GHS and the Bitcoin at the right time right at the top and some people are saying that you know we will lose our GHS some people are getting messages back that we won't lose our GHS and we'll be able to convert it over the 5.0 so I don't know guys in droves like I said before you guys have to hit the support message and the contact support and hit and talk to you can call them yo you can call yo bot you can email them and and you know send us support and let them and figure it out with whip them which you are the best thing for you to do you can also call the office um I think Monday – Fadi I think they are available cuz on weekends to just be ringing and ringing okay who Lo is up 16% and drop peel is up 21% okay let's go here I don't think I've gonna I don't think I've done a featured video on drop peel I'm not sure what up just drop hill again did it just moved from the top 100 to the to the you know to under the top 100 and in second something was up but what's up with that that was weird okay um anyways I just keep it moving like showing him up a little bit Zeke classic is up 12% and haven't talked about that one in a long time which one is up namecoin up 16% here's something we haven't talked about indoor protocol I don't know what that is okay so we'll look at that one see what's going on with that one there's the rest Bitcoin dark up 28% okay what else I said okay so let's finish that up and let's go back up here and let's check out this one oh never heard of this one before indoor protocol okay Edie are is the symbols that it's at almost six cents up 18 percent today 17 percent against Bitcoin 19 percent up against Darian okay 1 million in volume okay decent circulating supplies 5 for 1 million total supply is 1.4 billion okay look at that okay look at the market cap has been going straight out there you know and here is the price down here pricing US DS is in the green price and bitcoin is in the yellow okay so it's been moving up since back here you know you found the bottom there and it's just been on his way up since this steady volume step all you man in out volume started to start a lot more now so it's starting to come up so good okay nice I'm not sure if there's the coming into new exchanges or what was the Cape but here's all the exchanges that it's on bit Forex looks like it leads the way there with most volume but it says here that volume excluded so I don't know what's up with that they screwed the volume so I'm not sure what that's all about so they excrete the screw the volume and cue coin is the next negative it's the highest volume so I'm not sure why they exclude they're excluding the volume on there but whatever anyways here the other exchanges that it's on as well okay so that's the coin of the day indoor protocol EDR is the symbol it's been looking good during this thing last like three weeks three or four weeks has been just doing this thing so cool let's move on let's get to the charts now and well I'm gonna go very quickly through the charts and we're gonna be under twenty minutes a day and not playing the day okay so here's dizzy bite we got our green right there and we did have a bearish candle yesterday here lots of selling at the top here a bearish candle at the top but we have one here as well so you know and then we had a red day then we continued so if this is just say I stopping grounds to continue we shall see okay so we shall see doesn't mean that we're gonna you know flop back down here and then if we do we will just be setting a higher they higher low somewhere in between here a week and that we do drop down set to high or low and then try to come back and set a higher high but we were you know the Bulls will love to stay right in this area it has to be rests on a sell signal that came in so we have a sale signal candle if the Bulls if the Bulls bring it up a little bit more it will be an indecision cannibal right now it is a sell signal candle after the bearish the bearish candle yesterday and then we do have a trigger sell signal into into power is owned so we could come back maybe one more day or maybe we can continue green tomorrow so we'll see we're going where we're trying to go neutral right now from that self said when I came in it maybe we come back a little bit and then get another buy signal and then continue higher but you got to remember the Bulls are trying to stop this death cross from coming in okay we're getting is getting smaller here but look at the lining on the 50 the 50 starting to curl because the bulls are crying to get in this area right here to stop it from from that harm death cross from coming in so that's cool let's see how this plays out let's see if the Bulls have enough momentum and in the markets is not bullish enough for the Bulls to actually get it above here and keep it above here to prevent that death cross from coming in that would be awesome to negate that so we'll see what the Bulls that the Bulls can up to the challenge and so that's what the Bulls are trying to do on dizzy by now the Bulls on Bitcoin are trying to trying to get this Golden Cross to come in right so and they would like to run it in to run it up and then trigger this Golden Cross and then allow this Golden Cross to stay in for the rest of the year into into early January like just like the last one they remember the last one crossed into dinkles around September October and that lasted all the way into the interim what was it April nothing goes April May something around February March April sometime that timeframe way everybody was talking about the death cross coming in so it lasted it lasted a while and we in line we went to 20,000 on that we went from what 4,000 20,000 on that on that Golden Cross so there's another one coming in now I don't know who's gonna be as big as that one unless we get the ETF that goes through right that would be a catalyst right that would be the catalyst that we don't get the ETF ETF in September or if they push it back to October and accept it if we don't get the ETF this year again wouldn't what what would happen to the markets we probably just be neutral I mean we wouldn't you wouldn't you won't do that much right because there's not new money coming in okay so I don't know what that markets would be maybe we just go to 20 to 10,000 and just chill at 10,000 for rest of the year and then see what happens in that chair I don't know I don't know what would happen if we don't see the ETF the approval because there just won't be a lot of money coming in to the market unless we get the ETF unfortunately right but that's how it is okay so that's what bitcoin is doing right now we did we did go higher today so another you know the buy signal is still in and we did go higher today on Bitcoin so we're just sitting up here we're still in the power zone we want to stay in the power zone as long as we can okay we don't want to come out of this power zone actually we should if we can stay this pirates on the rest of the year that will be fine with me right okay because that means that we're gonna we're gonna be going up okay we will have temporary down days of course when when we when we get to overbought and then have to come down a little bit but we're still on an upward trajectory from this point here this was the bottom here 59 and we're been up since then right so we want to continue to go up from there trigger this Golden Cross and continue higher okay litecoin is here like coin also okay we have an insulin got basically an inside bar today on like coin so the Bears aren't controlled the candle we have to top though but variant controlled the candle today and we still have not broken this on this 50-day moving average we're not even testing it right now we haven't even have a wick to test it so this wick didn't even come up here and tested we have no whip today to test it so we're not even testing the 50-day moving average so you know it's nothing really to see on like one until we test that 50-day moving out it's just nothing to talk about okay okay Bitcoin cash actually touched the 50-day moving average today for the first time since that didn't touch it since July 31st July 31st was the last time we touched the 50-day moving average on vinick's on Bitcoin cash Wow that's a long time ago okay so yes so today was the first time we touched the 50-day moving average that's good big buy signals in on Bitcoin cash and looks like a spinning top here a little bit so he might you might go red tomorrow but you know we're trying to break this we're trying to break this 50-day moving average again get that bull break and have the shorts cover on this thing but we'll see how that plays out this one is what they're in okay yeah okay so here's the theorem and it's just week we did have a nice big bite signal come in but we're no follow through on it there Ian it's very weak low volume as well on a 3 and we have a doji on there so your turns playing games going back and forth very coy same thing we just know not that much volume actually you had okay day today on the whip you got a nice little wit there we got a nice whip there but just a candle very small today right now okay and we are getting top-heavy here we're about to hit a hundred looks like it were close close they had 100 on the blue so we might have to pull back just a little bit but no social signaling in right now at all let's continue I'll do a couple more I'm not going I'm not going over 20 to 20 minutes a day I'm sorry okay so here's a 13 classic okay so doing classic adjust continues to sit in this area right here and look at this system this area right and Bitcoin goes continues to go up then we're fine right because we're making money on the US dollar side for holding it we're not making more Bitcoin so if you want more bitcoins and misses you know you're kind of pissed off your internet classic is not making its move for to either get to lower high or the higher high right so yeah but if you're just sitting here then we're in Bitcoin is going up we're making more money on a u.s. dollar it's still moving up against the US on the US dollar side right so I think it's at 13 bucks right now because it just sitting still our bitcoins going up so let's say Bitcoin goes back to 20,000 we just sit right here all right we're we're still going to be moving we're still gonna move we're really well worth will still be around you know 25 30 dollars when that happened so we're still make money even if we just go sideways to the rest of the year on but you know if you want to make bitcoins and that's a different story okay so a lot of you guys are here to make to earn more bitcoins and not not to earn the US dollar so I get it we do I was bicycling but just no follow through on this at all let's look at bread and let's see okay so we got a bear break on bread so Bret's having a hard time because I told you this line right here was the key so we broke that line on a bear break and then we couldn't get back above this line right and so now we're seeing a bear break we had oh geez oh geez oh geez and now better break from that Dodos don't you so let's see how far we fall if we we stop here then cool you know this is another support lioness down here and there's no one here in here not this week okay so there's a support line right here so we fall toward then we have another support system here and then they've not been we have another one here at the bottom of those candles and then of course down here is where we really want to pick bread up right there but you know and make it bounce right back up to the 50-day movement but we'll see we'll see what happens on bread I still hold my bread it's in my private keys I'm not touching it for years I have a probably look look at it we look at it you know maybe five years from now or three years now and I see what the prices are for bread let's see here this is an A B e^x so we've got a green red okay you know we're just going so we're not really dumping anymore you know now I say that then the next day it dumps right so but we're we haven't been dumping you know I mean I think the dump is us over look you see you go back here and you can see we've just been steadily going down but now we just now look at the pattern exchange we've just been going sideways since this line here actually the wick is right there so we've been going sideways since since this line right here so you're gonna mean so it actually is right there so that since that line so you know that since August 14 we've been going sideways okay so we're no longer going down so that means that the trend is trying to change the Bulls are trying to change the trend here and if we can't in that that's true then we need to stop seeing higher highs and higher lows right so okay and if that we do start to see higher highs and higher lows then higher highs and higher lows then we could turn this 50-day moving average and we can another we can get we can get a Golden Cross as well and this is far off but this could be October if we can started getting higher highs and higher lows look look for October for a Golden Cross on a de X back to a dollar dollar fifty maybe three four dollars by the end of the year would be a good price um okay and if it also if you're interested in crypto signals make sure you click the link below the first two links are the crypto signals you can subscribe and join that and there's a monthly fee or a yearly fee and then the second link is for payments and Bitcoin on the monthly or yearly fee okay so you can do that there's the mic and the hilton institute of business push-out about 25 to 30 coins a month and I think this I think the month of August was ridiculous the month of August I think they were like 34 31 or something like that nummies ridiculous so people are making money in that one and in the crypto signal services so anyways here's a homie so go not doing much okay we're still going sideways here and we're still holding this wick right here so long sleeve long as we don't close below this week we're fine so we're just going sideways until we get a bully the bull break or a bear break we're neutral ScienceNOW or stolen parasol neutral signs here as well let's go here let's go backwards here see what's going on okay so we've been going down you can see this trend has stopped this trend has ended as well right there so this this day ended the trend right lower lows and lower highs and now we've been you know we've been we've been going sideways but in an upwards position right it's no longer going downwards we're going neutral and a little bit upwards as well so what we need to see now is a higher high from this high right here we need to break that I actually do we do it on the wick I think we did on this whip right here I think this wick actually made a higher high this wick is a point zero zero three two two and this high was point yeah we did actually we right here so good so here's your low high higher low lower high higher low higher high okay is it barely made it but it did get it so we did where are we are changing the pattern and a trend here but it's barely we're barely doing it the way we're gonna really change this trend is if we break this for today moving I was convincingly come up into this area up here and then set that higher low and then higher high and that will really change the trend we are in the Arizona now though okay so let's look at verge okay it's a verbs stronger than a lot of the other coins because it's it's challenging the 50-day moving average look at challenging it actually broke through it the last two days we came back a lot of selling but it's challenging and it's got a buy signal it's challenging the 50-day moving I was trying to break this thing and break the pattern so it's also trying to break the pattern but it's all it's doing a lot better than the other coins art we're getting a bear break now so we we we we came up here with a green red and we went doji doji or well candle small candle doji and then bear break there so we need up another buy signal quickly or we're gonna fall back down here or back down here okay so moving on from that one let's see here here's the chairs okay so basically doing the opposite of yesterday and we're neutral right now and we they're gonna see a bear break here or a bull break we had red green green red what's next is it red again then green or is it green and red I don't know we'll see how this plays out you go back here you got red green green red red green green red okay so it could be another it could be red again interesting we could see a bear break here and come back rent so we'll see how that plays out what else here I got two minutes I have one minute left so let's just go quickly do some of these Civic it's coming out of the power zone we have a trying to get it looks like the bear break is heading its way right now the sort of the cred here D cred okay almost like a hammer today even though we got a sell signal in it looks like the Bulls bought the dip almost like a hammer on the accreditor we also had the DEF cross and this looks like it's challenging this def cross that's good good for the cred Gary I think iOS is doing the same thing as challenging the DEF cross yet look at that so we had we had this here and this is a bearish candle so we have the bearish candle at the top meeting the top is in for now and now we should see a maybe a higher low pattern there and then try to see we get another higher high okay so the top is in for now for iOS and we're gonna probably come back down a little bit maybe one day today or maybe tomorrow as well and then continue higher hopefully okay so we'll see we're up digi bite Yoda 10x pay 10x pay we had a bear break today down there and the top is in for now and as well as you can see here bearish candle there okay so let's see iota how we look in okay so we got a bear we're having a bear break right now in iota so we had the we had the top here and now we're having a bear break okay so that's going bearish right now and to tone is C's is also going bearish right now as well breaking the trend lines going bearish steam I haven't talked about steam in a while just look at steam okay so steam is yeah we got a nice wick today with lots of selling there on the wick had a good day yesterday and the day before by said most built in so hopefully we can continue higher and we're gonna need to break this area right there we convincingly and get to this for the day moving average to change the trend okay and what's the Monaro and the murals here I'm a little bit of a narrow ripple and I'm out okay so Manero did come up here and we're sitting here with a there's a green red and I hopefully we continue higher we still have water momentum no cell signal is in yet so we still have momentum to continue to go up and touch this 200 moving it as I said all the way back here that we were going to do that and it really failed me at that time but looks like we're trying to do it now okay so and the last one is Ripple and I'm done by signal isn't on an on ripple on the MACD lines but we're going sideways here and we'll see how this one plays out tomorrow hopefully tomorrow we can see a nice bull move here and finally break this 50-day moving average on Ripple it is it's in position to do that right now you know so we'll see how it plays out tomorrow for ripple alright so I'm not talk to you guys later tomorrow I'll check out Z cash and cash and the rest of them that in check out today and tomorrow's Monday right so yeah so we'll be back to normal tomorrow news BTC videos Mike's video will be up and in my video I'll cover the ones I didn't cover today and maybe I'll go live sometime this week I know you do you guys want me to go live again so sometime this week I'll probably go live so talk to you guys later peace out [Applause] you

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  1. Nice job on the video. I just can't see the ETF not happening at the end of this month. Can you imagine a bear market for the rest of this year? I can't. Enjoy Labor Day my brother, you deserve it by keeping us informed very day.

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