Endor Protocol EDR and Cardano ADA

welcome everyone today I wanted to do a
quick news story so I saw this on the Endor Protocol Twitter and basically it
says welcome Charles Hoskinson we are excited to confirm that Charles
Hoskinson is joining Endor so he is joining as an advisor which is great
news I think Endor is a wonderful project and they are a predictive
analytics firm so they amalgamate big data they allow companies to run
predictions in order to optimize their business strategies so for example if a
company like Walmart or a company like Pepsi use the Endor Protocol they could
run their data within this blockchain and they could ask predictive questions
as to based on previous patterns what should I stop for quarter 4 or what
product do you think my customers will purchase on a Tuesday specific
analytical data that big companies purchase all the time in order to
increase their bottom line it’s all about predicting what the customer wants
and having these stores or these enterprises providing the solutions on a
just-in-time basis and they use these protocols as such there are quite a few
documents that show that Cardano and and Endor have some sort of friendship or some
sort of partnership and here we see that Charles Hoskinson has joined on the
board so what does that mean we’re not 100% sure but I am sure that maybe in
the future Endor and Cardano will be working together so we will see so this
is the website for Endor Protocol they already have a product they already
provide products and they already have a lot of Fortune 500 companies that are
using their protocol to run predictive analytics which is great so I also
wanted to show you this special report and I believe it came out months
ago but if you find Cardano in there you go down to page 31 basically
says that this sentence right here another example is ORBS the scalable
blockchain for consumer applications where all the projects powered by ORBS will have a built in access to Endor predictions that are inherently GDPR compliant and privacy-preserving Endor is
discussing similar partnership with leading blockchain infrastructures like
Cardano, Enigma, HOLA and others so this is Cardano and this this little pamphlet
was produced a while ago and then I also found this on Reddit the Endor Protocol team is in Japan expanding partnerships and exploring new ones so
Charles Hoskinson is over in Japan with the Endor team and I believe this is
the ORBS team as well so there may be something to this so hopefully we can
have quality projects like Endor existing within Cardano we’re going to be
able to handle the throughput and it would be nice to get some quality
projects like this one so we’ll see what this partnership or this quote/unquote
friendship will amount to but I think that they had a good working
relationship so there’s no reason not to believe that maybe in the future Endor
will consider running their project on top of Cardano so we will see we will see
and time will tell and I like to see the link between quality projects and
Cardano and Endor it seems like it’s a good match so what let me know what
you think please like comment and subscribe if we have any Endor
supporters watching this video let me know if you can inform me more about
what’s going on with the project Endor I gave a brief look overview of the
project I’ve known about the project for quite
some time because Professor Pentland is I believe he’s the co-founder of
the project and I follow his work and I follow him on Twitter so I think it’s
very interesting and let me know what you think please like comment and
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