EMURGO R&D – The Near Future

So what is that coming We are going to be supporting what is the test net what rewards for you, right? So you want to be able to stake and participate in this test network that you come up fairly soon When the mainnet it gets updated with Shelly, we also want to be supporting mainnet also we are working in Ledger Nano X integration for Morrow and also something really cool that will make a Yoroi complete is to be able to use the YOROI as a full node This is something that we are already working on and we plan to launch Probably at the same time as the Shelly mainnet goes live right now I would like to show you some of like the images and videos of how or staking center is looking like because we already started the work for staking support in Yoroi and we have been doing great progress and this is how it looks like So for Seiza what is to come for Seiza? We are going to be supporting multiple networks . What does this mean? currently if you go to Seiza You can see everything that’s going on in main it but we are also going to be supporting test net Rewards test net and other networks that are important for developers or general users So this means that we want to be supporting the rewards test net also, we all want to support in Shelly when goes live in mainnet and also For the Staking rewards, we are going to be supporting what is called ‘Staking center simulators’ so for users that don’t have much knowledge of Technical concepts we are going to have a simple staking center that’s going to be able to showcase What are the best options for staking pools out there, and also for users that want to see all the information available and they want to be more analytical about what’s going on We are going to have an advanced staking center simulator Which is pretty cool and I’m really excited to be able to show it to you pretty soon also, we are going to be showing you What is a Stake Pool Explorer where you want to be able to see all the stake pools out there Organize it and sort it by different requirements so What is to come? What is the vision for Yoroi Seiza and Tangata Manu? So for us something that’s really important is to be able to feature Everything that’s coming up from Cardano, and that means like staking Multi-sig among other things so for us it’s a priority to always be ahead of the curve So we are always going to be implementing all these like cool features almost right away So that’s like the vision for like most of the products from EMURGO R&D And I hope next year to come out with like more updates, and more cool stuff for you. Thank you

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  1. would love to see the value of Cardano reflected on the exchange. Not trying to sell or get rich, but its sorta nerve racking that its cant seem to hold any value. This also invites alot of undue criticism. Its time to launch Shelley. Been a long time coming. Will be glad when Cardano STABLE above 17 cents at minimum.

  2. If I have 100.000 ada and want to spread them into 10 staking pool do I need to create wallet for each one or I can use on wallet only.

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