Emmie Chang from Trade Cypher Interviews Beau Stoner from Cryptocurrency Australia

hey guys thanks for tuning in to another video here with me at cryptocurrency Australia now this video is an interview that was done last week the the CEO of trades offer reached out and wanted to do an interview with me and ask me some questions about my own kind of personal investment thesis how I've allocated kind of my crypto Holdings and some details around that so we go right into that and kind of you know the time horizon I have and how I've kind of got different portfolios set up with different time horizons and my rationale behind that and some of my other thinking around how I kind of put things together so it was pretty interesting it's not some things that I really talked about that often on this channel so I do think that you know if you've been following me in this channel for a while that you probably get some some value out of it so this is just a copy of that interview that we did last week between myself and a meeting yeah her platform trades offer is is in development at the moment it's going to offer a kind of professional-grade crypto investment so you're gonna be able to buy crypto from the exchange from from exchanges within the app and it's also gonna offer things like institutional investment research as well so it's currently in you can currently join the waitlist it's up to 10,000 people have joined already so if you guys want to check that out hold leave the description I'll leave a link down in the description below so thanks for tuning guys I hope you enjoy the video take it easy and I'll see in the next one Cheers hi everyone I'm ma CEO of trade cypher and here I have bow from cryptocurrency Australia here talking to us about his investment aid those and why he thinks we should all be buying hurt Joe so beau tell me a little bit about yourself from your background Joe I will think sent me on a me so my background is before crypto I've been in crypto for close to pretty much being on two years now so prior to this I was in project program management I was managing portfolios of projects I did new technology development work as well so I was involved in kind of really technical new technology and trying to implement them in existing networks and frameworks and coming up with standards and operational procedures everything around that so that kind of work was very challenging but it gave me a mindset of disseminating the good information from the band and getting people together and and also identifying opportunities with technology as well so I was also an investor at the same time finance was really interesting I'd just come off finishing my engineering degree and and the concept of money probabilities statistics I was just kind of fascinating so I started getting involved in investment and yeah my first crypto purchase around March yeah March 2017 and you know I started cryptocurrency Australia and it's all discontent gone from there super cool so that's my sort of like when before that all the kite so why do you think people should invest in crypto well it's a very Nessun asset so it for us that have been here for a while it's easy to forget just how new this year's but you have kind of multiple I guess reasons for getting involved is it's a huge value proposition in short so existing assets at the moment so we got you know stocks existing securities property crypto statistically is between I believe don't need a 94% uncorrelated with the existing assets so if you really want to dive into like portfolio management and and getting into the numbers cryptocurrencies is a is a risk offset so you can offset risk even even even given how wealth volatile cryptocurrencies you can offset the risk of an existing portfolio by having some allocation to cryptocurrencies coming back to the NASA NASA so I look at like kind of non-tangible indicators from information around there to tell us where we are in terms of cryptocurrencies adoption we are still even today having negative comments from significant world leaders or company executives that have a lot of reach that to me is an indicator that this is still so new there's just the disruption it's challenging existing mindsets and philosophies but when we look on the other side when we look at the supporters of crypto and blocks pain there are immense support it this people suddenly get behind some and we just have to look at bark which has Microsoft and Starbucks on board have to look at Jack Dorsey and Twitter CEO of of Square this is Kent that's you know put on Twitter these gonna implement lightning payments and within the motion app so it's clear cryptos going places but we are like day one of what is gonna be a very long and exciting journey so I think why you should get involved why not you know risk to reward this is a huge reward potential risk is still there but I think you're crazy if you don't get involved in in some way no no that's really cool I mean I'm obviously super interested in crypto most of my portfolio is in it how much percentage of your investment quality thank you holding crypto so I have probably probably between so yeah it's a little bit difficult always have multiple kind of baskets but I have probably on my total assets anywhere between thirty to thirty to forty percent so that is significant but that's because I have deep conviction from understanding its basic experience yeah you had knowledge cuz you're you're running it you're in the media space you have so let's go back this is really fun for me to ask its what was your first crypto and when did you buy it you said March 2017 and what price was it yeah so it was a theorem and was around $80 and I found out about it because I was at work and there was a lot of I think I had a subscription to Business Insider or something and now talking about this thing called a theorem that had gone up you know however many thousand percent in the last six months and I just was absolutely blown away about what is this thing theorem how how bizarre is this name what is it called namond you know the journey started there was a deep rabbit hole it's it's still going to may be so when you look at mark do you sell when it went like a thousand or $1400 no no so probably probably 90 98 it's a 99% of my portfolio I've never sold just dollar cost average and accumulated the whole time over two years amazing so I mean when you think of it a lot of people think oh my gosh I've missed the boat it was $1400 and now a hundred thirty-five dollars are actually a hundred thirty-nine a test today when we look at eighty dollars for $139 we're talking about two years sixty five percent return that's amazing that what other asset in your portfolio I mean do you have any standard securities or anything that has that type of return not that kind of turn we're kind of lucky here that property's been pretty good in Australia but you're still not going to get that corner that kind of gain in that short amount of time and I think it's something important to note as well that yes the price do you get really high but that was a speculative bubble what's gonna happen next as we go along the next few years is we're gonna have real fundamental utility value that's gonna start to a part of these cryptos when we have literally thousands of applications for example built on aetherium and then on layer 2 scaling solutions like plasma I think it's gonna be some very exciting times ahead so I think you know yes the price was really high and has come down significantly but like you mentioned still just over two year time horizon we still have a significant ROI so what's your time horizon do you have a number that you think you're gonna sell at and just cash out by a car or house or anything what can I do and it's based on my different portfolios so I have less a portfolio a that is invest in his own covers and I'm very bullish on very long term that's probably 20 to 30 years I don't have a price or aizen to have a time horizon so they looked wait I've got stories they won't be touched the other staff is more short to medium term or medium to long term and that's Pro between 5 to 10 years I don't have a specific price in mind but I guess what anyone should look at including myself is when it reaches a certain value how much if you were to sell even a portion of it so 50% how much did that impact your everyday life could that free yourself of financial dependence could that improve the life of your family for five years or for ten years and I think it starts hitting that coin of dollars and that's the time you should start to consider liquidating some amazing so I love your time right and I love you're eight that was about looking at crypto is a long term hold what do we talk to people who are just afraid and they are thinking hey this is all fake money is it a scam how do they learn more what do you recommend to people who want to get in but they're a little bit afraid first thing I say is just understand and be okay with how complicated this is this is extremely complicated don't be hard on yourself don't think that youyou should understand this quickly you shouldn't I've been in this two years and have spent thousands of hours researching this and I still feel like a new cryptocurrency is the most complicated subject matter you'll probably ever get into in your life if you want to learn more you're gonna have to spend the time one thing we did for that is we created a course around about a year to 18 months ago cryptocurrency investment fundamentals that just teaches people about the basic crypto what exchanges are well what bitcoin is what the theorem is what ripple is how to evaluate the risks when looking at different cryptos how to put together just a basic portfolio and some resources for them to gain further knowledge so that's free on our website if that is going to cryptocurrency odds com that's a u.s. cryptocurrency a u.s. calm it's completely free so that's there it's four hours of content around 60 lectures and has been very valuable to a lot of people in the past well that's amazing and of course if you guys want to buy your first crypto we'd love for you guys to participate on trade Cybercom thank you so much fo for all of your time I'm gonna keep tracking these and offline you could tell me a little bit more about your ten to twenty year horizons I can't even think that far thank you so much and we'll have the links for every one you guys thanks a me so guys I hope you enjoyed that interview I certainly enjoyed doing it I don't do a whole lot of interviews so you know it was good giving the opportunity and you know being asked some questions about topics that I myself don't really think about talking about and also topics that I think would have the opportunity to to help others as well maybe give others some some kind of perspective on how others are looking at the crypto space in terms of investment now guys if you are interested our brand new course the ultimate guide for cryptocurrency turns in 2019 is now on our website available to purchase this course is four-and-a-half hours of content is is extremely comprehensive and is a is a is a detailed analysis of the trending areas that I believe are starting to starting to become realized in 2019 so what we do is we look at the 2018 bear market really what happened and the lessons learned to take away from that that's extremely important because I do believe that the cryptocurrency market is cyclical and I think that these things gonna happen again in the future so we look at the crypto asset classification and regulations around the world and which Kryptos are essentially becoming the lowest risk in terms of regulations because we have had some clarifications from countries like the United States and Australia we look at initial corn offerings what happened where they're going in the future we look at how the infrastructure is in place and ready for another bull run so things like Queen base custody insurance are starting to come out in exchanges we really look at the landscape and how and how the value during the past 12 to 18 months has far exceeded what happened in 2017 it's extremely exciting what's happening at a fundamental level so we look at that so then we go into security tokens we look at how the value proposition for security tokens and some very exciting existing platforms that are out there that are poised to to exploit the opportunity when it comes around and starts to really ramp up we then look at tokenize assets so things like crypto kitties we look at other platforms that are facilitating tokenized assets and and how some of these could be how some of these are going to offer a really strong value proposition in the months and years to come when they look at privacy coins the value propositions and risks this is really important so privacy coins I do a lot of property Queens but I do think there are certain risks associated that you need to know about if you're looking at getting into these areas we look at the breaking trends in crypto gaming in VR crypto collectibles DAP platforms and protocols and an advanced investment tools and analytics so a lot of effort went into this course I'm extremely excited about it's now on the website so you can come here and you can purchase it there'll be a link down in the description below we do take we do take a Bitcoin theorem and some other cryptocurrencies for for payments and look if you're also interested if you're new to this channel then our cryptocurrency investment beginner gorse beginner course it's completely free so you can do that course at no charge that's around five hours of content sixty lectures a ton of value absolutely free so guys that's it I hope you've enjoyed the video if you haven't subscribed make sure to subscribe give us a like if you liked it the likes are always really really appreciated and I'll leave a comment tell me what you thought and yeah forget time I'll read them and and I'll respond so thanks again for watching guys catching the next one Cheers

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  1. G'day Beau, I was excited to see an interview with you but disappointed with how short it was. It seemed to stop just as it started. Maybe we're used to the 30 to 60 minute interviews in the crypto space. Not your fault, I just feel Emmi wasted a great opportunity to get more information out of you.

    Thanks for all you do

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