Emirates Boeing 777-300 | Рейс Санкт-Петербург – Дубай

At the end of January my family and I went on holiday to Mauritius. The St. Petersburg – Dubai – Mauritius flight was operated by Emirates Airlines. I chose seats for free at the time of ticket purchase, 48 hours before departure it was possible to check in online. At the counter, we just checked in the luggage. We will fly the first leg to Dubai with Boeing 777-300ER and the second leg with A380. Passengers with children are allowed out of turn. A6-EGN – first flight in 2012. 8 seats in first class, 42 in business class and 310 in economy. On this flight I chose the very first row in economy (seats 17A and 17B). They are designed for parents with small children (there is a cradle mount on the wall). We’ve outgrown the cradle, but there’s a better chance that the third seat (17C) won’t be taken by anyone. That’s what happened in our case. There’s plenty of room for feet, but they can’t be pulled out of the wall. On four flights we sat in different places and these seats seemed to us the least comfortable. The main disadvantages: the armrest does not rise; the monitor on the wall, which glows all night; during take-off and landing, all bags must be stored on the top shelf. I’d only take these places for a baby cradle. Menu Infant gifts: headphones, plaid with a toy and a cosmetic bag. In the cosmetics kit for children: socks, pen, cardboard 3d puzzle, brochures, stickers. Time in flight – 5:43 (6:35 scheduled) We flew over Iran, which increases the time by 20-30 minutes. In thst row tables and an entertainment system in the armrests. And that’s what the baby cradle looks like. The Boeing 777 has an old entertainment system. The touch screen is very tight, often having to be pressed several times. Stewed beef with prunes, peas and cabbage, mashed potatoes. Chicken salad with pineapples, Tiramisu. And drinks: tea, coffee, water, juices, sodas, beer, wine… Oil production in Iraq Persian Gulf Sharjah There’s no room for us on the jetway 🙁 Bus for business class 777 look very beautiful against the background of dawn. We were brought by bus to Concorde B of the third terminal. The flight to Mauritius was from Concorde A, it was taken on this train.

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