eMarketChain.co – Blockchain-powered e-marketplace with 0% commissions

Do you know how many people around the world buy goods online? In 2017 the ecommerce market reached 2.29 trillion US dollars in revenue and projections show that by 2021 this number will increase to 4.48 trillion. And that’s only 3 years from now! Why is that? Several reasons: it’s easier saves you time and most importantly – it’s way cheaper. So we asked ourselves – is it possible to make online shopping even cheaper? Here at eMarcketChain, we came up with a simple solution to reduce the price of online purchases by up to 15%. Let’s say you spend $1000 for a new TV set: $30 go straight to the Credit Card Company $100-150 go into the pocket of the online store and only $820 are left for the actual TV manufacturer. This means that around 15% of your funds go to the middleman. Slowly, we all are starting to see the elephant in the room now… Why give away 15% of your personal funds and get charged with huge fees, when you can spend the money on a better TV set, sound system, or, heck, even an elephant? It’s your money! Here is where we come in. At eMarcketChain, we are currently working on implementing blockchain technology to make cheaper online shopping possible. The ecosystem that we created is a replacement of all middlemen through the secure blockchain technology, that provides an instant and protected engine for managing payments, availability and all other processes involved in the purchase. Bottom line – manufacturers get the real value of their products, and buyers can finally get to enjoy cheaper goods. We can achieve this vision with your help. Our platform has 0% commission on revenue. And all other forms of payment will also be accepted, whether crypto or conventional currencies, along with their standard charging fees. Learn more at https//:emarketchain.co

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