Elon Musk’s Highs and Lows: PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla | NYT News

“I thought about what
are the problems that are most likely to affect
the future of the world or future of humanity.” Elon Musk, a South African-born
engineer, inventor and billionaire, is one of the
most important entrepreneurs in the world. But the 47-year-old
is no stranger to turmoil, and by
his own account his career has been
full of highs and lows. “Just three years ago, I was showering at the Y and
sleeping on the office floor. And now, I have got
a million-dollar car and quite a few
creature comforts.” After making a fortune with
his first successful startup, Zip2, Musk gained fame
as the co-founder of PayPal in the late 1990s. “So this is an ATM. What we’re going
to do is transform the traditional
banking industry.” The company lost hundreds of
millions of dollars, and Musk was ousted as CEO because
of internal turmoil. But when PayPal
went public in 2002, and then was sold to eBay, Musk —
as the biggest shareholder — walked away
with $200 million. By the mid-2000s, Musk
had turned around and invested almost all
of his PayPal fortune into his new companies: SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity. With SpaceX, Musk’s aspiration
is out of this world — literally. It’s a commercial
space flight company, which designs and launches
advanced rockets into space. “Behind me is where
Falcon 9 would sit during launch.” One of its ambitions is to
eventually send people to Mars. “And I can’t think of
anything more exciting than going out there and
being among the stars.” But it has faced some roadblocks. Their first three
rocket launches — failed, burning through almost
all of the company’s assets. But SpaceX has had
recent successes. The Falcon Heavy launch
earlier this year was a big milestone
and it carried an interesting payload: a dummy astronaut
riding a Tesla car that was orbiting space. The company has also
landed contracts with NASA, but questions about
safety and cost remain. “We sold over 1,000
cars — and by sold I mean people put down a
substantial deposit on the car.” Tesla, Musk’s
electric car company, is one of the
first of its kind to work on a large scale. It has also successfully
disrupted the auto industry. The company is valued
at over $50 billion. The Tesla Model S
has been called the greatest car ever built. But Tesla has also faced
some setbacks, including car batteries that caught on fire,
recalls and production delays. SolarCity, Musk’s renewable
energy venture, initially had a bright future. It’s the largest provider
of rooftop solar systems in the U.S., and the company
boomed on Wall Street. But after investors raised doubts
about its business model, SolarCity’s shares
quickly lost value, and Tesla had to take over in what was widely
seen as a bailout. “We really need to make
solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become.” But while Musk may have been
flirting with bankruptcy and calamity for years,
his projects continue to captivate the
collective imagination. “Life has to be more than
about solving problems. There have to be things
that make you proud to be a member
of humanity.”

100 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s Highs and Lows: PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla | NYT News”

  1. For decades he's building up his "empire" funded by tax payer money. There are some shady things about Elon, and others like: Eric Schmidt, Zuck, Gates, J. Dorsey, Tim Cook, but just give him the benefit of the doubt.

  2. "The Tesla Model S has been called the greatest modern car ever built" : By whom? Subtle product placement, NYT, what a joke this video.

  3. Safety and cost . I’m pretty sure most of the commercial launches that space has done had completed their missions. And who else is doing this cheaper than space x ? Get your facts right . They’ve been getting contracts including government one for a few years now.

  4. Decrepit, industrial era thinking, natural resource consuming and environmentally ignorant corporations…Time to wake up and die.
    Elon, thank you for disrupting the status quo!

  5. Watching this interview breaks my heart. You people that left horrible comments sound pathetic because he's far more intelligent than any of you bozos . He's smart, funny and beautiful looking, you brainless idiots just speak about his hair!wtf 🤓this angel was sent to help humanity survive but just like your imaginary Jesus you want to crucify him

  6. Wow NYT…. Didn't expect this level of poorly researched reporting from you. Ladies and gents, we may have another Jake Tapper Medicare situation on our hands. I don't use the Twitter machine, but to those of you who do and comprehend the massive successes and possibilities of a successful Elon Musk, I encourage you to take NYT to task and shame them for this shotty work. It's time all news/media outlets are held to the same standard…. A standard of truth and thorough research. Shame on you New York Times. Sad.

  7. The negative connotation of this clip is a disgrace, to say the least. Highlighting so heavily the actual minimal percentage of " lows" in Elon's achievements makes me think twice about the NYT journalism

  8. "but questions about safty and cost remain" Wow this one of the most stupidest comments/statements if seen about the recent successes from SpaceX. Did they even check when the last failure of a rocket start was? and did they even check how many times they succed with their rocket starts? The New York Times is one of the Worst newspapers in the world! Hiring people who are racist and sexist…. WOW!

  9. First they ignore him, then they laugh at him, then they fight him, then he wins. Seems like the incumbent industries — automotive, energy, and rockets — are gearing up for the fighting stage.

  10. Your latest article on Musk has lost you all credibility and I'll never be able to take anything your publication writes serious again.

  11. Tesla cant make cars for 120K and sell them at a loss for 100K. Also the tax credit is gone. Telsa cant make their cheap model cause they are going to lose money on each car also. If not they would be manufacturing and selling them already, they cant supply as they cant make the cars for a profit. Tesla is DONE, GAVE OVER, sell your stock asap and buy volvo and GM and Mercedes, they are the electric car future

  12. The New York Times, this video is nothing more than highlighting the downfalls that Elon has had over his career after selling PayPal. I am quite dissertation that The New York Times cannot come up with a video that weighs both sides of the coin rather than just the downfalls. Why not talk about Elon’s future plans with each company or some of the successes they have recently had, like the model 3 or reusable rockets, hyperloop, the list goes on. I truly hope that there will be a rebuttal video to this very unprofessional video. Also, I think that Elon should be given more credit for the strides hat he has made so far with each company. I don’t know if any other CEO that would put in as much time and effort, or be as conscientious about the consumers wallet.

  13. as subscriber of NY TIMES i dont like the production of this video, is incomplete and incorrect, for example SpaceX is a SUCCESS and the Falcon 9 DONT have any issues of security, so NYTIMES, DO NOT LIE

  14. The New York Times needs to recuse itself from tech industry editorials that purport to give an honest account of white male entrepreneurs

  15. I really like what musk does and the risks he took to get there.
    But I wonder how such a smart man does not take the time to take care of him first and foremost! I may be wrong, and I hope so, but he does not look too good on these videos. his spirit is good, but doing sports and eating healthy is essential for someone who wants to try to go far …












    DO ME









  17. What a sham of a video, NYT is Kindergarten writing and even worse reporting, this is so obviously a hit piece to remind the sheeple that is hard to do big things, so you should just give up before you have massive success, because even if you change the world, the press will just remind them of all the failures along the way… guess what? Failure helps you learn kids! And if you keep big dreams and fight for them you might actually make it happen…. or you could sit back and whine about how no one is doing anything to make the future happen…🤦‍♂️😒.

  18. This video kinda threw shade at Elon. Of course he's going to have setbacks that's part of taking risks and owning companies.

  19. Why do I have a feeling that NYT tries to discredit Elon Musk? He had a ton of successes and a few failures – which are necessary for those successes. Way biased….

  20. Why are there questions about the price of SpaceX Rockets? They are by fact the cheapest provider by a high factor.

  21. Yeah – bunch of looosers giving comment and kicking a man while he is down –

    He is a great man – some balls !
    Great brains

  22. SpaceX geostationary microwave lasers , evil front man for the weather terrorist, musk is scum sold hes soul to satan

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  24. My favorite quote is, "but SpaceX has had recent successes". The reporter is straight-up wrong. They've been the cheapest reliable launch provider for several years, arguably five, at least. Hailing the company's track record as successful only "recently", taking into account their price/reliability/innovation/market-pressure, is akin to announcing the internet a success in the 2000's.

    To whoever it was at the NYT's that stumbled their way through this story:
    Did you have any idea what you were talking about?
    Did you realize that they literally changed the course of history when they landed the majority of an orbital class rocket capable of carrying a significant payload?
    Did you recognize they were the cheapest launch provider from day one, or that the reason they weren't as "reliable" initially was that they were pushing the envelope so much?
    (Or that the overriding reason that the Falcon 9's benchmark, the Atlas V, is so "reliable" is that they fixed all the issues with the Atlas 1 through 4 with tax payer funds?)
    Nope! You just glossed over it.

    Now that they're doing really well and have the market entirely cornered, SpaceX magically became successful overnight.
    Good reporting.

    If you want a decent, "in-the-know" aerospace commentator, give me a call…

  25. This short little video seems to try to tell the viewer that there is a pattern of failure with everything Elon Musk tries to do. Are you trying to affect stock prices? Seems like a trash piece to me.

  26. My mind is always being creative like Elon musk's and I too have trouble sleeping because I always have too many thoughts in my head when I try and sleep kinda annoying to be honest LOL

  27. I wish i could use my mind and share my creative ideas that I can't shut down at night everday and work with him Elon musk to change the world

  28. What is the difference between Elon Musk and Bruce Linton they are both genius been entrepreneur with Future new commodity and don’t wary about Elon one day it will be private if the stock crash they shut down transactions of the day and further more until the market recuperating that simple as that

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