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in recent memory and I basically said what ah wait a minute I’ve accepted everybody’s arguments of why we can’t do this but here’s this small start-up company in California and they think that they can get all of these figures you don’t want on this stuff you know I’ve identified will not ever lead a space Frontier must step down from his role as chairman to settle a government lawsuit it was announced today the SEC sued Musk on Thursday accusing him of misleading investors stumbling and crashing its way to the bottom of the Nasdaq and charged Elon Musk with fraud mr. musk is gambling with the shareholder that’s maybe just about the test it’s a cold stock but the business absolutely is lousy that people are finally starting to figure it out the SEC filed securities fraud charges against Elon Musk April Fool’s Day must mix his optimism with dark humor on social media in the midst of widespread concerns Tesla might collapse he tweeted this we are sad to report that Tesla has gone completely Tesla stock voted by Wall Street as the least likely to succeed Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the subject of a new controversy but is it about you that seems to invite skepticism do people get upset at you if you do certain things [Music] this stuff isn’t from those sci-fi novels and movies and it’s so far away but every time I hear you speak it’s like well no this stuff is sitting it’s right here I’m interested in things that that changed the world or that affect the future and wondrous new technology where you see it and you’re like wow how’d that even happen how how’s that possible I like creating things that have never been seen before or even imagined before we see the Tesla Roadster this year absolutely this year should be coming out in about six seven months well I think it’s because we’re doing these things that seem unlikely to succeed he told me that he was waking up in the middle of the night and there would be tears on us in 2008 the rocket company is not going well I had three failures the car company is emerging money and the American economy has tanked in the worst recession since the Great Depression and I’m getting divorced by the way that was there was definitely at the worst year of my life critics say you can’t do this your answer to them is we’re done it how many people predicted in 2008 that SpaceX would have done these things by 2018 I think zero it’s been 17 years to get to this point for 2002 to now it will amount of hard work and sacrifice from a lot of people that it’s done at this point so a fourth failure the full failure would have been absolutely game over done done SpaceX bankrupt dog really you think this would work um like when I see the rocket liftoff I see like a thousand things that that not work and it’s amazing when they do I’m hopeful that the first people could be taken to Mars in ten to twelve years I think it’s certainly possible for that to occur the thing that really matters the long term is to have a self-sustaining city on Mars things have been going a lot wrong for a long time at Tesla when it comes to profitability so it’s really not about one quarter it’s about whether or not you’re gonna make the leap of faith that Tesla is actually going to make a profitable company it out of the stock now I mean I think there’s nothing but accidents waiting to happen and if we’ve been fortunate and these thus far they have succeeded crazy things can come true you put 90 billion dollars of breaks into into solar and wind it’s a sudden it’s Solyndra and Fisker at Tesla and or one I mean I had a friend who said you don’t just pick the winners and losers you pick the losers making a car company successful is monumentally difficult it is absurd a Tesla’s life absurd excruciating effort 100 hour weeks by everyone by everyone here at Tesla yes either be a multi-planet species and out there among the stars or will be a single planet species until some eventual extinction event either natural man-made they don’t make money he hasn’t been able to build cars this is the problem surd at Tesla’s life absurd uh he’s a self-confessed manic-depressive he he is known to use recreational drugs believe me there are people who could run an automobile company a lot better than he can it’s like Elon Musk you’ve been beamed down from another planet to show us mortals how to run an out of run a company and a fuse that got people were laughing at you now not sleek referrers work superheroes work seven days a week it was like part of some of those days must have been like hundred twenty hours to some unity the other option would have been Tesla dies Tesla cannot die Tesla is incredibly important for the future or sustainable transport 11 years today Tesla had made one car that car that’s serial number one it’s pretty wild to think that 11 years ago today we had made literally one car and a year from now world made a million well by 2030 electric car sales are expected to surge to 30 million vehicles worldwide our goal all along has been to try to get the rest of the car industry to its go electric like we’re at an inflection point the car companies have announced three hundred billion dollars that they’re investing in making even careful that we’ll be able to achieve at least a half million cars a year by 2012 a million cars by 2020 try to make change as opposed to just reading about they made their there third quarter targets every car company in the world I think every boardroom said oh my goodness if you study engineering and you figure out how to design new things then it’s relatively easy to start a company you just need to get a few like-minded people with you and and then focus on creating a prototype the compelling prototype as soon as possible and that that’s all there’s to it and you might you know try it a few times my bail may not succeed but I think sometimes people fear fear starting a company too much you know to say really what’s worse that could go wrong you know cast off to death you know you’re not gonna die of exposure what’s worse they go wrong I think we should try to take the set of actions that are most likely to make the future good for us middle to the middle here I mean you know each month that passes is literally cost us tens of millions of dollars I mean we need to appreciate that it’s been one the darkest days on Wall Street and reason that instead of being up in an ivory tower I want to be in the middle of a battle and so that means putting my desk in the middle of the factory sir my gosh why is everyone getting all on his case he wants to get high on a Joe Rogan podcast and you let him let him be the individual that he is he’s a force in society that’s like like a a cross-pollination of Thomas Edison and Tony Stark you cross pollinate those two folks you get Ilana it’s like some superhero type Shannon SpaceX be the company that brings humanity to Mars and I always see it while I’m still alive you’re 47 what is the likelihood that you seventy percent what is your hope in terms of the impact you will leave on culture I think what I’d like to do is help solve some important problems all the companies we interviewed in Silicon Valley Tesla is the only one that survived a decade later all the others went bankrupt you think that you are gonna be the general motors of the future I would describe it differently I think I think really the goal of Tesla Motors is to help accelerate the advent of the electric vehicle the whole point of Tesla is to accelerate the the advent of electric vehicles erratic unstable reckless operatic I’m just being me the system would have failed if I if I was truly erratic try to adhere to some CEO template that we got lost along the way with our space program what did you mean by that well what I mean by that is in 1969 we were able to go to the moon and here we are over three decades later and we can barely get to low-earth orbit all right am I supposed to do something and I can hear okay I think this is this is a fantastic thing but this there’s gonna be even better things in the future and we’re super super excited for what’s happened and 150 miles above Africa the capsule undocked from the International Space Station this critical test flight paves the way for a dragon mission carrying astronauts it’s been 17 years there still haven’t lost anyone yet but hopefully we will later this year so that would definitely be the culmination of a long dream for me and a lot of people at SpaceX for sure we should have a base on the moon I kept that permanently occupied human base on the moon and send people to Mars you know and I said pull the city on Mars that’s where she do I mean I should say that you know when I was a kid I didn’t really have any grand designs I mean the the reason I started programming computers is because I like computer games it was very violent it was not a happy childhood it has almost been to death if you’d call that Boyd I learned that if I wrote software and sold it then I could get more money and buy better computers he was interested in computers early at the age of 12 he wrote the software for a video game and sold it against his parents wishes he set his sights on the software capital of the world I really want to work on new technology so I when it get to Silicon Valley I moved first to Canada by myself when at 17 and then a few years later I moved to the US writing software during the summer of 95 trying to make useful things happen on the internet I wrote something that allowed you to get maps and directions on the internet and then something that allowed you to do online manipulation of content things were pretty tough in the early going I didn’t have any money in fact I had negative money I’d hear student debts Oh in fact I couldn’t afford a place to stay and an office so I rented an office instead because that was I was actually I got a a cheaper office that I could get a get a place to stay and then we I just wanna sleep on the futon and shower at the YMCA on Paige Mullin [Music] musk sold his first computer program at the age of 12 and he hasn’t stopped selling since 95 they weren’t very many people on the Internet and certainly nobody was making any money at all most people thought the internet was gonna be a fad there basically only about six of us there were myself my brother who directed us to come down from Canada and friend of my mom this is an ATM what we’re gonna do is transform the traditional banking industry he started an online banking firm that he grew into PayPal a system for making purchases on the internet and you sold PayPal to eBay for pi was about why don’t half billion dollars so we actually lived in the office and we would sleep it on the floor in the evening and go shower at the YMCA the next morning and then we would be ready to go before the before some of our employees would arrive so they wouldn’t think we were actually sleeping any other effort PayPal had said I want to get back into electric vehicles and make something happen in that arena it wasn’t as though in creating these companies that so we thought that we would be successful I thought that the most likely outcome was failure but but it was still worth doing well I didn’t really think Tesla would be successful I thought we would most likely fail but I thought that we at least could address the false perception that people had that an electric car had to be ugly and slow and and boring like a golf cart so you didn’t expect the company to be successful then why try if something’s important enough you should try even if you probable outcome is failure Elon Musk was just very honest and I really think back then he may have thought the idea would survive but his company would not how much more has the project cost then you thought it was going to cost probably played twice as much I think ish there about how much did you put into this company don’t tell me you don’t know no I did it’s about fifty five million dollars fifty five million dollars of your own money it’s very difficult to start companies and quite painful and that’s important to bear in mind I don’t know if it’s that’s probably not encouraging leave this way if you need inspiring words don’t do it you had that third failure in a row did you think I need to pack this in Devin why not I don’t ever give up I mean I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated my grandfather moved with whittle woola’s kids and my mom never went to South Africa because he wanted to use it as a base of exploration so you had this little plane that he liked to fly all over the place and he he cleared all through Africa and Asia and he was the first person to fly from South Africa to Australia he did this in a plane with no electronic instruments in some places they had diesel in some places they had gasoline he had to rebuild the engine according to wherever whatever fuel they had just for exploration just a question for curiosity seems to run in the family yeah I guess he was prepared to sacrifice everything his entire fortune to get a rocket into orbit my second or third trip back from Russia I was like whoa he’s gotta be aware to solve the rocket problem I missed our reading a lot of hooks and rockets and did a better sort of a first principles analysis of of a rocket just broke down the materials that are in a rocket what would it cost to buy those materials what verses the price the rocket and there’s a gigantic difference between the raw material cost of the rocket and the finish cost the rocket people who say that the company cannot survive without you yeah there are people who say the company cannot survive with you I definitely feel stressed yeah it’s like we’ve been incredibly difficult and painful last several months mm-hmm painful absolutely of course yeah yeah I mean I’m sleeping on the factory floor no because I think that’s like a fun place to sleep mm-hmm you know terrible sleeping on the factory for doing why are you doing that it doesn’t have time to go home and shower I see when they catch her there so you’re just laying here yeah a couch yeah it’s that simple yes I don’t believe like people should be experiencing hardship while the CEO is like all for vacation the truth is stranger than pictured okay this is why it’s important and even if the odds are that it won’t succeed it’s worth trying to do it and I think you can create a great company whether use the amount and the greater the span of time that you look at the things that seem important in the moment are fade away and the things that are truly significant are still there what is it that you have that so many people who are unbelievably brilliant at engineering or are incredibly good managers or bold business people or what have you what is it that you have do you think it enables you to make this stuff happen when I was little kid I was really scared of the dog but then I I sort of came to understand okay well dark just means really the absence of photons in the visible wavelength but they bring light to the dark and they show us the universe and Ilan said darkness is merely the absence of light then I thought well it’s really silly to be afraid of a lack of photons then I wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore after that yeah I had sort of a dark childhood it wasn’t good when I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy that that sort of highlight at the point that very often the issue is understanding what questions to ask and if you can properly frame the question then the answer is the easy part the genesis of SpaceX was not to create a company pit but really had it how do we get NASA’s budget to be bigger that was initially a goal I came up with this little small philanthropic mission which would be to send a small greenhouse to the surface of Mars called Mars and races on landing see it’s proving dehydrated nutrient gel hydrate upon landing and and you have this little greenhouse and then the money shot would be you know green plants against the red background things that expand the scope and scale of human consciousness and allow us to better ask questions and you know and and achieve greater enlightenment those are good things and so that’s sort of what what can we do that’s gonna most likely lead to that if we are able to do this philosophic mission and it generates a lot of will to go to Mars that’s not going to matter if there’s no way they’re probably people that have a lot of analysts is that can look in the rearview mirror instead of looking at the front windscreen what do you mean by that this is very frequently been why people have underestimated Tesla because they were looking at Hills down in the past and use that as proxy for what were able to do in the future look he may be the best we have in terms of when you look at what companies are doing but I think that Elon Musk use needs to be preserved and and Tesla almost didn’t succeed came very close to failure then if you succeed then after a long time you will finally get back to happiness life’s got to be about more than just solving problems I want to get up in the morning and say yes I’m looking forward to that thing happening there are Australians today wondering if they can even turn on their lights their Australian stay wondering well should we go without some food sure you know that’s just not something you would ever expect I did not expect that hmm Dora cutter Australian households could not get through watching one episode of Australia’s Ninja Warrior with this big battery when you get a return tweet from Elon saying yeah what did you think wait he thought I was joking he says he’s gonna happen and make it let’s make it happen by all means have the world’s biggest battery have the world’s biggest banana I have the world’s biggest price you have do these things that really get the world’s attention otherwise they just don’t believe you the naysayers said it was a waste of money but this big battery is already playing a key role in stabilizing the grid and it’s doing so with a speed precision and agility that’s never been seen before but first we want to talk about the IPO of the day and it’s Tesla listing here at Nasdaq at starting at $17 a sheriff big day for CEO Elon Musk there are a lot of people who have looked at your IPO who have told me you know what I’m not sure that this is a smart investment our own Jim Cramer yesterday said I’m not sure that Tesla has a business plan that’s going to work it’s not a smart investment what do you say to the skeptics who look at where Tesla is well you know I think people at this point or to be a little bit more optimistic about the future of Tesla the key is like to have a product that you all love you’ll talk about the things that you love because we’ve confounded the critics at every turn so at a certain point people have to get get tired of being wrong how have you done this these projects are so these PayPal SolarCity Tesla spaces that’s so spectacularly different there’s such ambitious projects at scale how on earth has one person been able to innovate in this way what is it about you I’m really curious about how in the world he manages to do multiple impossible things because doing one impossible thing is impossible but doing like five impossible things is the product of five impossibilities and that just seems like hyper impossible but he’s managed it you know I mean think about and think about what he did he built an electric car which is like hard and then he built a rocket and then he blasted the car into space on his rocket and Anton the Tesla Roadster Thanks let people familiar with that that’s the two-seater sports car in fact my my car which is production-wise is parked outside like that that’s not that’s not real that doesn’t happen the goal of us was to inspire you make you believe again just as people believed in the Apollo era that anything’s possible it’s more than just a boy with a toy we’re good about a man that sees a gap he sees a hole and he knows that technology can technology can fill the hole but timing is everything you jump in too early that technology is not ready you type it you go in too late you slow you blow so he knows when to jump in in terms of billing cyberspace and billing technology with PayPal reusable rockets with SpaceX he knows when to jump in – usually the lens of history and you zoom out far I think you can distinguish the less important from the more important if you zoom out really far and look at the four billion year history of Earth and the evolution of life itself and say what are the major milestones in the evolution of life itself and obviously there’s single celled life multicellular life there’s a differentiation of plants and animals this life going from the oceans to land there’s mammals and consciousness maybe a half a dozen or so really big milestones in the history of life and I think on that scale would also fit the expansion of life to multiple planet who’s that’s something that’s that’s so important that would fit on it’d be one of the half dozen or so most important milestones in history of life itself pretty darn important and it goes beyond parochial concerns of humanity it’s something that is of importance to life in general so that’s why I think it’s it’s important to do and this is the first time in the four billion year history of Earth that it’s been possible both is the cradle of humanity you cannot stay in the cradle forever it is time to go forth become its star parent civilization out there among the stars expand the scope and scale of human consciousness so how long will it will remain possible they’d rather be exciting but that makes me glad to be alive I hope you feel the same way so there are a lot of negative things to the world there’s a lot of terrible things that happen all over the world all the time there are lots of problems that need to get sold there’s lots of things that are yeah the most potent get you down but that life cannot just be about solving one was a real problem after another I could go to Island the island to the Bahamas and turn it into my you know personal fiefdom uh how much more interested in trying to build and create a new company if you need to be things that inspire you that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity no way back when we created the company we sit at both the Tesla Roadster they said it was impossible and then and that even if we did well didn’t nobody would buy it they would build a more affordable car with the Model S we did that again we were told that’s impossible I was called a fraud and a liar who’s not gonna happen this is all untrue okay famous last words here’s gonna put thousands of these cars in the road but beyond that really what matters is are we making a difference in the world and for us to make a difference in the world we have to build a lot of cause you know until we see every car in the road being electric you know we will not stop this is really just the beginning of the beginning you want to do projects that are inspiring and that make people excited about the future which is to always go beyond memorizing formulas passing tests to always go deep into the underlying principles that was subject to track any problem down to the root cause bury it in the dirt in the dark and I would add to that and say be brave enough be bold enough and be insane enough to see things more completely and more vividly more fully than everybody else around you and refuse to look away from what you see and what you know even if people want to burn you at the stake I seem to have a high innate drive and that’s been true even since I was a little kid you know really had a very strong drive it also it’s risky things must get better what I do those things are crazy [Music] yeah I stole about money at all times but I do care about us becoming a spacefaring civilization yeah and I do know that if we don’t pull her up reusability will not happen so that’s why that’s the only reason actually you won money at all I think I fear I feel fear quite strongly you know one of those I think it’s important enough then I just override the fear going and setting up a base on Mars would just be the greatest adventure either we are multi-planet species and out there exploring the Stars or we are a single planet species waiting around for some eventual extinction event I think wishful thinking is innate in the human brain [Music] if need be I’m prepared to fund this all the way until SpaceX is the world’s top water Gorge company absolutely [Music] I think it’s important that we’ve kind of space prank civilization and and I’ll be out there among the stars and I think that’s one of the things that you know makes people excited about the future and we want the things that are in science fiction novels and movies not to be science fiction forever we want this to be real one day no why do it I just kept wondering why we were not making progress towards sending people to Mars why we didn’t have a base on the moon and year after year yeah I was making just getting me down I look at the NASA website where does it say when we go to Mars doesn’t I’d like to see humanity go beyond Earth and have people on Mars that would be really great and to see widespread adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy what do we do about the grass I mean the Wall Street Journal reporters who get up in the morning sell Apple short and then go write stories about us and it’s clear that it’s a perception versus reality problem yeah they don’t know about operating systems they don’t know anything about tools they don’t know what’s going on in the future they don’t know that we’re building an iceberg you build the bottom up I believe I’m representative of the vast majority of Tesla owners were super happy with the company of the product and we think that the next car we’re gonna get is gonna be another Tesla but that’s not what we read in the mainstream it’s the plan to put more energy behind the marketing communications and take this issue head-on so that the true great American success story gets told it’s the most crazy disinformation campaign yes I’m here that a lot of you have had this experience where you’re changing you’re growing as a person and people still people tend to treat you like you were 18 months ago and its really frustrating sometimes when you’re growing up and you’re becoming more capable and you you’ve solved you maybe you had some personality quirks you’ve kind of gotten over whatever it may be and people still treat you like you were a year to 18 months ago it can be very frustrating well it’s the same with a company it’s the same with the press the press is gonna have a lag time and the best thing that we can do about the press is to you know embrace them do the best we can to educate them about the strategy but to keep our eye on the prize and that is turning out some great products communicating directly with our customers as best we can getting the community of people that are gonna make this stuff successful like yourselves in the loop so you know everything and just marching forward one foot in front of the other and the press will take care of it’s like the stock price the press and the stock price will take care of themselves by the end really what matters is are we making a difference in the world and for us to make a difference in the world we have to build a lot of cause you know till we see every car on the road being electric you know we will not stop but this this is really just the you know the first step for SpaceX we’re really we’re shown we can get to orbit it’s really just the first step for SpaceX if things just gone a little bit the other way both companies would be dead and I’d like one of the most difficult choices I have ever faced in life was was in 2008 and I think I had make up maybe thirty million dollars left thirty or forty one dollars left in 2008 I had two choices I could put it all into one company and then the other company would definitely die or split it between the two companies and but if I split it between two companies then both might then and when you put your blood sweat and tears into creating something a bully something it’s like a child and so it’s at which one am I gonna let one starve to death I can bring myself to do it I provide I split the money between two what should I think goodness I think what came through I never thought I was someone who’s capable of a nervous breakdown but I think I came as close till I ever come on December 22nd and we almost lost everything back in 2008 they think things are better these days but but for many years there was it was very painful how close to death did you come we’re within single digit weeks 22 hours a day I think what I mean I was working answer seven days a week sleeping in the factory I worked over it from the I work from the pump to the paint shop general assembly body shop financially and maybe even emotionally I’ll tell you what that was that that was definitely helpful yeah two days later on Christmas Eve Tesla’s investors decided to pour in more money you ever worry about yourself imploding like it’s just much absolutely no one should put this many hours into work this is not good you feel should not work this hard I don’t look they should not do this it was very painful painful in what sense it’s because my hurts my brain – my heart hurts this is not recommended for anyone I just did it because if I didn’t do it and Tesla good chances would I miss because I think I have to not because I want to he’s a guy with unlimited ambition ambition to do what not a typical type of ambition it’s it’s more he just needs to be constantly his mind just needs to be constantly fulfilled and the problems problems that he takes on therefore need to be kept become more and more complex over time in order to keep him interested it’s really important then what should then I you know will overcome the fear and just do it anyway drive over right sphere where wilt has to be in ten years you know and they’re mad skills and the mastery of their chosen subject matter and they use it to put themselves on the line unlike anybody else you’ll ever meet and it’s this that allows them to open up windows and to another deeper reality in which transformation is possible and things of awe happen on a regular basis yeah thanks to the hard work of Bisby SpaceX team you know you guys I mean that’s really what got us to over there and there are a lot of people that thought we can do it a lot actually but you know Seiko its fourth time’s the charm right [Music] so I mean this this really means a lot to SpaceX obviously they’d get it all but I mean that’s just a huge milestone there’s only a handful of countries on earth that have done it’s only a country thing not a company thing so it’s just an amazing achievement you know the you know online its kind of frazzled so it’s kind of hard for me to say anything but man definitely this is one of the greatest days of my life and I think probably for most people here it’s you know we’ve shown people we can do it and this is just the first step in many I mean we’re going to you know get Falcon I to orbit next year get the Dragon spacecraft going we’re gonna be taking over from the space shuttle but never tires I mean this is gonna do a lot of things they’re getting to Mars and things like that this is definitely the future of SpaceX is really great yeah I don’t know what else to say cuz I mean it’s just like so freaking awesome my mind blends it just yeah except just like it’s a reaffirming but this is just the this is just the first step of many and this really opens to a way for us to you know get falcon 9 go and get familiar manned space flight and gives us so many cool things that there in the future Elon in our lifetimes yes where will space extra take us over humans goals mates I’m very hopeful that humanity will have a base in the moon and a city on was in our lifetimes in our lifetime yes all these things I said we do them we did it super dude we did it before we were able to get the roads throughout that then they’d say well you couldn’t possibly make that car work and then when we made the car work they’d say well nobody’s going to buy it and then people bought it and then we announced the Model S and so many people call on that it was ridiculous and and and yet actually the we’re able to bring it to market and then we brought to market they said well you’re never gonna build use of volume and if did that and then they would say you will never be able to make a profit and then we did that in q1 so I’m hopeful that there’s a people will observe that there’s a trend here [Music]

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    radioactive parts can inerting with relative speed: using and alternating liquid nitrogen and water that's then passed from a Purifier wow for decontamination … regarding the nuclear rods: they created sarcophaguses containers of sheets cemented in concrete lead sealed lead … for transport in designated locations to stabilisation … or where you can … create sarcophaguses container directly on the spot … after that … you can drill two holes into the lead and concrete structure and start the alternating liquid nitrogen and water with decontamination WOW … I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CRYOGENIC TEMPERATURE REACHING FOR INERTING A NUCLEAR REACTION SO IT IS DOING LAB EXPERIMENTS TO REACH AN EFFECTIVE PROCEDURE … The good news is that you can create any alcohol at cryogenic temperature, namely isopropyl alcohol, which is very similar to the liquid nitrogen, particularly for its ability to reach very low temperatures. Alcohol can reach i-78° C, while the liquid nitrogen reaches i-195°. If you want to experiment at very low temperatures will be fine just the same.


    PV panels can come in handy and be the appropriate response in regards to the melting of ice and if greenhouse gas release threat in permafrost underlying the ice crust … placing them over the areas of departure origin the melting of the ice calibrated with a reflection similar to that of ice make the shadows and reflect sunlight cooling the area below … If the electricity produced by the photovoltaic field … they feed plants refrigeration (such as those of domestic freezers for instance) by placing the freezing coils to form dams in rivers that form in the glaciers and permafrost … gets a double action that … I think he can help a lot in the solution of melting of ice and permafrost … my idea is to transfer the current solar power plants on permafrost and glaciers where they occur degenerations


    Chemtrails are associated with installations of solar panels at carpet … create ghettoisation in ley lines on the planet … in fact arteriosclerosis in the loop Center of the Sun Earth Center … actually not predictable what responses from the Sun you can meet … as the center loop of the Sun the Earth's core is a dialogue echoed … lying solar panels can come in handy in any way if placed where there are dismissals anomalous glaciers … calibrated with a reflection similar to that of ice and places where the rivers from melting … with the electricity produced can be placed in food cooling rivers from melting ice dams forming that slow down the speed of dissolved water. .. admitted causing the ice melting is due to stockpiles of nuclear waste that exhaling radon triggering nuclear reactions in the ice because fissile material

  10. OMG, people are still freaking out when a famous guy has a joint, like its the end of everything he could do 😀

  11. i am in tears!!! this man is the best man ever walk, he is the dreamers Re-Motivater, and the dreamers dream come true. im so glad there is someone alive that is like this man. he motivate me to follow my dreams and to not give up.

  12. Worst part is that the man misuses Tesla's name, the holy name he don't even deserves. More proprietary should be enterprenor, money maker Edison ! Unfortunately few realize that now.

  13. Those rockets seemed to be travelling at a rate of knots when landing, then the video was cut, that's unfortunate @22:49

  14. Why Elon?
    Because the world is not enough.
    We are destined for the stars.
    We are destined for the FUTURE.
    We are eternal.
    We are Human.

  15. The sad thing is that we think Elon Musk can do impossible things, but we cannot. What if we all did something impossible, we could be doing so much more.

  16. When will all the politicians who say "it" can't be done realize Americans are going to do "it" with or without them?
    Donald can build the wall, I'm going to Mars with Elon.

  17. I have only had a short experience in leadership, but I know what it is like to be ready to delegate. AT that point, the make or break success of what we do is determined by the willingness of the people I am "leading". This guy has absolutely the right idea just what direction is up. I don't care about profitability. Lets just do it!

  18. Elon Musk is the Da Vinci of our time. I hope he lives long enough to see all his dreams come true. No other person in recently history has worked harder for the benefit of all humans than Elon Musk.

  19. "If something is important enough then you should try even if the probable outcome is a failure." – Elon Musk

    This statement is what sets him apart from every single person on Earth.

  20. Big ICE car companies was like, "Electric cars suck. They're a joke. No one wants them."
    Now they're like, "We're making an electric car."
    Musk and Tesla deserves major credit for this shift in their rhetoric, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

  21. "The goal of this is to inspire you, to make you believe again" I'm so genuinely grateful to have humans like this walking beside me in this era of human history.


  23. elon musk smoking weed and making stocks drop made me alot of money, i invested immediately and they went right back up lol

  24. I'm gonna cry when he goes to Mars. He will be missed so bad. I wish my stupid ass knew of him way back when. I mean, I like everything this man does. He is so damn intriguing. I don't think there is anything that he can't do. I'm beginning to think that he really is some kind of super hero or something. You rock Elon. Thank you for everything you've made and continue to make/create for all of us.🙂

  25. We are still a long way from safe space travel. Some people act like little children and make up stories from 1001 nights. But believe me, the reality is very brutal and does not forgive anyone.So the first mission to Mars is a tribute to 100% doomed (if you go to die).When intervene many countries and organizations dled a lot of trial and lost money and lives.We can achieve positive success.Not tied Ѝlon Reeve Musk for me he is placed face to rekindle the desire of Americans and the world to develop aerospace development. And that again has to do with huge profits. A citizen risks and laurels that have no value.

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