Ellis Island (New Jersey) 2017 ATB Coin

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hey, YouTube. Today, we have five ounces of silver. This is the Ellis Island 2017 ATB Coin. This is the fourth release for 2017. I had to order this through Apmex about two months before it got released. This past week Provident
Metals sent out an email saying that they received
communications from the dealer that they dealer only had 1000 coins left. This coin is sold out. Dealers got communication from the US Mint that this coin was sold out even before they were
shipped out to the dealers. The mintage for this particular coin is estimated to be about 40,000. I think the last couple of
ATB coins for this year, the mintage was about 20,000. Especially for Frederick
Douglass ATB Coin, which went from 105, 110
depending on spot price. It jumped to be 170 I think at one point. Nice coin, nice looking coin. If you can get it, get ’em. If not, pay through the nose. That’s it for today. (upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “Ellis Island (New Jersey) 2017 ATB Coin”

  1. What is going on with the ATBs? Everybody stops collecting them, and then all of a sudden they start selling out? At the same time they can't give away in American Silver Eagle. I don't get it. Take care, LL

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