Elegoo Water Washable Resin Review – Washable vs Standard – Elegoo Mars Printer settings

Hey guys, Today I’m reviewing the Elegoo Water Washable
printer resin. Right now it’s only available in Germany and the US I believe, but production
has been cranked up and this will soon be on sale everywhere. So, what’s the big deal? Well, as the name suggests, it’s water washable.
That means items come straight off the printer and into water. You still need gloves as these
resins aren’t necessarily good on the skin, but it dramatically reduces the amount of
alcohol needed for rinsing and cleaning prints. But what about the print quality? Looking at the AmeraLabs calibration print,
I decided to do a standard and washable resin print comparison. Now this fabulous free resource
is much more sophisticated than my requirements here, but the issue was one of size – the
print was much smaller than I expected. I honestly think I damaged the print in places
just handling it. Still, I was pleasantly surprised how well
the Elegoo Mars printer did, using just these basic settings for both resins – with no
other tricks or adjustments. Now for me the washable resin did really well.
If your eye is anything like mine, you may be tempted to think it’s actually even a
bit better than the standard resin, but I think that’s just a colour differences I
have here. The grey looks sharper and more detailed than the blue, but in truth I think
they’re exactly the same. Looking for a slightly larger comparison,
I was thumbing through Thingiverse when I came across these excellent models by jimsbeans.
Out of courtesy I contacted the creator and asked if I could use some of his prints this
video, and of course with typical Maker goodwill he said yes. Through doing this I noticed the washable
resin seemed slightly less viscous and dripped clean much faster than the standard resin. With thin sections, the standard resin was
more flexible than the washable. When cutting, I found the washable resin actually
cut a little easier. They both file and sand equally well, but
the washable was just a tad firmer, but nothing major. When assembled with a little superglue, these
miniatures look excellent, almost as good as the Warhammer kits I’ve bought over the
years. I think Warhammer just has the edge on quality and definition, but for a home
printer and just basic printing knowledge, these are amazing quality. Whilst the grey might fool your eye into thinking
it’s better, for me the washable and standard resins are equally matched. But I have to
say, I much preferred using the washable resin. Alcohol is expensive and unless money is no
object, we’re all a little frugal with the amount we use. But with water, I found I was
much happier to change the washing solution 2 or 3 times, getting rid of more surplus
resin than I normally would. Add to that the fact that it drains easier,
cuts better and handles just as well as the standard resin, I think the cost cutting implications
of less alcohol make this washable resin very desirable. So as a whole, the Elegoo Water Washable Resin
gets a thumbs up from me. If you have any thoughts or questions, as
always drop me a line below. I hope you enjoyed this review guys. Take
care and thanks for watching.

16 thoughts on “Elegoo Water Washable Resin Review – Washable vs Standard – Elegoo Mars Printer settings”

  1. is it expensive ?
    I thaught aboute an resin printer but i didn't buy one because I dont like these nasty solvents.

  2. Very impressive work by the maker of those models! Will you cast these figures in metal or are they usable just as resin?

  3. You're really making me want an Elegoo Mars, man. The prints are so clean! The resolution is amazing! The price ain't half bad either. Can it handle off-brand resin?

  4. Please tell me you didn't just pour the wash water down the drain! That's my big worry with the water washable. it's still toxic as heck, But you have people just putting it down the drain.

  5. Something you didn't mention that I think is important is that the water washable wastewater needs to have the resin cured out of it before disposing of it.

  6. They have equal printability and post processing but how do they mold? Do the water soluble hold up to the hydrostatic pressures? How are they at burn out?

  7. Wow, your breaking out to do an extra video. You must be happy with the Elegoo Water Washable Resin and printer settings. Since you have the new kit your work has been amazingly detailed. Have a great week VOG ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just love the name of Thingyverse xD

  8. A thorough review M8!
    I have nowhere near the budget to afford a setup like that.
    If I did, I would be right on that washable polymer! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanx Geoff!

  9. I am quite ignorant about 3D printing, can someone give a simple explanation why or how it makes a difference? Why do we need a water washable resin? Does it melt in water if so what is it good for?

  10. i hate all water washable resins. it's not good for the environment and users will end up throwing it down the sink. this is not good. i still prefer to use ipa on even water washable resins. and ipa is easy to get hold of. and i have had 2 bottles of ipa last a couple of years due to the fact you can reuse the ipa and then leave it in front of the uv lamp and cure the resin in the ipa then you can filter the residue. here is a link to where i get my ipa from. remember you don't throw ipa away after use. ๐Ÿ™‚ https://hexchemonline.co.uk/products/ipa?_pos=1&_sid=ae6f2ffec&_ss=r&variant=52047399174

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