Electroneum M1 – The $80 Cryptocurrency Smartphone

hey everyone what we like to do in this video is talk about the electro Liam m1 smartphone and this is it here so I'd like to talk about the phone and tell you what I like I don't like et cetera and this is a continuation of a video that I did last week my last video was talking about the Samsung I stain and you can see from the tail here I say that mobile cryptocurrency was going mainstream and what are the takeaways from that video you know what was trying to get across was I think it's a very good thing that companies like Samsung and HTC insooni as well are starting to embrace cryptocurrency Samsung are one of the biggest film companies overall I think they may have to be the biggest right now and they're going to be supporting decentralized apps and you know have their own cryptocurrency wallet and a stain and you know many of these features will start filtering down to their other phones as well because they sell of my dreams and a warrant or low end phones as well and then I think it's a really good thing because I think we need these larger companies to embrace capital currency in order to push adoption to the normies to the general public so I think was a very good thing I bet receive a comment right enough muddy fantasies okay fine but etn has been doing this talking about the m1 and now made their own smartphone just totally ignored by the capital community Samsung be a SAP comes o everyone goes crazy on the subject weird so yeah I mean I get comments without a law implication there being that I don't cover anything that's not mainstream but you know if you look down at my other videos I've got the later nano XD out there Bluetooth connectivity I've get this sudden Labs Fenny blockchain smartphone and HTC X this one Sony CSL and if you go and look at my other live streams and you'll see me covering lots of capital smartphones and smartphone apps etc it doesn't matter why doing a video this you know if I talk about one thing why you're not covering this one if you do that's why aren't you doing this okay enough of that so let's jump over and look at the electron iam m1 know this as without doubt a budget phone this is going to retail at only $80 but before you get excited about that I'll talk about that in a second but I would say that I like what they're trying to do as far as the play scores you can see with phones costing $1,000 or more who can really afford them and introducing the electro neum m1 and affordable Android phone for people and developing regions so yeah it's designed for people in developing countries and obviously the focus of this phone is that it can main electro Liam and and they push that and and the sales pitch here you can see that receive up to $3 u.s. dollar three US dollars worth of electrum every single month they're trying to push this idea that the spoon will actually make you money you know it's not a huge amount of money and but as a selling point of the phone now forget about the capital currency side for a second and let's just talk about the phone itself and let's look at the specs now those of you who know why I do online etc you'll know that I've got another YouTube channel that's more tech orientated and I do full interviews and a talk about phones etc and and I have covered a lot of flagship phones like high-end phones but I've also covered some budget phones and that's certainly a budget this is the very kind of low end of the smartphone Android Market and you can see here it's got the Android 8.1 go dashing this is the kind of basic version quad-core 1.3 gigahertz a gigabyte internal storage 32 expandable that's really low four and a half inch touchscreen yeah that's quite small as well for GGO some Bluetooth 4.0 GPS 5 megapixels the back 2 megapixels upfront so that's really bad even for a budget phone and above talk about on a second but even for a budget phone other place that's pretty bad aim and the 1600 mAh li-ion battery so they can say I'm near for me a the 1600 mAh li-ion battery isn't enough you really and I know it's got a smaller screen it's got a 4.5 inch screen and it's got a quad core can our low end processor social use as much power as a higher-end phones but in the battle I should be better and that they really should have put a bit about a sixteen hundred milliamps yeah it's not it's not good that I'm selling off an Android I'm know as I've seen $80 is a very good price point and I do like the fact they're trying to push us to developing countries they're trying to get the Lord end of the market and you know they're not going after the iPhone code and all that um but if you look at these specs they're very basic and very basic even for a phone it doesn't you go to Amazon but especially if you go to Alex place gearbest bangers etc you see lots of phones out there at the dollar mark I've actually got a sale on my knees just now and but you see lots of phones at the dollar mark I mean look at us when $73 Nate and I anuses the red meat go from jammie and let's compare the specs right away that's one's got a 5-inch screen this is also gonna enjoy ghost get the the quad-core Snapdragon four to five and that's one's got one gigabyte of RAM it's got a gigabyte storage as well but you can see you know one of the the most expensive things on a phone is always a camera that's you know the camera sensors is normally what distinguishes low end and high end obviously other things like a processor and RAM but it's normally the camera that's the big salient point and you can see even you know that's his less than eight dollars and this comes with an eight megapixel camera on the back and a 5 megapixel at the front now I'm not trying to crap on the electron um one for no reason but why of all see as a 5 megapixel camera on a 2 megapixel camera at the front it will be really bad really but I've used these cameras I've tasted them and reviewers of that you know child videos with them they're OK for a quick snap f is in daylight f as if you've got low light FS nighttime these things are awful that that just absolutely awful borderline unusable in a time but during the day you've gone off light yeah you may be able get a good picture but specs wise it's got a bad battery the cameras are bad it gigabyte storage won't be it's not huge my but is expandable with a microSD card and but it's a budget phone they could have done this cheaper that's what I say because Jamie as a beggar make em and that is one of the concerns not just with this phone you know I'm saying this Jeremy is an established brand one of the concerns I've got with the electroni immers they've they're obviously not designed as for themselves worked with another company to release this phone now forgetting about the fact that this is a crypto phone in the biggest concern when you buy any phone especially the first phone from a company the very first phone as updates the does large companies like HTC and Sony that you have some things about really bad track record with updating a Android and updating the phones providing security updates and you know feature and performance up this what I have seen you know having a youtube over the last couple of years or the last I don't know how many girls know five or six years but covering phones for so long whenever a new phone comes out and it doesn't matter how much barking they've got you know when and a ribbon comes out he come out with essential for many come out with that he was a guy who co-founded Android you know that sky was hugely they're huge many buckles and yeah it was you know played with problems don't have a lot of updates and this is one of the problems when you go with the first phone from a company you're taking a huge risk and there's always that risk that you're not going to get updates you maybe get an update two months after you buy the phone but six months down the line one year died nine good luck good luck because these these same you know first-time phones from a lot of companies and I've seen it with razor phone and all that as well they tend to be I'm not gonna see a cash crop but they tend to release them and and the and the fact that everything and to the cost as far as the cell for eight dollars to buy it you know it takes us place takes say fifty dollars the manufacturer or whatever they do be pain but if they feel to a take into account support and updates and things of that now I'm just speculating at this point maybe they will be fantastic with updates I hope I am wrong but what we see as that generally speaking with a brand new phone especially at the low end as the sports room back companies the law and just don't get enough of these so when you're talking about couple of constant you're talking about security that as a concern so from a foreign point of view F you're only buying us for the phone thus is overpriced especially when there are phones from Germany but companies exami that are you know known for actually getting good updates and when those phones out they are cheaper I would say that a yeah as a hard to sell they're not not taking the pecci although guys they're not taking the price $80 is still cheap the probably charge of it $20 more than what they showed maybe me that it all's more than what they should but at the end the day thus as a phone which theory will be customizing to to promote electro Neum you know three dollars worth of electron him so here's the thing right I've talked about the bad points I've talked about the bad points and I want to get the bad points I do we you know from the phone from a technical phone point of view but from I guess you could see you know the bug a picture point of view from a bug a picture point of view I would see that this as a very good thing there's so many really bad cryptocurrency projects the terrible cryptocurrency project so just a scam people I like project so they are are trying to do something tangible that are trying to develop you know services online exchanges physical products people you know people behind these projects that also trying to do something they're not just saying well why don't we copy that one and we'll change the Mac supply from third I'm only 20 million and go through on a master node yay so new project that's amazing you know this is why but back coin sucks in your project is great no they're actually doing something here so regardless of what you think of electro Neum you know keep your opinions to yourself or not regard a because i don't think that's really the issue here some of you guys i've seen us on a live stream some of you guys love electroni some of you guys heater and think it's terrible but really that's not that you hear that should hear is really that this company is trying to push a mobile phone that's created specifically for their project and to push their project and it's going to support capital context that you and i'll take a look at the features page but what i would say is you know as I was saying I'm competing us the phones idea if you only wanted us as a phone you could always use a phone like this and download cap to conceive Wallace aim so it's not the cheapest idea there are other options idea but what I would say is I think they should be commended for for trying now so really the thing they should be commended I really do think that that they're trying to do something good and and you know yes there are cheaper things over there but the phone looks arch like quite good and it looks usable it's fearless tailless yes them the black bars at top and bottom the bezels look quite big in comparison to new ones but it's not that bad it looks okay and it looks like an old iPhone from a few years ago like the ones that come out all the colors aim so yeah I think I think the fact that they're doing this is good and I think that they're trying to push this to developing regions as good so like a picture point of view I think this is a great thing I think the shape should be commanded fair play to them there's an article here from the CEO saw this one and this is like a couple of weeks ago and why we're launching a mobile phone so I'll link to this article and the description idea you guys can check out but you can see here the company sees that it's maining up used by nearly 3 million people and the company is on a mission to simplify cryptocurrency for people with limited education and means give them a fast easy way to transfer digital money in Tarpon to develop world 3 trillion market for digital goods and services and their smartphone cost $1 roughly the same as a higher-end recondition smartphone with the same features so you know clear that they're trying to a target Africa Africa as as you know it's a whole different environment as far as their their using apps and they're using their phones to send payments in ways that people in the Western world wouldn't even have thought and they're doing it with text messages and all these different things so as a big market and yes you know it's not the best phone with the other if I'm looking us from my tech point of view it's not the best phone out there but I really do think they should be commended for what they're trying to do and I think it's a good thing and like I was seeing and that's where the old us is a kind of thing that's going to push adoption aim and that's why again beg a picture I think this is very good news I think what they're trying to do is good and maybe they only tap into a market that many other projects hadn't even thought about you know targeting Africa on merely parts of Asia and many other markets of maybe all we're going to focus on Europe and America maybe they're gonna do really well by doing that but I'd love to hear your thoughts so unless I think that yes the phone isn't the best idea but what they're trying to do what they're actually trying to achieve I think this should be commanding I think it's a very good thing I'll leave a link to the this website you can check out yourself I'll leave a link to this article is where one my last video if you want to check that out by team yeah as always guys giving your thoughts on this let me know what you think it's maybe not the best phone out there but what they're trying to do is very good and I think this is one of another you know another product out the other it's going to help push adoption and it's definitely going to help them promote their project so yeah fair play to them give me your thoughts with all guys I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll speak to y'all very soon take yeah

8 thoughts on “Electroneum M1 – The $80 Cryptocurrency Smartphone”

  1. I would have to say not one of electroneums best ideas, and targeting South Africa which is not a developing nation ,its an imploding nation may be another blooper, neighbouring Botswana would have been a better idea, the stand in Barcelona was not the greatest.BUT I have a lot of electroneum and think its a fantastic crypto concept and will succeed .

  2. They said it might be less than $80 plus here in the U.S. Phone companies would give customers phones for free to gain a new user with a contract to there service for a year or two. I think the phone companies could afford to write off the cost of the phone per new user is cheap.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and etn content. Btw yes I also think the phone is overpriced especially considering it’s target audience is developing/poor countries. However you can simply buy any other phone at the same price, have a better phone and still download the cloud mining etn app … so that’s what I meant really… in my comment , sorry I didn’t word it correctly maybe. The fact is etn has this wallet that you can download to iOS and android or even buy the etn phone that stores the etn and cloud mines it and they have plans especially for these poor countries to be able to buy goods ie food and snacks etc ….

  4. Whilst the RRP is $80, CEO Richard Ells has actually said it will likely be cheaper in the developing regions to allow them to participate in the global economy whilst not having bank accounts. The $80 price point is likely to be the price when the phone is sold to first world countries – which I imagine would be purchased more as a fashion/memorabilia item. It's important to note that a lot of the developing countries are followers of trends, especially the younger generations. The unique-ness of the Electroneum phone could become quite trendy and thus desirable at the expense of a slightly worse camera! Great video though Kev – appreciate the insight!

  5. My thoughts on Wallets: Use an Android phone that has been factory reset to stock and put nothing on it except Coinomi. Only turn on the phone to use the wallet and you are good. If Coinomi were to allow a 2FA that was configured for a secondary device (say your primary phone) it would be the perfect low cost solution.

  6. Not a knock on you but regarding the Andy Rubin phone: The Essential PH-1 is updated more that ANY other phone and runs on the razors edge of the Android ecosystem. (I have several of them and it RULES!) I just wanted to set that right. Sorry.

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