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bringing you a brand new video today we’re gonna be talking about electro
Neum and a little bit about the overall markets I haven’t touched on electro
Neiman quite a while it’s been quite a few videos actually I didn’t notice how
many bids they had been you guys know I’m invested in it I’m a pretty big fan
I think there’s a lot of upwards potential with it so we’re gonna cover
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and value given all the time now let’s talk about the overall market first
let’s let’s touch on that a little bit I want to talk to you guys about investing
in cryptocurrency and something I get asked way too many times way too many
times actually before we talk about that I have a question would you guys like me
to move this I got comments saying maybe it would be better over here you know
let me know what you guys think I don’t know which way is better so tell me
where to put this I’m gonna keep it up here for now that’s what I’m used to but
make sure it’s all me which corner of the screen you guys would like it on
anyways back to what we’re talking about cryptocurrency markets so here we go we
have a crypto expert predicts a 20-18 a bull run right we all predict that right
we all think that that’s all something we are hoping for in the future now
especially 2018 we think there’s a lot of potential Bitcoin to fifty thousand
dollars we’ve covered that in a previous video and overall market cap to a one
trillion now I think we’re gonna pass one trillion honestly I think we’re
definitely going to pass one trillion dollars for Bitcoin to reach 50k I think
we would need to pass one trillion dollars but you know I think we’re gonna
beat it I’m looking to see at least two trillion it’s what I’m hoping for but I
mean one trillion definitely better than we are right now and definitely better
than we ended last year even though not too much better so something to keep in
mind now with this being said why am I talking about this because I cannot tell
you the amount of times I can ask the question is now a good time to buy or
should I wait to buy but that question bothers me in
just just for a few reasons right and I commented this in the group as well I
got a question on this in the group so I left them to comment my opinion on the
matter is if bitcoins going to $50,000 right if you’re investing in Bitcoin I
would hope you understand what it is or in any all coin that I would hope you
understand what it is why you are investing in it and why you think the
value could increase what value you think you know the value you think it
brings to the table and what it does different than why the team is good or
whatever it may be you know why you’re investing it that’s number one if you
don’t have that you shouldn’t be investing cryptocurrency
is not a get-rich-quick scheme as you guys can tell we had a huge run-up in
December but we also had you know a pretty big dip in correction which comes
after a lot of people were freaking out because they didn’t know what they were
doing now and that being said if bitcoin is going to $50,000 right if you’re
invested in it you know you should be pretty confident that it would go up in
value maybe not fifty thousand whatever you
think it’s gonna go to but you you think that’s going to go up and die right so
let’s say bitcoin 50000 why not and you’re asking me if you know what’s the
difference well I’m asking you what’s the difference between you investing at
$7,000 you investing at $8,000 one thousand I get $1,000 a lot of money but
in the grand scheme of things cryptocurrency being a long-term
investment is it worth risking missing out on that investment right the worst
decision you can make if you believe in it is not invested right now none of
what I’m saying is financial advice guys this is all my opinion I’m giving I’m
making videos for entertainment purposes only I have to say that in every video I
apologize but if you’re investing it in investing in Bitcoin thinking it’s going
to fifty thousand dollars and you’re worried about the 500 1000 dollar
difference you’re looking at the things wrong because what happens is I’m gonna
open up a chart right here right and we’re going to kind of go over what
happens after this we’re gonna talk about rhodium don’t worry guys I was
giving you guys some find some not financial nice some investment tips
let’s say this is what happens with people who dwell so it’s going up yeah I
can’t buy it now I can’t buy now it’s too high oh this is it’s way
too high way too high it starts to dip oh I think it’s gonna keep falling I
think it’s gonna keep falling I’m not gonna buy it starts to go up well now
it’s going up I can’t buy it now it’s going up I can’t buy it oh I’ll start in
a dip again oh okay well I think it’s gonna go lower I think it’s gonna keep
going lower I think it’s going lower I think it’s go oh and then you
basically miss out on every opportunity be like look at this look at this we’re
at nineteen thousand five hundred right people oh it’s way too expensive it dips
down to thirteen thousand this dip was extremely fast and you guys can tell
right anybody who invests and if you think it’s one to fifty thousand you
know you investing at twenty thousand even that doesn’t matter this isn’t a
one-month play for you you know an investment isn’t a one-week type buy and
sell so it dropped right to thirteen thousand and now you’re just like oh I
think it’s gonna keep going down no it corrects up obviously it went down way
too much at once it cracked it back up oh now it’s too high corrects back down
oh now I think it’s gonna go lower corrects back up next thing you know you
never buy a big coin it’s a fifty thousand and you didn’t buy it because
you were debating between buying it at six thousand or are buying it at 5500
basically and that’s something I see a lot so guys if you do like a
cryptocurrency if you like I’m not telling you what to buy but go on over
to buy men’s to pick up your all coins link down below go to coinbase link down
below as well super easy for you guys and go pick up the alt coins or the
crypto currencies that you guys like and you guys think has a lot of long-term
potential because dwelling on the few dollars here and there in the long run
isn’t going to help you and you’re gonna miss out on a lot of a lot of buying
opportunities um for example I saw one guy on Facebook group who bought me oh
when it was at like $70 I also bought neon $70 because neo was way under
priced could neo have gone to 50 possibly am I going to risk know what
you do is something called dollar cost averaging so let’s say Neos at 200 right
and you buy I don’t know a thousand dollars when it goes to 100
right but then it keeps dropping and it goes to 100 you buy another thousand
dollars at 100 what’s that mean the average of your investment right now
isn’t it 150 anymore it’s 125 so you’re bringing your average down so when the
price does go back up you then have more invested and you’ll still make a bigger
profit in that way you can secure your purchases that’s why I tell you guys I
buy on weight on the way down I’ll buy simply because I don’t know when it’s
going to reach the bottom and if you can predict exact options video you’re
probably a billionaire set in some tropical island owning your Island
because then that would just be way too easy for you but okay guys I just wanted
to cover that real quick first cuz I see this question a lot and it’s a very big
important investment advice that I have to give you guys you’re gonna miss out
log a lot of opportunities if you just sit there and only think it’s going down
because even at the difference in time right now two thousand dollars since
yesterday or two days ago 250 thousand dollars that’s 48 thousand dollars extra
right that to that two thousand the $42,000 I can’t do math that 2,000 extra
dollars is gonna cost you forty two thousand potentially forty two thousand
so just something to keep keep in mind now let’s talk about electro Neum it’s
why you guys are here to talk about electro Neum electro neum
I’m not even gonna scroll to find X I don’t know where it’s at right now but
shout out to Bastion in the Facebook group posted this electro Neum email
just came out and now let’s give him a thumbs up on the video and let’s tell
him you’re getting a shout out in today’s video look at that so people
I’m not gonna read the whole thing to you basically what it’s talking about is
what has been up with Alec shown IAM in the past few weeks so they start off by
saying they had an issue with MailChimp their mail provider believe it is yeah
MailChimp had changed something and they only about 40,000 open emails instead of
over 500,000 so there’s so they resent an email today and we’re gonna not go
much into the adoption obviously a lot of mobile what they’re saying is a lot
of mobile a lot of a lot of the mobile the street is accepting electroni amande
they’re adopting a Trillium and so they’re growing you know they’re growing
significantly they got their GSMA membership let’s keep going let’s keep
going larger crypto currency exchange listings so hip BTC has agreed to this
electro neom that’s a big one hit BTC is a pretty large it’s one of the pretty
large exchanges for cryptocurrency staff are going to go through and then this is
where it gets interesting so a few statistics um they have over 800,000
users so that’s almost double the amount they had at the end of the ICO and
they’re still waiting for the mobile miner to be live I’ll a stuff we’ve
talked about that again in previous videos and over a hundred thousand
followers on Twitter which is ridiculous for a company their sides 125,000
Facebook followers it’s absolutely ridiculous
it’s they have a like their company’s growing really really fast and I’ve been
saying it since they were at like a few million in market cap this is a good
team this is a good company they have a good team they have a good marketing
team they had for their ICO you guys can check out one of the most talked about I
cos they have a good marketing team they have a good project they know what
they’re doing so this is why I back electro neum I definitely like them and
we can see if we refresh the page obviously obviously as with everything
it has been it’s taken a hit it went from its all-time high I was like 22
cents all the way down to four cents 22 cents was a big run up when you know the
ICO launches and all that stuff it had a run up but it went down to four point
something cents again I picked them up at this price and a lot of people did
and now it’s up 36% 37% to 7.3 cents now recently everything’s been falling so
it’s not a surprise that they’ve you know also taken part in the
cryptocurrency nosedive but now that the markets are recovering I definitely am
going to look for the better all coins to start you know emerging from the
crowd and start growing signal in market value and overall market cap
see where they mentioned the prize so yeah for those of you who kept an eye on
the prize note um you’ll notice that while they’re taking a hit it has been
very interesting to watch the levels of trade this is where it gets interesting
so they said that 20 million to 30 million US dollars a day so that’s what
el touni was soaring in prize the volume was high 20 million or 30 million US
dollars in a day was not unusual and if you take a look at the trade volumes now
you will see they are very low in comparison why is that the case because
a lot of people aren’t trading these small coins this event is ranked 47th in
market cap a lot of people aren’t trading these small all coins and rather
they’re trading the bigger ones they’re taking advantage of this opportunity to
buy more Bitcoin buy more etherium buy more litecoin buy more neo whatever it
is even like I’m guilty of this too I was looking at the top 15
cryptocurrencies picking my favorite five and I was just buying so many of
those just because they’re a guaranteed increase in price and probably when the
market does start going on a bullish run they’re the ones are gonna bet benefit
the most you know in the shortest amount of time
um now electroni a– okay like i said it’s a great coin etn is a great coin i
think there’s a huge I think what we’re waiting for them to crush 1 billion
dollars in market cap it’s going to happen if I’m not mistaken do they ever
get there no they got close they were at 922 billion dollars so they’re down half
of that definitely a lot of room for them to grow it and I definitely think
this is it is a billion dollar company I think we’re going to see electron tea
and past 1 billion dollars in overall market cap if you guys are interested in
me in seeing me talk more about electro Neum or indeed so I have several other
videos on my channel so go to the video section type in search electro neum you
guys will see this is just a short update on what they are doing and again
thank you for posting on the group Bastian I believe it was you posted on
the group thank you so much for posting it guys
almost 400 billion dollar market cap we are climbing can’t wait till we pass
that and then we start moving upward so guys hopefully you enjoyed this video
let me know what you think down below of the investment
tip that I told you guys what let me know what your thoughts are on that type
of thinking the long-term thinking long-term investment type thinking let
me know just think down below and guys as always don’t forget to smash that
thumbs up button if you guys did enjoy the video and subscribe to the channel
if you guys are new tomorrow I’m dropping an iceo review so I’m excited
about that several people have asked me to start doing some SEO reviews that I
think are good so we’re gonna start tomorrow I’m not gonna tell you guys
which one it is yet but it is one that I think is a pretty good and it has been
backed by a few reputable people at least in my opinion reputable people in
the cryptocurrency space so stay tuned for that guys I’ll see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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